Game play


  • The Crimean Crisis continues with both the US and Russia now trying to find a diplomatic solution to the current crisis.
  • The search for Flight 370 continues as the search area is extended.
  • CO2 emissions continue to rise.
  • Hurricane Thomas hits the Southeastern US as a category 4 hurricane similar to Katrina. In Asia Cyclone Maria hits the Southeast Asian coast as a category 5 hurricane.

Sweden: In the light of what has happened in Ukraine, Sweden joins NATO and begins a military buildup. Jet fighters are sent to the Baltic States and Poland to defend them from Russian aggression.

Indonesia: We begin to build up our army and expand our economy. We send aid to the nations and provinces affected by Cyclone Maria and ask for trade agreements with any nation with a Pacific coast hoping to form the Pan-Pacific Trade Agreement. We also begin to call for a summit in Jakarta to discuss recent events regarding climate change and begin to invest in clean energy to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Indonesian Diplomacy: We ask for all nations to join in on the 2015 Climate Change Summit.

Germany: We change our constitution to allow us to send military forces into other countries. We begin to increase our industry, and diplomats are sent to Austria, requesting a merger. We send German Peacekeepers into Ukraine, to stop the Riots in the East. German Forces are prepared to move in should Russia show any signs of aggression towards Ukraine. Ukraine is offered a position in the EU. We continue research into Nuclear Fusion, and other renewable technology.

  • Austrian Diplomacy: (RNG: 9) Yes.

United States: We continue to look for a solution to the Crimean issue, preferably one that won't end up in the Russianization of eastern Europe and the Baltic states. We send diplomats to Germany/Austria to discuss what would be done in the case of Russian aggression.

  • Indonesian Diplomacy: We would like the EU nations and NATO nations to assist in the climate summit for next year. We would also like the rest of the world to follow suit.

Russia: We send an alliance request to Germany. We start mobilizing troops in the Caucases and on the Kazakhstan border. Troops also begin mobilizing on the Ukrainian, Belorussian, Latvian, and Estonian borders. Troops are also sent to the Kaliningrad Oblast, and mobilize on the Polish and Lithuanian borders. The Navy also begins mobilizing in the Baltic and the Black Seas. We request an alliance with the BRICS nations.

Italy: With the current government launching economical and social reforms, we hope in a gradual exit from the crisis. We also begin to invest in green energy, in order to decrease the CO2 emissions.

Australia: We are strengthening our military in the wake of the Crimean crisis. We sent aid to nations hit hard by Cyclone Maria and Hurricane Thomas. We are reviewing security measures on airplanes due to the missing Flight 370 incident. The Australian Coast Guard continues to search for the missing Flight 370 airplane in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Brazil: The government decide to send some warships in order to help the search of the flight 370, scared because of the situation in Crimea, we join NATO, we make a offer of $20 million dollars to buy French Guyana from France and we help the victims of the hurricane and cyclone.

  • Brazilian Diplomacy: Yes, we will go to the Climate Change Summit and help reduce the CO2 emissions.

Taiwan: Taiwan begins to build up its military. The Touhou series rises in popularity. A Taipei 202 is planned out, and this building aims to be taller than the current Taipei 101.


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  • Tensions around the world continue to rise as the Russians begin to prepare for war. Now the world fears another global conflict as a result should the US or NATO decide to get involved
  • The search for Flight 370 concludes with the plane crashing with no survivors by the Malaysian government.
  • CO2 emissions continue to rise at an alarming rate.
  • NATO considers renaming itself as Brazil joins the organization.

Indonesia: We continue to build up our military and expand our economy. The nation asks the US, China and other nations in the Pacific to form the Pan-Pacific Trade Agreement or PPTA for short. We begin to consider plans to expand our population centers and begin experimenting with new technologies as we strike a huge oil field but debate arises over which of the two major superpowers to trade with all that oil, but regardless it benefits our economy.

  • Oil discovery is controlled by Mods.
  • OK.
  • Sweden sends troops into Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, patrolling their borders with Russia and promising to fight for their sovereignty in case of Russian aggression.
  • Swedish Diplomacy: We suggest that a Nordic Union be created between Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. It shall include many aspects of economy and military. We need to do this in order to counter the increasingly aggressive Russia. (Mod, can I form this union and lead it as one nation?)
  • Sweden don't have that sort of influence yet. Get more influence over them first?

