Other cities Hamburg, Frankfurt, Colonge, Munich
Demonym German
Currency Euro
Calling code +49
Germany is a Federal Parliamentary Republic country in central Europe. Officially known as the Federal Republic Of Germany it united with East Germany in 1990 to form the present day German state. After that, Germany has rose to become an unopposed economic superpower in Europe and the rest of the world, only rivaled by America in the West and Eurasia and China in the east.

Germany is a leading member of the EU and NATO and is generally recognized as a major power in European politics, wielding a large amount of influence on its neighbours. It is bordered to the north by Scandinavia , another rising power, as well as in the vicinity of the URMA, a rising power in the Balkans. Germany is also known for its intervention between URMA and Scandinavia. It is the 3rd closets allied to the country after Ukraine and China.

In recent years Germany has become more involved in global politics with the election of Edward Mullin as Chancellor in 2045. Notable actions in his administration so far include standing up to Scandinavia's recent militarization as well as getting Germany involved in the SPFA-Western War.

It was also recently annexed the fallen Poland.

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