2025 Flag of the German Empire 2040
German federal election, 2030
400 seats of the Kaiserreichstag
March 15, 2030
Turnout 82%
Majority party Minority party Third party
Beatrix von Storch 2 Sahra Wagenknecht MdB - 8301 Frank-Walter Steinmeier Feb 2014 (cropped)
Leader Beatrix von Storch Sahra Wagenknecht Frank-Walter Stienmeier
Party Alternative for Germany The Left Christian Democratic Union
Seats won 274 85 41
Percentage 68% 21% 10%

The German federal election occurred on 15 March 2030, and resulted in the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party gaining more seats largely at the expense of The Left, gaining more than 20% of the seats. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) also lost a few seats to AfD. The party leader Beatrix von Storch received for a second term as Chancellor of the German Empire. Their success was largely attributed to successful economic policies and the recent annexation of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, raising the country's position on the international stage as a great power.

The next election did not occur in 2035 as scheduled due to the outbreak of World War III, but instead happened in 2040.