Goliath Space Colony
Humanidade (Space Colony)
The left end of The Goliath.
Operator  Pan-Asian Confederation
Builder Heping Industries. 
Classification Space Colony
Status Active
Number Built 1
Length 194.7km
Diameter 12.8km
Power plant Dao Fusion Reactor XXII
Propulsion Fusion Highspeed Space Drive X

Neo-ion thrust Odolus XX-78

Maximum Population 228,500,000
Armament 3000 Plasma Turrets 

2,000,000 Indigo Security Androids  5,000 High Speed Police Drones

Public space colony of the PAC

Goliath is the largest ever constructed Space-Ship Colony. It entered construction in 2095, funded by the Government of the Pan-Asian Confederation to house citizens as Asia's population crisis came to critical levels. At almost 200km long, it is the longest man-made object in the Milky Way.

The Goliath is home to One long City, David. Which is split into David North, David Central, David South and David Free. Weather is artifically controled on Goliath.


The Food system on the Goliath is similar to that of Planet Earth, but with over a fifth of a million mouths to feed in only 200 kms, this was difficult at the start. Underground Beef and meat farms contain over 100,000 beef cattle, all of which grow in a frozen sleep, they are feed through tubes and have their waste disposed the same way. The females are artificially impregnated to produce more livestock.

Most meat on the Colony is grown in the Goliath Food Institute. A lab where food is grown in large amounts in lab dishes. The food lasts 29 times as long tastes 3 times as good and is over 5 times as large.

Plants are grown on Verticle Farm Skyscrapers, mostly on the right end of the ship.


The Weather on the Goliath is entirely controlled by the Control Centre. In 2166 the first Weather Council was elected, a group of over 300 normal citizens who would put forward plans for the weather. In a general Concensus though, the average winter temputure is 8 degrees Celsius, while the average summer temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.


The Colony is connected mostly by various Maglev Trains and a widespread robotic Taxi System. Goliath also has open Freeways to hold it's once heavy traffic, which has for the most part disappeared since 2127. Trams often directly connect buildings and businesses above the ground. 

An Emergency Shutdown for all transport is accessible only in the central command control, and is un-externaly connected after the Emergency Hacking of 2056 which left the station Paralyzed as it almost crashed after the system was hacked, which started in the Transport Emergency system, going from there and finding holes in the firewall.