The Grand Caliphate (جراند الخلافة [Jaranid Alkhilafa]) is an Islamist nation which encompasses Europe (excluding Scandinavia, Iberia, Russia and Italy) and Greater Anatolia (Iraq, Syria and Turkey).

The nation was founded during the later years of the Turkish Downfall and brought to fruition thanks to Islamist President Nasrallah (now Caliph). It is known to be the largest Muslim nation, the most aggressive nation, the most isolated nation, the largest state-sponsor of terrorism, and "The Scum of the Nation-states".

History Edit

In 2019 the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) aggressively overthrew the governments of Syria and Iraq and established their second-to-last form. They remained like this until 2021, this is when the Turkish Downfall, sparked by the coup d'etat of President Ahmet Davutoğlu. ISIL funded the Anti-Davutoğlu forces and when the Turkish Downfall ended in 2026, ISIL funded the Provisional Islamic Republic of Turkey. In 2027, President Nasrallah opened negotiations with ISIL and because of their immense success in the year 2030 the two nations combined into Greater Anatolia and in 2034 began the East-West War.

The East-West War lasted for seven years (2034-2041) and resulted in many casualties and the annexation of Europe into Greater Anatolia. 2042 marked the official creation of the Great Caliphate. Over the last eleven years (2053) the Great Caliphate has officialy funded 365 acts of terror resulting in 2,500 casualties. Due to the hostility and massive radical army no member of the IACT (International Alliance of Counter-Terrorism) dares to sanction or engage the massive nation, that is of course excluding Russia.

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