Brazil: Our idea for the new name of the Nato is AMEO (Atlantic Military and Economical Organization) or just ATO (Atlantic Treaty Organization). We remain NATO/ATO/AMEO and Russia that the best solution to the conflict is with dialogue. Anyway we make some changes to our constitution to expand our economy and military; we send some peacekeepers to Ukraine to keep peace there. 3/4 of the Amazon Forest in declared national park, named as "The Amazon Forest national Park"

  • Brazilian Diplomacy: We propose all countries of america to create the an alliance in case of a war.
  • American Diplomacy: We accept this and start the alliance, then ask Canada and all South American nations except Argentina to join. (OOC: it's a grudge thing. me and Argentina don't mix.)
  • Venezuelan Diplomacy: Yes, we will join the alliance.

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 begins.

Russia: We begin increasing output of tanks, planes, helicopters, APC's, AFV's, cruise missiles, and warships. We cut off gas supplies to Europe. Our troops keep mobilizing.

Venezuela: After many months of protests, Nicolas Maduro resigns and a new era begins in Venezuela.

United States: We increase our general military output, especially tanks and planes, to prevent Russia from getting ahead, start to research new weapons technology, and send troops to any country bordering Russia that will host them. We start looking for resources (oil etc.) in the Arctic Sea.

  • American Diplomacy: Yes, we'll go to the climate summit.
  • American Diplomacy: Any countries bordering Russia willing to host our troops?
  • American Diplomacy: Germany/Austria, we request an alliance, this would be more beneficial to you than an alliance with Russia.

Germany: German Peacekeepers continue to keep peace is Ukraine. German Soldiers are moved into NATO countries in the area, such as Poland. German forces enter Ukraine, and begin setting up defenses on the Crimean-Ukrainian Border. Germany welcomes Brazil to NATO. The German Troops in Ukraine are ordered that, in case of Russian Attack, they are to hold the position whilst Casualties are avoidable, but should the position become dangerous, they are to evacuate back to Kiev, and let the Air Force take the attack. The Air Force in turn is ordered to complete a single attack on the Russian Troops each Sortie, to minimize the casualties.


Sorry about the late turn start. Anyway mod events away. Tell me if any are implausible local.

  • Brazil's efforts to protect the Amazon helps to reduce Co2 emissions but is not well enforced and corporations are simply ignoring the new park.
  • The 2016 Climate Summit results in the formation of the Global Environmental Organization or GEO for short. It begins with helping Brazil with the Amazon's protection.
  • NATO renames itself the Atlantic Treaty Organization, or ATO for short.

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. The Presidential Election takes place this year. Sean Lien of the Kuomintang wins this election and becomes the new President.

Australia: We continue to build up our military due to the crisis in Crimea. Prime Minister candidates Tony Abbott of the Liberal/Coalition Party and Bill Shorten of the Australian Labor Party spend a combined total of AUD$625 Million Dollars in campaign ads for the 2017 Federal Election.

Venezuela: We start to build up our military in case of a massive conflict, we build up tanks, APCs, aircraft, helicopters, warships and our own aircraft carrier, called "El Francisco de Miranda" to ensure the protection of our country if it's invaded. We request to the nations of the ATO to build up their own defensive zones in case of war.

Indonesia: We continue to build up our military and expand our economy. We apply to host the GEO headquarters in Jakarta. We decide to propose the pacific nations the Pan-Pacific Free Trade Agreement or PPFTA for short. The GEO decides to build defenses against natural disasters and the recently established organization requests to build regional headquarters in China, Germany, the US, Brazil, Nigeria, and Brazil. We divert research to green and aerospace techs and SpaceX is authorized to build a space center.

  • Don't have that sort of ability.
  • Aw what?

Sweden: We create military bases all around the country, build up and train our military, and invent new weapons, military vehicles, etc. It's a golden age for the Swedish weapon's industry, and we're by far the greatest military power in the Nordic region.

  • Swedish Diplomacy: We invite Finland to join ATO, and we ask for permission to create military bases in the country.

