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The NFL saw a rapid expansion after the Los Angeles Rams were reinstated. St. Louis, San Antonio, and other cities saw teams. In 2018, the NFL created a European League to help quell controversy over expansion to London.

The Chargers, who were reinstated after the original franchise relocated to St. Louis to become the Stallions, were expected to finish as as an expansion team, but after acquiring Phillip Rivers and Richard Sherman, the team made a surprise run to the Super Bowl, taking down the Green Bay Packers 31-27 in Atlanta.

The Stallions would repeat this two years later, defeating the Texans in overtime.

In January of 2021, facing major blacklash for the name "Redskins" being deemed a racist slur by many, the league successfully voted 25-7 to force the Washington Redskins to rename their team. They elected to go with the Washington Warriors, as the name allowed them to keep their logo and colors and for it to still make sense to retain them.

Super Bowls 56 and 57 would both see the Saints and Browns face-off. Each team took one matchup, starting an interleague rivarly lasting nearly 30 years. The Call in 2022 and the Bad Fumble in 2023 would determine the result of each game. The Saints scored a game winning field goal with 0:22 left in Super Bowl 56 and the Browns scored a touchdown with 2:10 left in Super Bowl 57. 


Super Bowl NFC Team AFC Team MVP Stadium (Team Host)
50 Carolina Panthers  Denver Broncos Von Miller (1st) Levi Stadium (Santa Clara)
LI Seattle Seahawks Kansas City Chiefs

Russel Wilson (1st)

NRG Stadium (Houston)
LII Los Angeles Rams Houston Texans Todd Gurley (1st) US Bank Stadium (Minnesota)
LIII Green Bay Packers San Diego Chargers Phillp Rivers (1st) Mercedez-Benz Stadium (Atlanta)
LIV Philadelphia Eagles New York Jets Ryan Fitzpatrick (1st) Hard Rock Stadium (Dolphins)
55 St. Louis Stallions Houston Texans Tim Tebow (1st) City of Champions Stadium (Los Angeles Rams)
56 New Orleans Saints Cleveland Browns Ryan Fitzaptrick (2nd) Budweiser Field (St. Louis)
57 New Orleans Saints Cleveland Browns Dan Smith (1st) Tottenham Hotgrounds (London, NFL Europe)
58 Washington Warriors  Oakland Raiders Dub Jones (1st) New York Stadium (NY Jets)
59 Philadelphia Eagles Buffalo Bills Geno Smith (1st) Dolphin Stadium (Miami)
60 St. Louis Stallions  San Diego Chargers  Mike Cortez  (1st) RFK Stadium (Washington)
61 New York Giants  Pittsburgh Steelers  Joesph Reynolds Philadelphia Facility (Philadelphia) 
62 Dallas Cowboys  Oklahoma City Baron Mike Phillips (2nd)  Cleveland Center (Cleveland) 
63 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Conquistadors  Joe Patrick (1st) Los Angeles Entertainment Center (LA Rams and LA Conquistadors)
64 London Monarchs  Los Angeles Conquistadors  Tom Webber (1st) San Diego Stadium (San Diego) 

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