The American-built General Orbital Support Vehicle War Eagle was an orbital military space plane rushed into service in the year 2018 to stop the Chinese assault on the US satellite network.

Chinese Campaign

In space, the Chinese Xiaolong spaceplane begins attacking American and allied satellites, blinding their optics with "Dragonfire" lasers, along with a barrage of bullets from its dorsal and ventral turret-mounted recoilless cannons, and an armament of kinetic "hit-to-kill" missiles, basically non-explosive extremely dense warheads each on space-capable missiles, nicknamed by Americans, the "Hammer of Mao." In response, the US, in defense, deploys their War Eagle spaceplane, basically an American version of the Xiaolong( itself a copy of a top-secret US spaceplane prototype, only far less safe and rushed into service by an eager Chinese government). In essence, both countries were using the same technological base technology.

Onboard Technology

The War Eagle utilizes all of the same weapons as the Chinese Xiaolong, only more deadly. The "Peregrine" kinetic missile is basically a space-adapted sidewinder missile with a solid tungsten warhead. For defense, the War Eagle relies on stealth and its assortment of Perigrine missiles.

Attack Style

When attacking the Xiaolong, first, the War Eagle approached undetected due to its small radar signature thanks to stealth technology and a camouflaging backdrop of space debris radar signatures. Then, the War Eagle disabled the Xiaolong's sensors with first a stream of junk data fired at the datalink and weak lasers aimed at the sensors. Once disabled, the War Eagle attacked the Xiaolong's weapons through Peregrine missile strikes. To finish off the aggressive Chiinese craft, the War Eagle pilot deployed a virus into the Xiaolong's autopilot, directing the craft to steer uncontrolled into the Earth's atmosphere, causing it to burn up; as an additional prize, the War Eagle salvaged the Xiaolong's escape pod, taking a valuable POW.

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