Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will be in the battle of making the next popular game system in 2020. Sony has plans for a new system outside of the PlayStation series called SonyInteract. The SonyInteract is a popular game system, but not the most popular.

Microsoft or Rory John Gates in the future will run the first round of the Gaming War in New York at the popular E3 Gaming Expo. Rory's new concept will not be available in stores until Fall 2024. For now, Gates is only testing in the Gaming War.

Nintendo, who created the Wii, and many other famous gaming consoles that was popular from the twentieth century on into the twenty-first century, has created the new revolutionized Saikou. It is Japanese for ultimate or awesome. The Nintendo Saikou was an ultimate gaming system with internet provided by Opera, mp3 player, CD burner, and custom hard drive just like a regular Windows computer.

The winner was the untitled Xbox system. Xbox has a future, and it's system was very futuristic. Microsoft may not have very good operating systems, but the gaming future looks awesome. Xbox unleashed the Xbox Tru-3D in 2024, with real 3D for all of its games.

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