Great interstellar war
Date 13012 AD - 13041 AD
Location All over the universe
Result The interstellar powers victory , the great nation of orion shrinks and all others members of dark alliance were destroyed
Interstellar powers:

Sols Zeta reticulans Andromedians Vulcans Virgo powers

Dark alliance:

Phantom Empire Vega's pirates Orions Retreats

mechs (130270 AD- 13029 AD )
Shaun D. jackson (sol)

,Elder ( zeta reticulans) Erik( Sols) Vulca(vulcans) Nex(Sols) Loxus(sols) Zeo (sols)

Dark lord - Nemesis (phantom empire)

Dark Star (Phantom empire) Sahokic (phantom empire) Grovus (phantom empire) Sednos(phantom empire) Firestar (retreats) Pirate Captain Devil (pirates

Lord Z

Lord Prime

78 trillion ( 2 trillion died) 86 trillion ( 42 trillion died) 2 trillion ( 1.9 trillion died)
This is just for fun .

The great interstellar war

The great war or the great interstellar war or the 1st interstellar war marks one of the conflict in the universe . It began in 13012 AD after it was revealed that the phantom empire is giving troops and weapons to space pirate group vega's pirates to attack and destroy system of sol , so phantom empire could conquered .


phantom empire -

Imperial eagle

A empire state which have an area of 1794 billion light years was formed by great dark lord - Nemesis in 1789 AD after gaining independence from vulcans . very soon phantom empire became bigger and powerful and by 24th century it become a potential superpower of the universe . After Nemesis the most powerful peoples of phantom empire are the 12 members of dark council who leads the military of phantom empire most powerful among this is sahokic a old age human cyborg .


A democratic ancient nation formed in 4th century BC was although a good ally of zeta reticulans but were earlier defeated by phantom empire in the phantom -orion war and a treaty was sign according to which , during any major intergalactic conflict the orion will be a ally of phantom empire.

Vega's pirates

The biggest group of space pirates in the universe was responsible for many terrorist attack at different planets they were declared a major enemy for universal peace by WICI and was decided every interstellar government is enemy of this group but this law was broken by phantom empire and this result in beginning of war .


Also gain independence with phantoms , retreats are the tribal peoples who live near black holes but were captured by vulcans but as per the WICI laws they gain independence but later become a corrupt nation .


Independence state of anromedian is a nation which control Andromeda galaxy ,large areas of virgo super cluster and some parts of milky way . They are a democratic nation


sols mainly consist of humans , have major parts of milky way and a large area of the universe . capital of Sols is Earth and they are one of the most powerful government of the universe . They are a democratic nation .



one of the oldest government of the universe , vulcans is a species government means only one species can rule in this government that are vulcans . originally origin from the whirlpool galaxy soon dominated their home galaxy and created a vast empire .

Zeta reticulans

zeta reticulans or greys by humans is the oldest and smartest species of the universe they have dominated a huge part of the universe and created a species government . They helped many species and government to develop and evolve and also gave great support to humans to create a vast sol empire . Their supreme senate is elected in every 1000 years . Elder was the senate during the war .

Seal of orichalcos by anthro1-d2zvupw

Virgo alliance

Some of the small and weak nations of the virago super cluster have combined to form a democratic government known as Virgo alliance .



Originally interstellar cyborg organism who originated from planet of cyberverse were powerful warriors united by Lord Z but after his dead in an attack during the war his son Lord prime entered the war as a third party .

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Prewar era

before the beginning of the war there was a huge tension in the universe between andromedians and phantom empire ,situations were like a cold war , many small conflicts had already taken place like the war at outer rim of Andromeda in 2097 AD .

13012 terror of pirates

In late 3012 a small space pirate group called Vega's pirates attack the planet of Tythoon , which was a great administrative center of sols , they blocked all the ways to go out of the planet , WICI taken strict actions against this and sent general Shaun D. Jackson with a small army , their army battle with the pirates , this fight continue for few hours then the next day tythoon was free from the pirates but after investigation it was conclude that the weapons that pirates were using were made by phantom empire .

Beginning of the war

After getting learn that phantom empire have helped pirates to attack on tythoon zeta reticulans and andromedians quickly declare war against them they were soon join by sols and vulcans and at last by Virgo powers but as per the treaty Orion have to help the empire and they join the side of phantom empire . pirates and retreats also join side with the empire . one after another small conflicts took place by end of 3013 .

We will prevail sith closeup by tanathiel-d4iu7wl

Dark lord - Nemesis

13014 - A bad new year

It was new year eve and just few hours were left before the new year and the best known new year celebration is done at the planet of Alcripto but this new year was going to be a apocalypse for the peoples of Alcripto because just one hour before the new year the space pirates attacked on the planet of Alcripto , Vulcans were not able to defeat the pirates and in the end space pirates conquered Alcripto

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battle above alcripto

13014-13017 - emerging of new heroes

Between the time period of 13014 and 13017 many new warriors emerged from both sides this list includes great young warrior Nex groyngor and Loxus kyabo from Sols , Sahokic and other members of the dark council from phantom empire , Nova from andromedians , ralf from vulcans and firestar from retreat .

