Second Gaza War
Date March 13, 2012 -
Location Gaza Strip and Southern Israel
  • Israeli tactical victory
  • Gaza Strip annexed by Israel
  • Hamas flees the area around Israel completely, takes shelter in Saudi Arabia and Iraq
Flag of Israel Israel (IDF) Flag of HamasHamas
Commanders and leaders

Flag of Israel Ehud Barak (Defense Minister)

Flag of Israel Benny Gantz (Chief of Staff)

Flag of Hamas Khaled Mashal


Flag of Israel Israel

  • 1,500 men
  • 56 Merkava 4 tanks
  • 5 Saraph helicopter

Flag of Hamas Hamas

  • 15,000
  • Various motors and weaponry
  • Suicide Bombers
Casualties and losses

147 men killed or wounded

1 Merkava 4 tank

1 Saraph helicopter (Friendly Fire)


  • 4,000 killed or wounded
  • 600 killed, wounded, and missing in action
  • Fifty technicals


  • 8000 killed and wounded

The Second Gaza War (also known as Operation End of Hamas) is an ongoing military conflict in Gaza and by Hamas was an massive military invasion of the Gaza Strip, and the attempted ending of the Hamas, a government party in Gaza and Palestinian Territories. The war started on March 13, 2012 with the Israeli Air Force dropping laser-precision bombs onto government buildings, and infrastructure, crippling the movement of resistance fighters from across the strip.

The war also caused an series of bombings to go off in Israel, and damaged the Bank of Israel and Beit Aghion (prime minsters residence) in Jerusalem, and another bombing against the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Dizengoff Shopping center.

The second phase of the war was the mass invasion of the Gaza Strip with hundreds of aircraft, men, tanks, and helicopters, defeating the technicals that defended much of the region. The only casualties to Israel was when an rocket impacted an barracks, killing or wounding 145 men.

Another casualty was when an Merkava tank was struck by suicide bombers from all sides, crippling it, but the crew managed to escape, after an Saraph helicopter squadron intercepted and destroyed the remainder of the suicide bombers. The Saraph helicopter crashed into an building after being hit by friendly fire, killing the two pilots.

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