After the 3rd world war,NATO winning and SCO losing, The aftermath was catastrophic for both sides & it permanently changing the map. So,on to the story:


Living conditions changed in The USA, there are pods each with 5-6 rooms. Every family had a room with kitchenette,bedroom & bathroom. Other features include free Mega-net TV with over 1,000 Channels. Outside the pods were more pods,roughly 12 pods total. There is a Taco Bell,mc Donald's,or subway In the entire complex,for stores there is a target,wal-mart, kmart or dollar general.


In terms of money in the USA, dollars have gone out of style and only credit cards are used. EBT is not provided because everyone receives the same amount of money each week,300$.


Law enforcement is used in the complexes,criminals are taken to city jails. There are 10 officers,they are often seen riding segways.


People walk for transportation in the complex,if they must travel out of the complex they take the bus. The bus goes up to 130 MI. Per hour.

Communication: People use face to face,Facebook and the 350 public touch screen iPads provided by mega-net.

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