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The future of technology and video games, with some political and global events on the side. Created by Eledec (and anyone else who wants to contribute).


February 1, 2023: A new startup in San Jose called SerVR releases Gamap, a VR game engine allowing users to easily create realistic video games in virtual reality.

March 7, 2023: EA stock falls by 6.8% after the flopped release of Hunt Down the Skywalker, a buggy, unfinished game jampacked with microtransactions.

October 11, 2023: Valve announces a new, fresh third game to a beloved series, Team Fortress 3. The audience boos, and initial sales are low.


May 18, 2024: FANDOM shuts down after 19 years of service, though as Wikia is still active, so many wikis still thrive

June 1, 2024: The first AAA game made with Gamap, Skyrim: Dungeons VR is released by Bethesda, it becomes a huge success, though the game was released buggy with fatal viruses like the Creation Club implemented.

August 15, 2024: Self-Driving Cars are banned in California after a fatal accident killed 4, many states soon follow

November 4, 2024: The 2024 elections are held between Democrat Kamala Harris and Republican Tom Cotton, Kamala wins by a slight majority

  • Democrats lose their slight majority in the Senate, though they gain 4 seats in the House of Representatives

December 1, 2024: Microsoft buys chat service Discord for $2 billion and begins its integration with Skype


January 7, 2025: The F.T.C begins an antitrust lawsuit against Google, Google denies any accusations of monopolization

January 20, 2025: Rockstar Games discontinue regular updates of Red Dead Redemption 2, President Kamala is inagurated

April 9, 2025: The Xbox Zero (also called Z) is released by Microsoft, unlike most consoles, the Z is completely VR

April 12, 2025: The California High Speed Rail is completed after years of delays, plans to have A U.S High Speed Rail spread

July 4, 2025: Fallout: Old Orleans is released by Obsidian Entertainment to much praise, many see it as the last majorly successful non-VR AAA video game

August 23, 2025: Ukraine joins NATO despite Russian opposition

August 25, 2025: Ukrainian separatists storm the Kiev capital, demanding the independence of Novorossiya

September 6, 2025: Scotland holds another referendum for independence, 50.1% of votes are cast to NO, a recount is demanded

September 9, 2025: Scottish recount shows 50.08% of votes were cast for NO

October 11, 2025: Assassin's Creed: Vengeance is released for the PC, becomes commercial failure

December 1, 2025: The European Parliament bans the popular self-driving pizza vans


April 17, 2026: Apple announces the iPhone 14, removes "unnecessary" speakers popular with other smartphones

May 1, 2026: SpaceX launches the first commercial spaceship into space, followed by Virgin Galactic

June 4, 2026: Battlegrounds 2 is released on Xbox Z, PS5, and PC as a sequel to the popular battle royale PUBG, first major VR battle royale,

June 18, 2026: Novorossiya is recognized by the United Nations after years of debate

October 17, 2026: Sony announces the PS6, technologically similar to the PS5, with a few graphical improvements

October 25, 2026: The San Diego Padres win the World Series for the first time ever

October 26, 2026: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes just north of San Diego, killing 102 and injuring 761

November 3, 2026: U.S Midterms are held; notable results

  • Republicans gain a majority in the Senate and House

November 23, 2026: SerVR announces "cookie" VR, allowing users to be directly implemented into the game without a VR headset through their consciousness, expected to be ready around 2030

December 12, 2026: Season 10 of Black Mirror is released on Netflix, announced as the series final

December 19, 2026: Google attempts to buy SerVR, but fails due to the FTC lawsuit


January 2, 2027: Grand Theft Auto VI is released for the Xbox Z and PS6, unlike previous titles, it only contains a multiplayer mode

February 25, 2027: Call of Duty: Galactic Warfare is released for the Xbox Z

March 6, 2027: The Department of Justice decides to break Google into 18 different companies, similar to the breaking of AT&T

April 18, 2027: The United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union

May 7, 2027: A Malaysian combat ship accidentally crosses into Chinese waters, which is then "accidentally " shot and sunk by the Chinese.

May 10, 2027: Iceland joins the European Union

May 12, 2027: ASEAN launches sanctions against China for the "unfair bombardment of a peaceful neighbor"

November 19, 2027: President Harris announces a new infrastructure and transportation plan, receives widespread support among Americans, but not Congress

December 1, 2027: FeVR, a VR walking platform is produced by SerVR, becomes a commercial succsess due to its price and innovation


February 19, 2028: The International Stargate System is devised by the United Nations Space Council

March 1, 2028: Paradox Entertainment launches Freezing World, a Cold-War era strategy game released for Steam

April 7, 2028: Valve announces Counter-Strike: Frontline, to be released for FeVR and the HTC Vive

June 1, 2028: Talks begin around combining the European Union and the European Economic Zone

June 26, 2028: Hurricane May, a Category 5 hurricane, hits Miami, destroying much of the infrastructure there

July 14, 2028: Ubisoft announces Assassin's Creed: Battle, released for the Xbox Z, PS6, and becomes a commercial success, with plans to bring it to FeVR

November 2, 2028: Payday 3 is released for FeVR

November 4, 2028: A bomb goes off in a voting center in Ohio, a swing state, and the governor of Ohio cancels the election, causing both candidates to receive less than 270 electoral votes

  • The Democrats gain a majority in the House of Representatives (238-197) and the Senate (55-45)

November 5, 2028: Oregon announces a high-speed railway that will connect with California's

NOTE: After this point unimportant midterm elections will be ignored

December 13, 2028: The House of Representatives votes in favor of Kamala Harris (27-24)


February 3, 2029: Ferdin Games releases REALS, a popular MMO released for the FeVR. REALS is a world with hundreds of islands to explore, the central one called the hub.

