The Dayton Accords and the proposed New Union treaty served as the basis of the Ukrainian Government. Two entities were created, The People's Republic of Ukraine (Or Novorossyia) and the Republic of Ukraine. The Country was forced to agree to federalization as a result of a treaty they signed to end the War in the Donbass.

National Government

The Country had a Parliament consisting of 100 seats (two from each of the smaller administrative entities). The National Government was created to handle inter-republic commerce, foreign relations, a sole currency, a unified leadership, and a national military. the Entities controlled their own policies, their own economies and politics.

The Entities

People's Republic of Ukraine

The Russian Speaking entity of Ukraine consists of East and South Ukraine and is based in Donetsk. The People's Army of Ukraine is a small local militia consisting of nearly 300,000 men which consists of a militia, a small air force and small naval fleet with an arsenal of six warships.

The Government of East Ukraine is a formally a "Socialist State" but has asserted itself as a State Capitalist Society.

The Chief Executive and Chief Minister (Or Chairman of the Supreme Soviet) serve as the heads of state.

The Supreme Soviet consists of two branches, the Congress of People's Deputies and Soviet of Nationalities. The head of the Supreme Soviet is the Chief Minister who also serves as a part of the executive branch.

The East Ukrainian Economy would be the 15th largest if it was an independent country. It is also the main source of manufactured good for the Eurasian Union.

The People's Army is backed by the Army of the Eurasian Union who helps supply troops and equipment to the East Ukrainians.

West Ukraine

The Ukranian half consists of the remaining areas of Ukraine and is based in Kiev. The Government is the same as the original government prior to the war, a Parliamentary Democracy consisting of a President and Prime Minister. The Ukrainian Parliament, known as the Verkhovna Rada contains 350 seats and is one of the most influential in Europe

Like East Ukraine, West Ukraine has a small milita. 400,000 troops consisting of an army. air force and a small navy with an arsenal of 10 warships. Ukraine's Militia is apart of the Unified Armed Forces of Ukraine and its troops formed a majority of its conscripts.

The economy is a free market economy and would be the 30th largest economy if it's own. Ukraine has become the home to numerous businesses and manufactures some of the goods used by Western World.

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