George Santos was the 60th President of the United States serving from 2093 to 2101. One of the only Presidents to win a primary battle against a member of his own party, Santos defeated unpopular president David Boyle and entered the White House as the Republican nominee. Santos inherited many of his predecessor's most unpopular programs, and in his first 100 days was forced to spend most of his political capitol reversing those decisions.

The most radical of these policy shifts was the repeal of the Defense of Humanity Act, a bill put forth to make it illegal for a person to download their minds into a non-biological computer or for an AI to do the opposite. This bill was essentially the only thing stopping people from achieving the singularity (similar measures had been taken in other countries).

Another policy shift was the work made with POTA was the restart of negotiations with the EEL and the AIS to create a single defense and economic network. The AIS nation's economies were falling apart, and their cold war with the EEL (and by unofficial extension POTA) had drained their collective budgets. As such many of the new administrations had begun to relax the economic protectionist policies that had been in place since just after the end of the Flood War. Santos hoped that with these more moderate leaders in power, the dream of former President Edwards could be realized and a global defense and economic network could be created. The most significant treaty towards this effort was the Warsaw Protocol, which finally reopened Western Europe to global free trade once again.

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