The Great Purge was a purge of American civilians, military, and political opponents. It is a very sore subject for the American people. It lasted from Mid 2035 till June, 2044. The total death count was about 180-185 million people. The Great Purge was greatly led by General Bryan, and Captain America the 1st

Picture of the Battle of New York


The Great Purge began as major protests, and riots broke out against Captain America's announcement of the beginning of the Ultimate American Empire. About two months before the first Emperor election the Communist People of the American Army (CPAA) started to break up the riots.

The army didn't stop once the riots broke up they kept pursuing after people that were considered threats to the UAE, or it's Emperor. People started fighting back around 2036. The United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines that didn't side with the CPAA fought against the Communists. In the first 2 years it seemed as though the US military was pushing the CPAA back, but that quickly changed. CA1 received help from Kim Jong-Un, and Alejandro Castro Espin which was enough for him to regain control of the purge. Many began referring the the Great Purge as the second American Civil War, to which Captain America quickly refuted, and stated that " order for the Ultimate American Empire to start off pure, and clean we must eliminate out enemies." 


By 2036 the Great Purge was in full effect. An estimated 40,000-50,000 people died daily. The Great Purge was controlled by General Bryan in the East, and General Dictato in the West. Many countries tried to intervene, but Captain America threatened them with nuclear war. There was huge resistance specifically in the East. 

Some of the most hard fought, and fatal battles were the Battle of New York, the Cleansing of Washington D.C., and the worst of all the Killings at Ginny Springs.

General Dictato's troops took more pity on the states he was assigned to unlike General Bryan who was responsible for up to 45% of all Purge deaths. Captain America put down all resistance that he faced.

Mexico, and Canada turned, and refused to associate with the Empire. The purge was very unpopular in the newly created Parliament, but they were banned from discussing it.

Winding Down, and End

By mid 2043 the Purge began to wind down, but was still killing many. The former US Army was disband, and banished to either Canada, or Mexico. By the end of 2043 Captain America the 2nd voiced against the Great Purge along with General Dictato. 

In 2044 Captain America the 1st signed an executive order to end the  Purge by the end of June. There were minor celebrations. 

On June, 22 2044 the Purge officially ended, but the effects lasted until mid 2045. The Purge has been a serious issue in the Emperor Elections.


Many voiced opinions against letting CA1, and CA2 get away with killing millions. In 2045 they both agreed to be tried by the UAE Supreme Court

Captain America the 2nd's trial was first. There were over 250 witnesses that were put on the stand. Even though there was overwhelming evidence the court found him not guilty on a vote of 7-2.

Captain America the 1st's trial was last. His trial lasted over 6 months. With over 5,000 witnesses that blamed the Purge on him. The court found him not guilty on a vote of 5-4.

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