India: We work on improving our military, focusing on making us a naval power to rival the US in the coming decades. Industry is improved in the north, and Infrastructure is built up around New Delhi.

Brazil: We create a series of sanctions named "The Amazon Forest Protection sanctions" that are sanctions for companies that ignore the new park: (all in US dollars) First violation: sanction of $1,000,000, Second: $3,000,000, Third: $5,000,000 and Fourth, they are expelled from the country. Since it is impossible the peace in Europe, we expand a lot our army, buying new battleships, tanks, two new aircraft-carriers and building 10 atomic bombs (only ATO/UDF and Venezuela know that we have atomic bombs) our army is prepared to make D-Day type missions and ready to be send to Europe. Our peacekeepers in Ukraine got home and they are send to the Middle east (most to Israel, Syria and Iran) with the president to evite a our there.

  • Brazilian diplomacy: As country that proposed the american alliance, we gladly create with U.S and Venezuela the UAN (United American nations for short)
  • Brazil's message to Venezuela: Welcome to UAN! Venezuela, I would like a free trade agreement, will you accept?
  • Venezuelan Diplomacy: Yes, we accept the agreement, Brazil.
  • Brazil's message to Australia: Australia, I think you need to protect more the Great Coral Reef, because is like the Amazon Forest of the ocean.

Russia: We begin researching new technologies for the military, namely new tanks, airplanes, firearms, and ships. We begin conscripting citizens into the armed forces. We begin to mass-produce more tanks, helicopters, warships, airplanes, firearms, cruise missiles, APCs, AFVs,. We begin funding a new space project, 'THOR' , which shall be unveiled in 2017.

New Zealand: We begin to start mobilizing our SAS to the Black Sea, including our navy. We are offering to start a treaty with the US and Australia call ANZUST (Australia, New Zealand and United States Treaty Of War). The treaty is so that when one of declares war on someone we both join into help the fighting country. Also, we freeze all Russian citizens assets in New Zealand.

  • New Zealand Diplomacy: We have decided to join the UAN, in response to the Crimean Crisis
  • Australia Diplomacy: We accept the ANZUS Treaty of War.
  • Brazilian Diplomacy: OK, UAN changes name to UP-AN (United Pacific-Atlantic Nations) due to the joining of New Zeland.


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  • The Ukrainian government begins to get split into two as the riots in East Ukraine intensify to a tipping point.
  • Russia unveils Project THOR. (player can explain everything.)
  • The GEO begins to gain controversy as a conspiracy theory arises in regards to the GEO's true purpose while regional headquarters are established around the world.
  • Crimea begins to aim for full independence.
  • The first advanced prostheses are created by Typhoon Cybernetics, other companies follow suit. This creates a rift in human society between Augments or 'Augs' for short and the natural majority of Earth's population.

Posting about Augmentation will now result in a Ban. No more mod events

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues.

Finland: Finland sets up a 1 year plan that will make their army more modern and larger. We ask a handful of nations is they would sale their T-55's, we also ask Germany if we can buy the rest of their Leopard 1's and older leopards 2's for our new tank program. 25% of our defense budget goes into making a new form a battleship and the rest goes in to producing a larger stockpile. Lastly, the draft is is extended to 18-35 and now last 4 to 5 years.

Venezuela: El Francisco De Miranda is nearly finished and we start to demand an explanation to GEO about the conspiracy because if its true, then we and other nations start to bring sanctions to GEO.

New Zealand: We order 50 F-35s which will be based at Ohakea Royal New Zealand Air Force Base. We ask to join the UP-AN. We start work on a dietary tablet called FAW which will make no need to drink water and eat food. We also support Venezuela about what they say about GEO. We also have our elections this year with a number of NZD $536,256,489 goes into the campaign.

  • Venezuelan response to New Zealand: You can join New Zealand.
  • Venezuelan Diplomacy: We request to Colombia, Guyana, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Suriname, Paraguay, Uruguay, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the UK to join the UP-AN so we can work together in case of being invaded by hostile forces in a war.
  • Taiwan Diplomacy: Taiwan accepts and joins UP-AN.
  • Finland Diplomacy: Finland ask to join UP-AN and ATO for ensured protection.
  • Venezuelan Diplomacy:You can join Finland both UP-AN and ATO.
  • Indonesian Diplomacy: We accept the offer.
  • Australian Diplomacy: We accept the offer to join UP-AN.
  • Germany accepts.
  • New Zealand Diplomacy: KiwiRail buys a magnetic railway to be built in between Auckland and Wellington.

