Future Summer and Winter Olympics Hosts

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2016 Summer Olympic: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (first Summer Olympic in South America)

2020 Summer Olympic: Tokyo, Japan

2024 Summer Olympic: Boston, USA

2028 Summer Olympic: Tunis, Tunisia (first Summer Olympic in Africa)

2032 Summer Olympic: Prague, Czech Republic

2036 Summer Olympic: Madrid, Spain

2040 Summer Olympic: Auckland, New Zealand

2044 Summer Olympic: Chicago, USA

2048 Summer Olympic: Mumbai, India

2052 Summer Olympic: Johannesburg, South Africa

2056 Summer Olympic: Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile (first Summer Olympic with multi-host format)

2060 Summer Olympic: Liverpool, Great Britain

2064 Summer Olympic: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand

2068 Summer Olympic: Vancouver, Canada

2072 Summer Olympic: Brisbane, Australia

2076 Summer Olympic: Marrakech, Morocco

2080 Summer Olympic: Budapest, Hungary

2084 Summer Olympic: Bogota, Colombia

2088 Summer Olympic: Dubai, UAE

2092 Summer Olympic: Miami, USA and Havana, Cuba

2096 Summer Olympic: Nairobi, Kenya

2100 Summer Olympic: Lausanne, Switzerland and Milan, Italy


2018 Summer Youth: Buenos Aires, Argentina

2022 Summer Youth: Adelaide, Australia

2026 Summer Youth: Minnesota, USA

2030 Summer Youth: Luanda, Angola

2034 Summer Youth: Manila, Philippines

2038 Summer Youth: Warsawa, Poland and Vilnius, Lithuania

2042 Summer Youth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2046 Summer Youth: Glasgow, Great Britain

2050 Summer Youth: Surabaya, Indonesia

2054 Summer Youth: Alexandria, Egypt

2058 Summer Youth: Oslo, Norway

2062 Summer Youth: Edmonton, Canada

2066 Summer Youth: Lima, Peru

2070 Summer Youth: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand and Yangon, Myanmar

2074 Summer Youth: Kansas City, USA

2078 Summer Youth: Perth, Australia

2082 Summer Youth: Eindhoven, Netherlands

2086 Summer Youth: Libreville, Gabon

2090 Summer Youth: Incheon, Korea

2094 Summer Youth: Bucharest, Romania

2098 Summer Youth: Montevideo, Uruguay and La Plata, Argentina


2018 Winter Olympic: Pyeongchang, South Korea

2022 Winter Olympic: Almaty, Kazakhstan

2026 Winter Olympic: Winnipeg, Canada

2030 Winter Olympic: St. Ettiene, France

2034 Winter Olympic: Harbin, China

2038 Winter Olympic: Kazan, Rusia

2042 Winter Olympic: Pittsburgh-Cleveland, USA

2046 Winter Olympic: Sundvall, Sweden and Turku, Finland

2050 Winter Olympic: Antofagasta, Chile (first Olympic in South America)

2054 Winter Olympic: Canberra, Australia

2058 Winter Olympic: Nagoya, Japan

2062 Winter Olympic: Donetsk, Ukraine

2066 Winter Olympic: Halifax, Canada

2070 Winter Olympic: Reykjavik, Iceland

2074 Winter Olympic: Jeonbuk, Korea

2078 Winter Olympic: Zaragoza, Spain

2082 Winter Olympic: Vladivostok, Russia

2086 Winter Olympic: Hannover, Germany

2090 Winter Olympic: Saskatoon, Canada

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