Future artefacts are things "from the future" that already exists. In many senses the future is already here, just like the past is here with us. And through these artefacts we can examine the future to see what everyday life in several decades will be like.



Trashcan with an IR-sensor opens automatically when something is put/thrown there.


Interactive umbrella

Interactive umbrella's handle changes color according to weather forecast (blue - "rain expected, take me with you").

In the kitchen

Smart egg

Smart egg

Vacuum breadbox

Vacuum breadbox


Cup mixer


Sleek, compact and modern. Toaster concept [1]

  • A self-timing egg displays a graphical message once it's ready using heat-sensitive ink. [3]
  • Vacuum breadbox: keeps bread or fruits fresh in a vacuum. [4]
  • A cup that quickly and carefully stirs the drink, be it tea with sugar, hot chocolate, milk with honey or any other drink. [5]
  • ROLLERToaster - a toaster concept that is sleek, compact and modern [6].

In the bathroom

Intelligent bath

Intelligent bath

Color fusion

Color shower

  • Smart bath: use a mobile or Internet to have this bath prepare itself automatically according to your personal preferences.
  • A LED attached to a shower head glows, the color changes depending on the water temperature. [7]
  • Other features include waterproof touchscreens [8].


Seiko e-ink watch 070412 11 01

E-ink watch concept from Seiko [2]

There are lots and lots of prototypes everywhere. See mobile phone

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