Indonesia: We continue to build up our military and economy. SpaceX continues building its space center. Clinics are built around the country to distribute augmentations to the public. In regards to the GEO, we decide to fully support them by stating that the GEO is not the Illuminati and is an organization similar to the UN dedicated to dealing with environmental problems.

Australia: We continue to build our military in the event that we are in war. Approximately 15% of our industrial production is for the military. We continue to build tanks, APCs, artillery units, jets, planes, ships, Humvees, and firearms due to the situation in Ukraine. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has just won reelection as Prime Minister and begins his second term.

Brazil: The president decides that the prostheses will be only used in war time. We expand our our economy, police and military, our two aircraft carriers are almost finished. We sport Venezuela and New Zealand about the GEO conspiracies and we propose to show the meetings in TV so people see wath we do in the meetings. We only give diplomatic sport to the U.S and allies in the Crimea Crisis, but we will like an unite Ukraine, not a divided one. We decide to reduce the Amazon Forest protection sanctions, the second from 3,000,000 to 2,000,000 and the third from 5,000,000 to 3,000,000, because we don't want future protests from companies. Meta

Germany: Requests that Switzerland becomes a protectorate of Germany in these troubled times. This request is extended to all EU nations. RNG: 18/27. 18 of the nations accept. We begin to cut our use of Gas, amidst fears that the Russians will cut us off. We urge the rest of Europe to do the same.


Sorry for the long wait everybody. Well, then, here is a new year

  • The UP-AN increases its membership up to 39 countries from North America, Asia, South America and Western Europe.
  • An economic crisis in Ukraine leads to protests demanding the government to recover Crimea from Russia.
  • Many corporations accept the regulations of the GEO for the Amazon national park but some disobey the regulations and are sanctioned.
  • China launches a naval fleet to the disputed Senkaku islands, claiming ownership. Japan responds by sending theirs, war between the two countries seems imminent.
  • The plan of the Kinetic satellite THOR from Russia causes tensions between ATO and Russia, as the USA prepares its own version of the satellite called ZEUS in response to Russia.
  • The PMC Aegis Defense Services becomes the most powerful PMC in the world as result of the economic and militaristic boom of many countries as result of the Crimean crisis. They begin founding their own air force and navy.

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues.

Venezuela: El Francisco de Miranda is finished and its deployed to the northern coast of Venezuela in case of an enemy invasion.

India: Military, economy,and infrastructure are built up. We wish to increase trade with Russia, Sri-Lanka,and China. We offer to side with China in secret in case of war with Japan. We continue our military build up, focusing on creating a powerful navy in hopes to rivial the USN in a decade or two.

Australia: We continue to build our military. Military production is now 20% of all industrial production in Australia due to the crisis in Crimea in the crisis in Asia. The Royal Australian Navy is guarding the Australian border in the event that we are attacked. This includes the border of all Australian claimed territories (Christmas Island, Ashmore and Cartier Islands, ,Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Australian Antarctic Islands, Norfolk Island, and Heard Island and McDonald Islands)

Germany: Ukraine is informed that Germany, and by extension, much of Europe, would not aid Ukraine in an offensive war with Russia. German Forces are moved in to our Protectorates, as per the agreement. We begin training more troops for their armies. German Hackers begin targeting the Russian Missiles, attempting to find weak points that can be exploited. A Rocket is launched, and plans begin to create an EU Space Station. Secret: A small escape pod with a Ion Drive (invisible to sensors), is tested, and we are able to use it to gain access to a variety of Satellites, without being detected, and alter the Hardware.

Brazil: Our two new aircraft-carriers are done, which names are "Independencia" and "America" Our army and economy is expanded. We demand the UN a peacefully end in the incident between Japan and China (But in a war we will SECRETLY help Japan). We sanction the companies that disobeying the new Amazon park. We give diplomatic support to our allies in the Crimea Crisis. (Mod, can you please list the countries in UP-AN?, thanks)

  • Brazilian Diplomacy: We ask Uruguay and Paraguay to merge with us to create the Greater Republic of Brasil
  • Venezuelan Diplomacy: Brazil, don't do it, these countries are part of the UP-AN.
  • Brazil's Response: OK, we won't merge with Uruguay or Paraguay.