13017 - The defeat of retreats

In 13017 , the ships of andromedians and sols attacked the weakest member of dark alliance , the retreats , the battle last for few days both sides were equal as retreats were familiar of battle conditions near black holes and Sols and andromedians were more in number but at last Sols and andromedians were victorious and retreats were finally defeated


Battle with retreats

Battle of Karaskand

In 13017 , The zeta reticulans and Sols have attacked at the capital of phantom empire at Karaskand , Sahokic was leading the army of empire against the Shaun ,Erik and Elder . After a huge destruction although the interstellar powers have to retreat from Karaskand , they were able to kill three members of the dark council


13017-13021 - the second phase of the war

During this period Interstellar alliance have gain possession in the war , they were able to defeat dark alliance in almost every battle they fought in leader ship of Shaun , Erik and Elder

Battle at karaskand

Duel at kepler 22b - seak a legend

In 13021 , young warrior Nex groyngor visited a Aqua giant planet known as kepler 22b to look after the condition of academy of Sols but he found there that one of the staff is doing smuggling some of the rookies to pirates . Nex quickly duel against the staff but it was founded that the staff was grovus a member of dark council , he was very powerful but a young kid named Zeo saved Nex . after discovering that Zeo is having incredible combat skills Nex decided to train him as his student.


13021 - The ultimate plan

In 13021 dark alliance made a ultimate plan , they attacked the capital of reticulans at Nexus Sigma under general Grovus of dark council at last they were able to destroy Nexus but at the right time major generals of Interstellar powers were able to escape and grovus was killed . on other hand Erik was able to defeat Phantom empire at criplion and killed another member of dark council name sednous at last escape forces from Nexus and army of Erik met at Eon but dark alliance attacked there and killed major general like Elder , Erik and Shaun . After this defeat Nex and Loxus have taken the command of leadership of interstellar powers


Battle of earth

13027 - Enters the Mechs

Lord Z , the king of mechs announces mechs as a third party in the war and declared war again dark alliance and interstellar powers . First the mechs gain few victories but the combined power of dark alliance and interstellar powers and Lord z was killed

Mecha storm by robersilva-d686718

13027-13030 - The struggle with Mechs

From 13027 AD to 13030 Mechs were able to give tough competition to both Dark alliance and Interstellar powers under the leadership of Lord prime who was the son of Lord Z

13030 - defeats of Mechs

In 13030 , the 3 year old struggle with mechs ended after Lord prime the son of Lord Z was killed by Dark lord Nemesis at cyberverse and the left over Mechs were forced to accept Nemesis as their new leader

13030 - Birth of Dark Star Lord Z

Famous and Heroic Warrior Nex groygor fall to the dark side and join forces with Nemesis but he and general Sahokic plan to eliminate Nemesis and get the throne of Phantom empire . Empire defeated Virgo powers with help of their new member Nex or Dark star who is a new dark lord


13030 - 13033 - The new emperor

Dark star and Sahokic together were able to make thousands of plan to kill Dark lord but they always failed on other side Interstellar powers were under the leadership of Loxus , Major warj ,Eea and Suncon

13033 - Battle of Heander

To kill the evil general of dark council named seabro . Loxus and his army killed Seabro and gain another victory

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13033 - Rise of power

Dark alliance decided to attack on Earth but this was noticed by Interstellar powers and a very risky plan was made to attack on Karaskand and defeat Dark lord . AS soon as the space pirates attacked at Earth , Loxus and some Generals of Interstellar powers also attacked at Karaskand soon they were able to kill 2 Members of dark council and then other three on other hand space pirates were finally defeated by forces of Sols at the earth . At last Loxus Duel with Nemesis and with help of sahokic and Dark star he was able to kill Dark lord Nemesis but Dark star become the emperor of left over phantom empire


13033 - Independence of orion

As per the treaty after the death of Nemesis , orions were free and they decided to leave the war

13033 - 13036 - A new hero and villain emerges

Zeo who was discovered by Nex at kepler 22b in 13021 AD has become a great warrior with top class training of Zeta reticulans but now he have to battle his own master Nex or Dark star who has become ultimate threat for Interstellar powers he defeated the light side at point of the war and has become more powerful than Nemesis and any other dark lord in the history .

13036 - A blast from past

A untold history was discovered that one of the ultimate technology to build the ultimate weapon named the destroyer a race began to find more information of the destroyer by both side

13036 - 13039 - The race

A race began between the dark alliance and Interstellar powers to gain more and more information about the destroyer to defeat each other at last the Phantom empire was able to get most of the information of the destroyer and began constructing the great Destroyer

13039 - Zeo vs Dark star

Zeo and dark star duel with each other during the battle of Sagittarius arm at milky way this was the first time when Dark star had learn about the skills of Zeo


13039-13041 -Final phase of the war

In the final phase of the war both sides met with victories and defeats

13041 - Final battle

Phantom empire has successfully constructed the destroyer and they showed their true powers by destroying VY Canis majoris the biggest star in the universe and asked the leaders of Interstellar alliance to surrender as result of this two Deadly battles were fought between both sides first Vulcans and andromedians at outer rim of Andromeda galaxy against Phantom empire army under Sahokic with 3 Destroyers at last Sahokic was killed and second battle at Earth after Phantom empire attacked earth in attempt to destroy it with the most powerful destroyer among all the Ultimate destroyer but they have to fight with Reticulans and Sols at last Dark star and Zeo have a final duel and dark star understand his mistake and sacrifice himself to save Earth and the war Ends