Great Republic of America
Timeline: Scenario: Trump's America: Satire
In God We Trust
CapitalWashington D.C.
Demonym New Americans
Greater America is the name of a country located in North America Bordered by the United States, and Mexico. The Country is a theocratic republic by nature, but Fascist and Single-Party by default.


Governmental Structure

The Government is consists of three branches.

  • Legislative: The bicameral Congress, made up of the Senate and the Council of Representatives, makes law, approves treaties, and has the power of impeachment, by which it can remove sitting members of the government.
  • Executive: The President is the commander-in-chief of the military, can veto legislative bills before they become law, and appoints the members of the Cabinet (subject to Senate approval) and other officers, who administer and enforce federal laws and policies.
  • Judicial: The Supreme Court and lower courts, whose judges are appointed by the President, interpret laws and overturn those they find unconstitutional.

The Council of Representatives has a certain number of voting members, each representing a district for a five-year term. Seats are apportioned among the states by population.

The Senate consists of two senators from each state, and is appointed by the Council of Representatives.

The President serves a four-year term and is not elected by direct vote, but by an indirect electoral college system in which the determining votes are apportioned to the states and the District of Columbia. The Supreme Court, consists of six judges, who serve for life, if not dismissed by the President.

The President can dissolve the Senate at any given point. Executive Orders are also considered law, and must be approved by Congress.

The Legislative and Judicial Branches are in reality, Rubber-Stamp Institutions for decisions made by the President and his fellow Party Members. Elections are direct and are Non-Competitive. Politicians and any Political movement must be approved by the Ruling Party and the President.


The Military is divided into four branches, The Great American Army, Great Marine Corps, Great American Navy, and the Great American Viscaelum, (Term originates from "Vis caelum" meaning "Sky Force" in Latin)

Being a Theocracy, Troops are sometimes called Christi Milites (Also Latin for Soldiers of Christ), where as the Army can be called Exercitus-Domini (from Latin word meaning Army of the Lord). The Latin terms are rarely used, but are important.

Greater America nationalized its defense industry in 2025, and eventually formed Critech, to replace the companies that returned to America. Greater America was forced to restart its Nuclear Weapons Program. The Salt Lake City Reactor became the principal area for designing nuclear warheads. It tested several bombs, but was able to maintain former American missiles. The Country has over 6,000 active warheads.


Greater America was a market economy in principle, but is highly centralized. Companies are usually either controlled by the Government or contracted by the Government. Most of the Manufacturaing was done on plants in Kansas and North Dakota,