Timeline of the epoch known as Great Reincarnation, which started in 2018. It has many things happened, like extinction and appearance of countries, divide, connection and the expansion. Most countries have fallen and started to dawn......


2018. Scotland and Ireland became independent from England, while Wales just gains earth. Sealand disappears. Republic of South Africa gains land by getting Lesotho, Swaziland, south of Namibia and south of Mozambik.

2019. Germany started a civil war - battled the republicans, who later create eastern Magnolia, and monarchists, who later create western Earldom of Nemencia. Russia unite with Ukraina and Belarussia, creating the Slavian Union. Portugaly expands. Greece takes Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and south of Yugoslavia in Greek-Balkan War, and Turkey helps her. Crete turns into Cretian Kingdom.

2020. France, Nederlands and Belgium help monarchists, Denmark and Austria help republicans. In the end of 2020 Germany divides on Republic of Magnolia, Earldom of Nemencia and Prussia, which in 2022 make Liechtenprussia, which ranges from Liechtenstein to Prussia. Australian Civil War (2019 - 2022) divides the country on Northern Australian States and Kangaland.

2021. Magnolia takes Denmark and Austria, Nemencia - parts of France, Belgium and Nederlands. Luxemburg and Vatican disappear. Czech Republic becames part of Slavian Union. Italy and Spain form the Iberian Union. Principality of Monaco became independent country. Cyprus and part of Turkey unites with Cretian Kingdom.

2022. ACW ends. South and North Korea became one country and gain land, taking some of Japan and China. Norway expands and turns Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into Scandinavian Union. India, Pakistan and Afghanistan form a union. Nepal and Sri-Lanka also became countries that go in that union. 

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