Futurism is a political movement that first became prominent in the early 2020's and eventually won the 2032 election under the charismatic leadership of Janine Bellinger.
Jennifer garner 15

Eva Belle

The Futurist party has several aims

  1. To make it so as humans can maintain life on earth for as long as possible
  2. "Upgrading" humans to make them Physically, Mentally and Genetically perfect
  3. Expand humanity so as it will remain long after earth is gone

The first true futurist party, The Modern US movement, was formed in late 2019 by Gwenn Lyndon and held a party congress attended by 110 people. The next year it held another congress attended this time by 300 people. Lyndon stood as the modernist candidate in the 2020 presidential election but failed to make an impression on the public. This performance was again repeated in 2024. However in 2025 the party voted to expel Lyndon from the party and voted Eva Belle its chairwoman. She greatly reformed the movement and encorporated it into her own small Futurist party. Bellinger led a highly organised Presidential campaign in 2028 and gained high media attention she came second and overtook Frank Smith's Republicans to become the US' second party.

Party Membership Year
88 2014
200 2016
212 2018
14,910 2020

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