ForwardbuttonFuturology: Future

In Brief

  1. The site has plenty of good articles. The role models are generally at the top of the Long Pages (especially in the factual category). While you're looking at articles, feel free to add to them.
  2. Writing style: please write nicely and try to avoid bias. In addition, try to make it understandable, on-topic, and add a "Scenario: " before the article title if it is a scenario.
  3. Please do not create stub pages, that is, pages with nearly nothing in them.
  4. Once you have written a page, you can see Recent Changes on the sidebar to find how large it is (the server may have up to 3 days lag). If it is longer than 3000 bytes, go ahead and add it to Template:Future. If it is longer than 10000 bytes, you can make it bold.

Working with Categories

Once you've written an article, determine what subject area it is, and attach a category tag. Choose all that apply from this list.

Category code

The Code for a Redirect

This is the code for a redirect.

Redirect code

Please Add This As Well

Please add this code to each page. This generates the Main Articles Template, and facilitates surfing from topic to topic.

Templatefuture code

{| align="center" |style="width:50%; padding: .1em .1em; border: 1px solid #FFF; background-color:#FFF;"|

| style="padding: .1em .1em .1em; border: 1px solid #FFF; background-color: #FFF"| ForwardbuttonFuturology: Future |}

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