Finland: We move one paratroop brigade to Germany just in case all out war does break out.The new Finnish navy is looking better with more destroyers in the inventory. Defenses are padded out the Russian border being called the Mannerheim 2 after the winter war defense.

Indonesia: We continue to build up our military and expand our economy. SpaceX begins building its space center. We mobilize our forces into Japanese territory in their defense and suggests the rest of ASEAN does the same. We ask for the ASEAN nations to become protectorates of Indonesia following Germany's example. We ask for a five-year contract with Aegis Defense Services in order to protect our interests.

New Zealand: We mobilize 10% of our troops to Japan to help in the 'Asian' Crisis. We start to build up our military. The FaW tablet will be available next year as we start production on the tablet. We offer a treaty with all Oceanic countries; Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Papa New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands and any other small countries in the region.

  • Australian Diplomacy: We accept a treaty with New Zealand.


  • The UOC(United Oceanian Coalition) is founded with Australia, New Zealand, Palau, Kiribati, Fiji, Micronesia, Nauru and other Oceanian and pacific islands as members.
  • A terrorist attack occurs in Moscow, during an conference between Crimean ministers. Russia blames ATO for the attack and mobilizes its troops to their borders. WWIII seems close.
  • Aegis Defense Services begin their first operations in Indonesia, Congo, Syria and Somalia providing security for the countries and use their armies against the insurgents.
  • Despite the efforts of Western and Eastern powers, the Chinese fleet attacks the Japanese fleet in Senkaku. The Third Sino-Japanese war has started.

Germany: We send our condolences to Russia for the Terrorist Attack. (Was not Germany, BTW) Our hackers begin to make progress, subtly altering the guidance systems on the Russian Nuclear Silos, whilst others attempt to locate the Russian Nuclear Submarines. (Most of Russia's arsenal, like all Nuclear Powers, is on the Submarines). Deniable operatives are prepared, and are given erasers, for obvious reasons, and sent onto unmarked Submarines, to hunt the Russian Nuclear Submarines. When a Submarine is found, it is forced to the Surface, and the Deniable Operatives murder the crew, running silent, and open all the vents in the Submarine, sending deep under the sea, where the pressure crushes it, destroying the Nukes on board. Of the 1000 nukes they have in Submarines, 878 (RNG), have been destroyed, leaving Russia with 922 Strategically Active Nuclear Missiles, many of which are under technological assault.

Finland: 100,000 troops come out of reserve to boost the Finnish-Russo border, preparing for the 5th Russo-Finnish war the new very advanced Lathi 1 tank comes out being shipped straight to the Mannerheim 2. The airborne brigade stationed in Germany is on high awareness. Destroyer patrol the Gulf of Finland scared that Russia might come around and flank them from behind with their naval assault force.

Brazil: We condemn the terrorist attack on Moscow, we inform that we DIDN'T know about the attack and the people that made the attack will go to justice, we ask Aegis to make a 7 years contact with us, we ask Colombia and Mexico to make a contract with Aegis, so they can end its war against the <afia. We start giving secret help to Japan (ammunition, guns, first-aid...) in his war against China. We expand a lot our army and economy, we start making new battleships. The start up-grading our technology and the government creates the BAS (Brazilian Space Association). we a lot expand our police, due to the project "0 bad, 100 good " to make the country safer and less assassinations and robs.

  • Brazilian diplomacy: I have an idea of merge UP-AN and ATO, so in case of a massive war, we have one all powerful alliance.
  • Venezuelan diplomacy: Good idea Brazil, this alliance shall be named the UAP or the United Allied Powers.
  • Brazil's message to Nigeria and South Africa: Nigeria and South Africa, we invite you to join UP-AN and ATO, so we have allies in all continents.

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. Taiwan also declares neutrality in the Sino-Japanese War.

Australia: We condemn the attack in Moscow. We continue to build our military and we still have the military production at 20% of total total industry in Australia. A high speed rail system is being built and it will connect the cities of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Ballarat, Illawarra, and Adelaide. The project is expected to be complete by 2026. The Royal Australian Naval ships are still guarding the Australian border and our claimed territories. There is a proposal through the Australian parliament to develop a space agency.

