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In The Year 3427, Planet Rosa in the Andromeda Galaxy destroyed a base on Pluto. So in 3466 Pluto's King Javille Grow declares war on the Andromeda Galaxy, So 29 Galaxies Joined the war.

Galaxy NGC6712



  • Jacconnette (Sanlie) drops a bomb on Naboo (Bardier 41)
  • Gliese 571D (Tajilla) drops a bomb on Tatooine (Bardier 41)
  • Tallista (Bardier 41) sends troops to Lillypilly (Bardier 41)


  • Low-7 Land (Sanlie) invades Tallista
  • 48 More Galaxies Joined
  • Faxaby Galaxya reads Darth Vader from the book of the dead
  • Kala Tristan steals all weapons from Gliese 571E
  • The Xeno Queen causes a space bomb through space
  • Proxima Centuri dies and turned into a black hole


  • Bardier41 starts to build a Death Star that can destroy a whole galaxy
  • Bardier39 found, Planets Dexadine 557I, Xenonite 401Q, Ypres 210E, Earthling 329X and iGalaxy 220R
  • Apple create the iDeathStar
  • The Death Star is getting bigger
  • Bardier41 are using all items from Hissdash 307D to use in the death star
  • Javille Grow dies at 351 years of age


  • Mangle captures Bardier41
  • Josh Braden captures Earth
  • Rosa's king Fuso Purpledarth drops Fallia in a black hole
  • New London Gets destroyed from a bomb from Bardier41
  • Ellian Tjaak had a baby Ory it's not a boy nor girl.
  • The Milky Way is shortlist for the Death Star to destroy
  • On Earth the stubbies die by going into space without a spacesuit
    Earth in 3469
  • Coruscant is nuked from orbit
  • The Death Star Is Complete
  • Bardier41 sells goods to Bardier39
  • The Death Star destroys Jakallao


  • Danieldd Seville screams 71 that can be heard throughout the universe
  • A Second Universe discovered
  • The Hubble captured by Bardier41
  • Earth bus company Crown Coaches moves to Endor on Bardier41


  • Bardier41 steals Jupiter and Neptune
  • A new online game called Attack all Galaxies can be played by anyone in the universe
  • Mars is fully terraformed
  • The Milky Way surrenders, Bardier39 and Bardier41 celebrate victory

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