Mihorron-a miah
Timeline: Ridiculous Future (map game)
CapitalFelinia (former British base of Fossil Bluff)
Currency Cat Dollar

The Global Republic of the Cats (GRC) is a nation formed in 2029 after a series of events which changed the behavior and intelligence of all domestic cats in the world, making them start to flee their houses or places of standing and unite as a global people with its own languange and customs. They began to settle colonies in the Antarctic peninsula and later invade the entire Antarctic continent, establishing there the first non-human nation in Earth's history. Due to the close presence of cats through human history, cats learned all human sciences and arts when they became sentient and quickly formed an advanced civilization comparable to the human potencies of the late 2020s.

The population of this great nation is about 1 billion cats (coming from all parts of the world), which are scattered over all cities and towns in the Antarctic lands. The largest cities are Felinia (former research station of Fossil Bluff, with circa 22 million cats), Filehner (c. 21 million cats), Molodezhnaya (c. 21 million cats) and Commonwealth Bay (c. 17 million cats). Because of the cats' smaller size if compared to humans and the great underground residential-commercial complexes, a big-sized city can house ten times more cats than humans.

The GRC passed trough a severe economical weakening in the 2030s, due to the lack of enough food resources (Antarctica don't have it) and the immense investments in food imports. But it changed by 2038, when the former Turkosiberian territories of Australia and New Zealand, which are big and very rich in natural resources, become part of the GRC after several battles in World War III. From there, GRC could produce enough food to its population and export various other resources, estabilizing its economy.

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