New Zealand: We condemn the attack in Moscow as well. We are offering to join in on the proposed Australian Space Agency and renaming it the TSA (Tasman Space Agency). We send help to Japan and support them in the war against China. The FaW tablet has been put into mass production and will be available next year. KiwiRail starts the high-speed magnetic railway project and names it Project Flash, the railway will be finished next year. We are also starting an airplane design and naming it Oceanic Airplanes, the company will specialize in fighter planes and commercial airliners. Oceanic Airplanes will be funded by the government with a annual budget of 1 billion on the terms that the New Zealand Air Force will not need to buy any planes. New Zealand's hackers start work with Germany to disarm Russia's nuclear arsenal.

  • Australian Diplomacy: We will let New Zealand in on the proposed Tasman Space Agency. Part of the proposal is that we will build a space station in Sydney. The estimated time of completion of the space station will be 2023.

Venezuela: We also condemn the terrorist attack in Moscow, and we tell the Russian government that is not ATO's fault. We start sending support to Japan in their war against China.


  • Syria is starting to become a total anarchic country, as result, Aegis Defense Services is starting a massive mobilization against the Al-Assad regime.
  • A proposal by Britain for a UN project to neutralize Nuclear Weaponry is vetoed by Russia, America and China. Britain and France begin working on it outside of the UN. It is a high powered Laser, which super heats Nuclear Missiles, causing premature explosion, and stops them destroying the intended Target.
  • The war between Japan and China expands to the borders of Russia and Mongolia, South East Asia and the Korean peninsula.
  • An anti UP-AN terrorist attack occurs in Houston, Texas. Damaging various places such as the Mission Control Center and the Sam Houston monument. Various Nations blame Russia for the attack and tensions between the UP-AN and Russia increases to a higher level.
  • All UN efforts to bring a conclusion to any of the Crises in the world is halted by Security Council infighting

Germany: The failure of the UN to effectively manage the world situation gives Germany no choice but to take action ourselves. Bundeswehr Troops are on the ground in Syria within hours. Spec Ops forces root out fundamentalist groups and extremists from both sides, before creating a DMZ, enforced by German Forces, between the Government held Damascus, and the Rebel Forces that hold the rest of the Country. Aleppo is designated the capital of the new, Democratic Republic of Syria. The Syrian Border is shut by German Soldiers, to prevent any influx of Fundamentalists. (Syria is now a German Puppet, and stable). Informative Broadcasts, and investment in Education, along with Military Training for the DRS (Formerly Rebel) Forces, allows the Country to slowly get back on its feet, following the brutally long Civil War. The Free State of Damascus goes through similar changes, and the Two countries both begin to recover, separated by a 3 miles wide DMZ, manned by German Forces, and Syrian Auxiliaries, although these begin to be reassigned to Ukraine and other crisis points, to remove any possibility of desertion. We condemn the Chinese. Secret: The Russian Submarines are all out of action, as are many of their Nuclear Missiles. Hackers begin to be reassigned to Chinese Nuclear Weapons.

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. Taiwan continues to remain neutral.

Australia: We send approx 15% of our troops and send aid to help the Japanese in their war against China. Military production is now 25% of the total industry in Australia. We continue to recruit troops which is now at an all-time high in Australia's history. We continue to build tanks, jets, planes, bombs, ships, APCs, artillery units, firearms, and grenades. The proposal to create the Tasman Space Agency with New Zealand has passed and construction is underway in a space station in Sydney which is set to be completed in 2023. It will be named the Gillard Space Station in honor of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Finland: Our new Helsinki class Battleship is reveled being the only country with an active battleship on earth Finland has gone so far as to calling our-selfs the "Protector of Scandinavian". We send a second brigade of infantry to China in aid of Japan while also sending a squad of Special Jager's to Syria just in-case a war in Crimea breaks out.

