Future of Terrorism (The Pearl World)

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Even in the 22nd Century, the world would see Terrorist Attacks. Mainly in poorer and more "chaotic" nations.

2100 Moscow Attacks

(See 2100 Moscow Terrorist Attacks)

In 2100, Moscow was the victim of a series of attacks on Government buildings including the Kremlin. Several Russian State Duma Members were killed in the blast along with staff and tourist (30 people total).

Aaron Luchensko, the Eurasian President at the time Vowed Revenged and swore that he would destroy those responsible.

Three Men. Michael Kalinsky, Patrick Suzoko and Mikhail Luschencky were arrested and executed for the attack.

In 2145, Declassified documents revealed that the US funded the attacks but had hoped not to kill anyone despite this being public knowledge for years.

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