Geopolitical map of the world (2100) showing superstates in solid colours, and their subsequent economic unions and organizations in translucent colour.

European Federation

The European Federation upon its formation (2049). The EF has been historically recognized as a leader in the creation of international economies and federations.

Global Unification is a concept that has developed throughout the 21st century, referring to the creation of federations, unions, and economic congregations out of self-governing nations. Global Unification has been conceptualized since the early 20th century, while the creation of the European Union (1993-2049) led to realistic proposals of international unification throughout the world.

Although represented in the early 21st century, Global Unification began to take hold in the 2050s during the Global Financial Disaster, when in which the European Federation (EF), the Asian Union (AU), and the North American Union (NAU) were formed. The Russian Civil War (2040-2044) has also been reasoned for the massive unification movement experienced during the 2050s. The South African Union and the African Economic Union soon followed during the 2060s in the path to fight poverty, while the European Financial Union developed into the Eurasian Financial Union due to large territorial growth.

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