Europe forms British Spaceways and Virgin Galactic. Asia forms the Asian Space Agency. America forms the NASA. British Spaceways puts the first man on Mars and Virgin Galactic makes the first commercial flight to the Moon. ASA makes the second commercial flight to the moon. NASA land the second man on Mars then the first man on Venus. British Spaceways makes the first colony on the Moon. Virgin Galactic and ASA merge and form Virgin Spacewide. The African Space Community joins the space race. British Spaceways makes the first colony on Mars. NASA forms the second colony on both Mars and the Moon. Virgin Spacewide makes the first commercial flight to Mars then part of its company merges with the African space Community forming Magnos. After this an aggressive race known as the Chipka invades. British Spaceways builds the first space fleet. Virgin Spacewide forms the second space fleet. Magnos, forms the third active space fleet. NASA is abolished. British Spaceways, Virgin Spacewide and Magnos merge into Earth Space Control and drive off the Chipka threat.

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