India: Military is built up further, developing our navy further. Work on infrastructure continues. (More later)

Brazil: We don't accuse Russia about the Houston attack. We offer Russia send a high-trained police group to investigate the Moscow bombing. Anyway we warn that if we discover that the attack was Russian, ATO and UP-AN will take actions. We warn UN that if they don't make something in the crises/wars, a massive war will start and UN will be dissolved. We send troops to Syria so the new democratic country is OK. We start making SECRET plans of invading France and UK. We warn UK and France that if they use the laser, they will be invaded. We send more supplies to Japan and allies (Mod, in the asian war, who are Japan and allies and who are China and allies?) Our economy is expanding and this year is the record of biggest army expansion. In Brazil the Crimea Crisis is started to be called "Little Cold War" Secret: We help Germany and New Zealand to hack Russian and Chinese atomic bombs and submarines. You know the laser is good, right? It stops Nuclear war. No reason to invade.

No, I didn't know the laser was good, sorry again.

New Zealand: We shut down the New Zealand Embassy in Brazil in response to Brazil planning to invade our motherland the UK and our ally France. We will also cut trade deals and diplomatic ties if the plan goes foward. We also ask Brazil if there is any reason why you are invading the UK and France? and whatever the reason we ask that our allies in the UOC will help meet those needs instead of invading UK and France. The high speed magnetic railway will be finished by 2026 due to the military drills in the path of the planned railway. We give a budget of 2 billion dollars annually to the TSA. Oceanic Planes has designed a VTOL fighter aircraft that will fly at 5x the speed of sound, the plane will be in mass production by 2022. We offer to Australia a free shuttle route with a commercial airliner that will carry 800 passengers and designed by Airbus Industries, the route will go from the recently upgraded Wellington International Airport to Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport.

  • Brazil's response: Sorry UK, France and all nations, since they said that they were working "outside" of UN we thought they were becoming evil or something like that. The plans had been canceled and again, sorry. (New Zealand, can you re-open your embassy, please?)
  • New Zealand Diplomacy: We reopen our embassy in Brazil due to the threat of them invading our allies UK and France, abolished. Now all we want to do is make the friendship between NZ and Brazil stronger.
  • Australia Diplomacy: We will allow New Zealand to proceed with the shuttle route.
  • New Zealand Diplomacy: We accept Australia into the shuttle route. The route will be called Trans-Tasman express and will now be run with a supersonic 800 passenger aircraft with VTOL capabilities. The aircraft will now be designed by Oceanic Planes, the route will be running by 2022 no matter what.

Venezuela: We start a group called: Task Force 45, an Anti-terrorist group with objective of finding out who is the group who caused the Moscow and Houston attacks. We also start to purchase 100 F-22 Raptors for the Air Force and 65 F-35 for the carrier El Francisco De Miranda.


Sorry for making you wait everybody, Its because I, Loco, became the mod after Local became banned Bratc. Anyway, time to write, and don´t forget to cross out implausible posts, OK?

  • The UN is starting to be torn apart as result of the rising tensions between ATO and Russia, the Crimean dispute and the Sino-Japanese conflict.
  • The second Chinese civil war begins as result of the war against Japan. It's fought between the government, the Northern Union, the Chinese Black army and the Free Chinese Union.
  • A rival PMC of Aegis Defence Services, Academi, is starting the "PMC cold war" as result of becoming a powerful PMC like Aegis.

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. Taiwan sends aid and support to the Free Chinese Union (Assuming they are democratic. If not, then I'll have Taiwan remain neutral.).

Venezuela: Task Force 45 has found a clue related to the Houston attack: That is is related with the Moscow attack in 2019 and there is a possibility that is was done by the same group.

  • Venezuelan Diplomacy: We request to the UP-AN to form other Anti-terrorists groups so we can find out the conection between the Moscow and Houston attacks.

Germany: Russia is now without nuclear missiles. Germany passes a law making it illegal for PMCs to have Militaries. German Forces skirmish with Aegis Forces, and easily outclass them. German Forces quash riots in Eastern Ukraine. German Deniable Operatives are parachuted into Russia, and destroy Project Thor, and all work on it. Germany supports the UK and French in their Laser project. Germany begins to invest in Nuclear Fusion.

Finland: We ask Venezuela if we can base a flight of F-18's on their carrier in return Finland will send one of its new battleships and destroyers to protect the carrier. We also send a regiment to Syria to help Germany. The new Lathi 2 program is planned to come out in 15 years following the success of the Lathi 1.

