The Global Yen (Japanese: 円; Chinese: 元; Symbol: ¥) is the official currency of the World since year 15,000. It is based on the old Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, and the Euro.

Like the currencies of the past, it still uses banknotes and coins. Despite the rise in using cash electronics, the usage of banknotes and coins remain quite popular. Paying by checks have long since been abandoned, as everyone either pays by debit card or cash.


  • .5¥
  • .10¥
  • .20¥
  • .50¥
  • 1.00¥
  • 2.00¥


  • 10¥
  • 20¥
  • 50¥
  • 100¥
  • 200¥
  • 500¥
  • 1,000¥ (rare)
  • 2,000¥ (rare)

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