As of today, religion as it is, is on the decline in richer nations and even mid-wealth nations to a lesser extent. This trend is expected to continue.


Better education and scientific explanations allow people to explain the universe without a god. This has two effects, which happen simotaniously.

  • Gods will become more symbolic, even it their respective religion. This is seen in LeVeyan Satanism, which does not believe in a literal satan, but they believe satan is the symbol of human imperfection.
  • The decline of religion altogether. Many religios will become Deist, agnostic or atheist.


The effect is much in delay in America, as acceptance of atheism does not rise until the mid 2020s. Despite this, the effects do take their tolls. For example, the Sunday Assembly, the first atheist 'Church' was founded in late 2013. More and more appear in America.

An exception to this is North and Eastern America, which has lower levels of religon, and leads the rest of America in that respect.


European nations remain far ahead of most nations in the decline of religon, even America, and continues to push forward in society as a result. This decline is led by relatively good education.

The Middle East

The Middle East continues to be a centerpiece of religion, but still has some decline in it. By the 2050s, atheism is legalized, and a rush of people public ally state that they were atheist during that time.

This causes a wave of murder and radicalism, almost as large as that seen at the beginning of the century, but it slowly fades off.

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