June 11, 2029: Ubisoft releases Far Cry 7, taking place in the fictional Cascadian town of Wollston, is released only for the PC, with no VR support and becomes a major commercial flop

July 7, 2029: Nintendo releases the Nintendo Vira with some of the most realistic VR environments and movement at the time

July 10, 2029: Nintendo releases Zelda: Exploration Edition, VR version released for the Vira while the non-VR version is released for the Nintendo Switch

November 21, 2029: President Harris is injured on a trip to Botswana, recovers in 3 weeks in a hospital

December 31, 2029: A bomb explodes in Times Square, New York, at 11:59 EST, killing 671 and injuring 4,592


March 8, 2030: The first public REALS booth is put in San Francisco International Airport

March 10, 2030: CS:F is released, becomes #1 game on Steam and the SerVR Marketplace (referred to as the VRPlace) for many years

March 12, 2030: REALS hits 200 million players, and Ferdin Games goes public on NASDAQ as FDG, initial stock price of $23.91 per share.

April 7, 2030: Cookie VR is released for the general masses by SerVR, becomes a huge failure, many experts say it was ahead of its time

June 18, 2030: Rebel groups begin to form in southern China and Vietnam, the most prominent one being the China Union Front

June 30, 2030: The CUF storms Shanghai, opening fire on many civilians and starting the Battle of Shanghai

August 6, 2030: Subnatica: Ocean World is released for the Cookie VR, becomes mildly successful despite the limited popularity of the Cookie

October 5, 2030: Crysis 4 is released for PC and FeVR

November 12, 2030: Red Dead Redemption 3 is released for the FeVR, one of the most innovative games graphic wise and mechinically


February 15, 2031: Watchdogs VR is released for the PS6 and Xbox Z, becomes succsessful

March 1, 2031: Norway joins the European Union

April 26, 2031: Microsoft announces the RedSet, a "new innovative VR platform" with haptic feedback and much more realistic shadows and reflections

April 30, 2031: Microsoft announces support for the Xbox Z will stop in October 2034

July 14, 2031: Natural Selection 3 is released for Xbox Z and PS6, a FeVR port is reportedly in the works

October 11, 2031: Ferdin Games secures a deal with Hasbro to update many classic '80s Atari games to 3D virtual reality environments

December 4, 2031: The DJIA falls 2,000 points due to a lack of investor confidence in many markets and a recent trade war with China, forerunner to the 2032 Recession, many blame President Harris for the recession


January 1, 2032: Apple buys Netflix for an estimated $300 billion

March 12, 2032: Far Cry 8: Recon is released for the FeVR

June 9, 2032: Grand Theft Auto VII: National Affairs is released for the FeVR, PS6 and Xbox Z by Rockstar Games

August 15, 2032: Sony announces the PlayPad, a virtual reality successor to the PS6

August 30, 2032: Apple announces the Avir, a virtual reality console (VRC) designed to rival the RedSet and the PlayPad

September 13, 2032: Apple reaches a deal with Ubisoft to produce video games for the Avir

November 2, 2032: Republican Nikki Haley ties with Cory Brooker in the Electoral College though Brooker wins the popular vote by 200,000 votes

  • Republicans take back control of the House (233-212) and the Senate (52-48)

November 25, 2032: Nintendo now releases the Wii Cross, a video game console and is not a virtual reality console.


January 3, 2033: The House votes (27-21) for Haley (Minnesota and Wisconsin had the same number of Democrats and Republicans) and the Senate votes for Jeff Flake (52-48)

January 20, 2033: Nikki Haley is inaugurated as the President of the United States

February 5, 2033: The CUF blows up a KFC in Beijing, China, killing 97 and injuring 312

February 7, 2033: CUF storms Nanjing, killing many civilians and burning and ransacking houses and buildings, most agree it is a Chinese terrorist group

March 18, 2033: The California Senate removes the ban on self-driving cars

March 19, 2033: A woman is run over by Carnet, a "smart" carin Los Angeles, California


January 8, 2035: Bully 3 is released for the Wii Cross, one of the most open world games graphic wise and mechanically, taking place in University of Snow City (based on; Milton, Delaware) a new female protagonist called: Elycia Cannes.

January 27, 2035: States of New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia & Washington D.C. forms the Pensacola Republic of New York.

February 1, 2035: The Pensacola Republic of New York established the New York Armed Forces.

February 4, 2035: New York Army now ordered a 334 Textron TAPVs, 314 M1235A1 MaxxPro MRAPs, 176 UH-60 Blackhawks & 198 XM1296 Strykers.

May 2, 2035: Canadian Army & New York Army invaded Germany and now overtake the Germany during the European War killing 410 German soldiers.

August 12, 2035: The first public and the greyhound bus station and the train station is put in Niagara Falls International Airport.