Imperial States of America

National Liberation regime flag.

The Government of National Liberation, also called the Boston regime or Ron Paul regime, was a quisling puppet government created by the coalition forces during the Invasion of America. The regime had de jure control over the former United States (with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, directly annexed by Russia and China, respectively). However, realistically, it only controlled the east coast states and little beyond that for most of the war. The West Coast was ruled by the Independent State of California, another puppet regime led by the former governor of the state. Later, a United Republic of Texas was created. The three quisling regimes had poor relations and all vied for power during the conflict. The Government of National Salvation had no power beyond what the coalition dictated, and was viewed as illegitimate by the majority of the population. It created an "American Constitutional Army", which eventually rose to a strength of 1,000,000 — mostly through draft.

In the last year of the war, the Government of National Liberation was dissolved by the occupiers and replaced with the United Republic of America. The new state was also a puppet government led by Ron Paul, president, and Ted Cruz, Vice President. Texas and California remained independent states. However, none of them received diplomatic recognition from much of the world, most of which recognized the Madrid based United States-in-exile.

The Government of National Liberation maintained the occupied zones and oversaw things such as infrastructure management and local law enforcement. It succeeded somewhat in restoring order, but it largely failed to win over the population, and the American Resistance was much more popular. However, the Government could call upon the coalition forces to assist the collaborationist formations when needed, and was able to maintain control over the territories it was given jurisdiction over. The ruling political party of the regime was the American National Patriotic Party (ANPP), which was a very fascistic organization and had a paramilitary arm that aided the ACA and other collaborator units.