This a timeline of the future Climate of Earth.


The Sahara Desert extends southward. A level 5 Hurricane turns south and hits Brazil.


Dubai is becoming abandoned. A large Snow storm hits Egypt and Libya.


Most of the Polar ice is gone through summer.


The Gobi Desert reaches Beijing. The Amazon is receding.


The Global Average Temperature increases by 1 degree. The Sea rises by 10 m. New York, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro have flood Walls. Most of the Netherlands are flooded.


Hurricanes are common in the Pacific. High Volcanic Activities near Japan making it hotter there and a new island chain forms.


California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are hit with a level 5 Hurricane. Hurricane level 6 and 7 are now rare.


The Temperature increases by 2 degrees. The ocean rises 30m. Hawaii is evacuated. Dust storms are common in what's left of of Europe.


The temperature has risen by 3 degrees.the sea rises by 20m

Part 2 coming soon

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