Taco Bell as of 2049 became the 2nd largest fast food diner,only behind McDonald's. with 1,000,0000,000 stores internationally and a growing popularity in space colonies.

Beverages include a pepsi spire and coca•cola freestyle in every store. There are over 50 different kinds of tacos,and nearly 100 different burritos. Taco Bell even has tamales,chimichangas and Mini fajitas.

Taco Bell stores are found everywhere from gas stations,to Wal*marts to even 500 online stores that deliver straight to your home. With online stores you FaceTime with a worker,and tell them your order.

Taco bell has 1 more surprise,they are even stores on social media!¡ tag them with #tacobell@tacobell.mega-net,then Type up your order and address,then your local store delivers it on your doorstep.

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