Future-HHW War

4 November 2018


9 August 2020


Europe, East Asia, North Africa, Middle East


Future Victory

Major battles:

Battle of Don Lemon, Battle of Anderson Cooper, Battle of Babalada, Battle of Oof, Battle of Fire’s posting porn on general again





Beta, Derp, Lonixdron, Fester, Alan, Fire

StrawberryMaster, Gary, Olo72, Douglas, Hypercane


5-10 Futurologists

15-30 Meteorologists


1 Futurologist



On Sunday, 4th of November 2018, Future forces marched into Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki demanding a reason for their arrest warrant on Lonixdron.

Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki would fall down to Future in 2020 and everyone HHW member who wasn't a future member should be forced to write on Future Wiki until death. Future would later invade Future Hurricanes Wiki because they had Iraqi meme oil.

Many battles were fought such as the Battle of Anderson Cooper, the Battle of Don Lemon, the Battle of the Young Turds, the Battle of Homosexual Amphibians, the Battle of Sean Hannity, the Battle of Tucker Carlson, the Battle of Ben Shapiro, the Battle of Steven Crowder and the Battle of BETA.

War Summary (2019-2021)

Future soldiers marching into HHW

Future soldiers marching into HHW

Future forces marching into HHW.

Lonixdron is banned from Future Wiki and then later HHW, he comes back to future as Overestimation and plans a major invasion on HHW, many others loved his plan such as Fester and EnderAlan04, so the war started.

Future users would go the HHW and create stupid pages such as Hurricane: Bablada and Tropical Storm OOF. StrawberryMaster, Gary and Olo72 got angry with these users and declared war on them. Many bombs fell on Future wiki, destroying the greatest pages such as Ben Shapiro (Fester) and many others. This would started the Battle of Ben Shapiro, which it was one of the most bloodiest battles in Future Wiki's history.

Future would start bombing HHW with nuclear bombs so the wiki would be radiated. Later, Future Wiki realized that Wikis can't be radiated, so Lonixdron said "Dang It! That is all the nukes!" HHW was mad at Future even more because of the Nukes destroying their most popular pages.


Trump on HHW.

Later Don Lemon on CNN said "Future is being to mean to HHW!" Which Trump later said "HHW has big gay" in a rally at Beta's house. OLO72 reacted to Trump and Later said "You're not my girlfriend! Not Hot!" and decided to date Don Lemon because he is gay hot.

In the 2019 Future Wiki Admin Elections, which it was the first election in Future History. Lonixdron was elected Admin against Fester after a debate about Fried Fish. Lonixdron was elected President of Future Wiki and declared to hack into HHW and delete all their pages and copy them on Future so Future Wiki can take credit of all these great hurricane ideas. This would be successful, not wouldn't end the war as Fox News, InfoWars, DairyWire, CNN and the Young Turks were caputred by those commies from HHW. This would create a Cold War, which wouldn't end until 2020. IN 2020, Everything was over and Future would own everything from HHW, even the users as they were forced to write stuff on Future of the rest of their lifes.

Post-War (2021-year Infinity)

Future would later invade Future Hurricanes Wiki, Future America Wiki, ASB Scenarios Wiki and even more wikis because they had Meme Oil and other Dank stuff that Future Wiki wanted.