June 21st, 2016


In the United States the race the the presidency is heating up while in the middle east ISIS continues to push for more land in Syria and Iraq. Not much has been done to subdue the threat of the Islamic State since Russia withdrew forces days earlier. Destabilization continues through the region.

(Map: Those currently in conflict are colored, ISIS controlled land is gray)

July 4th, 2016

ISIS conducts a massive attack on San Diego California with a militia of over 500 members. The militia attacked a large Independence day festival. The attack began when members opened fire on a crowd of an estimated 5,000 people, killing hundreds, continuing the attack, several IEDs were detonated in buildings across the city, causing many to collapse and kill thousands more. The attack continued throughout the city with the members killing thousands more. The United States efficiently dealt with the terrorists and sent in the national guard and security at the Pentagon was set at Def-con 3. Seeing the attacks on San Diego many people swung to the conservative spectrum giving republican candidate Donald Trump a huge boost.

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