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On Apocryphology

Apocryphology the study of fictitional worlds that may on the surface be a work of future theory but is actually just an attempt at daydreaming, and is classified as escape literature rather than interpretative or practical literature. Theorizing about the future is not mere daydreaming, nor the work of much of science fiction such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and StarCraft, to name a few. A discipline has evolved from humanity's need to feel secure about the coming of the future, and search for hope and improvement in the quality of life manifested in many of the world's religions. That said, the end-of-the-world scenarios that have been revealed through religions, and which is more concerned with symbolism and rewarding the good, also fall under this class of future theory.

What This Wikia Is Not

This wikia is not about apocryphology. That would be more suited to a religion-related wikia. Instead, the Future Wikia concentrates on the non-apocryphologic aspects of the future, the portion concerned with practical applications and realisitic expectations. In order for us to succeed in this objective, then, we need to use the elements of wild cards, trends, and insight in our studies.

Scenario Fiction: The Border Blurs

Granted, there are striking relationships between the two sides to futures studies. The one concentrates on the cosmic scale, involving creation and the all-powerful; the other limits its view to futures given the current trend and various wild-cards that may occur. There are cases in which these two may combine, especially in cases of various, minimal-probability scenarios with certain unusual wild cards, as well as in the proverb that when a society becomes complex enough, its technologies would appear to be magical. In scenario fiction--articles consisting of science fiction that purport to relate to futures studies by a tangent--the border between wistful thinking and strict prediction may be blurry indeed, and the divide may be subjective. For this issue, we have introduced Category:Vote as a place for such indeterminate articles to be listed.

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