General Bryan

Medal that represents General Bryan.

General Bryan was the most important general in the Great Purge. He was the right hand man for former Emperor Captain America the 1st. He, and Franco Dictato led the CPAA, and protected the Ultimate American Empire until his death in November 2043.

Before the UAE

Bryan was born in Hawaii sometime between 1989- 2000. He was ridiculed for being 1/4th Japanese. He was pulled from school in 2005 for beating up 22 students, and threatening to kill 2 teachers. Very little is known about his early life.

His mother, and father died in 2011, and he was left alone in Portland, until 2016 when he opened up a martial arts gym. It burned down in 2030. He moved to Houston in late 2030, and met Lloyd Wilson. He ended up signing on as a main contributor, donating over 3.5 million. When Wilson won the Presidency he assigned Bryan to become a General of his secret army that would later become the CPAA.

He protected the White House during the beginning stage of the Great Purge, until being assigned as overall General of the CPAA.

Ultimate American Empire

He was assigned as the UAE General over the CPAA in 2033. He become one of the most influential people in the UAE. He was assigned to take care of New York, and Ginny Springs after D.C. was a UAE win.

He led a massacre at Ginny Springs, killing over 99 percent of the population. He was called forth to the U.N. building in New York in 2043.

He was accompanied by Captain America the 2nd to New York to help win the battle which they did, but not without much killing, and destruction. In 2043 he was called to answer for his crimes in Ginny Springs. On a November day while driving toward the old U.N. building he was shot by a sniper. He died 12 minuets later in the U.N. building. He was buried in Washington D.C. 3 days later. After the Great Purge the turned the former Statue of Liberty into a Statue of Bryan.

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