Brazil: We start sending supplies and war machines to the Free Chinese Union, we expand more our military and economy, we send troops to Japan and allies, we prepare a SECRET plan to invade Pyongyang, knowing that a war with North Korea will have a massive death toll. We start making new jobs so all people in the country have job. We also send more troops to Syria to help Germany.

  • Brazilian diplomacy: We will send anti-terrorists groups to Moscow and Houston to investigate the attacks.


  • Iranian president, Abbas Ghorbani is assassinated in a press conference. Iranian intel' later discovers that the assassination was carried out by Israel. Iran declares war against Israel.
  • The UP-AN and Russia sends troops to China in the civil war.
  • Putin feels that Ukraine should now become a part of Russia, so they decide to invade Ukraine
  • An earthquake of 8.9 magnitude occurs in Occurs in Osaka, Japan. 900 people are dead, and 80.000 are missing.
  • Controversy occurs in ATO when a website "reveals" that the attacks of Moscow and Houston was done by ATO to increase anti Russian sentiment. UP-AN however, defends ATO, saying that there is no evidence for that and they will find the truth.


Alright! I´ll fix it!

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. Taiwan continues to send military aid and support to the Free Chinese Union.

Poland: Poland amass one of the largest armies in Europe. It also has completed construction on the Warsaw Tower, the now tallest building in the world.

Finland: We celebrate 100 years of freedom. We also build up our military and protect the border more. We also need a bit more troops to china and Syria.

Russia: Despite what Ukraine tells, we still wish to recover it, so we invade anyway. Also, if ATO and UP-AN tries to stop us from recovering Ukraine, then total war will happen

  • Russian Diplomacy: We join forces with Communist China, North Korea, Belarus, Iran, Cuba and other nations to form the United Federation of Nations to fight against the UP-AN and ATO.
  • Germany: Following the revelation that UP-AN and ATO were behind the attacks, we resign from both organisations, instead forming the EU military alliance. With this, we approach other possible allies, such as India, South Africa and Japan. We are, however, neutral in the World War, but warn that any encroachment on European Territory will be seen as an attack on us, and our alliance, and will be treated as such. American Forces are deported back to America. We pull our forces out of East Ukraine, but begin construction of a defensive position across the middle of Ukraine. Chernobyl is sealed up. Our Hackers return to the Russian System, reactivate the Targeting System, and target the following Cities, with Russia's Nukes: Moscow, St Petersburg, Washington, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Hong Kong, Brasilia, Quebec, Vancouver, Toronto, Volgograd, Vladivostok, Sevastopol, Omsk, Novgorod, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk. Also targeted are all ATO and UFN military bases, and Pyongyang, as well as all Chinese/North Korean Military Bases. We prepare to fire, should Russia invade Western Ukraine (No one knows we have control of Russia's Nukes)
    • India Accepts.
    • South Africa Declines.
    • Japan Accepts.
  • Zaire: The DRC changes its name to Zaire the makes its first non-internal move militarily in years and deploys nearly 1,000 troops to the CAR border to stop smuggling. We condemn the Huston and Moscow terror attacks.Our mines koltan and diamond are improved so the economy continues to increase now by a larger amount as infrastructure increases international traffic through the country in which various men have seen business and more investment opportunity in the country which begins to show a noticeable increase in the economy, as well as a noticeable drop in unemployment. The Zierian agricultural, manufacturing and banking sectors all increase moderately with mining becoming more lucrative as factories, high rise banks and large department stores in its capital as a showcase to the rest of the country what's to come. 3.8% and growing thanks to increasing trade and now the access to other airports. We begins fighting poverty in the country beginning to buy up many of the poverty stricken areas and beginning a program that helps find people in poor neighborhoods find work, and be moved into new apartment buildings that are much nicer than their previous dwellings. The infrastructure begins to be linked up with surrounding nations' infrastructure for centralization purposes allowing for a much easier time of working on agriculture and resources as well as trade. Large families - even offering modest subsidies to families who agree to have more than three children. Technicians in helping expand the communications infrastructure as well economic infrastructure, tart up women’s clubs, upgrade mines, build railways to Angola, upgrad our ports, improve guns, end cholera and end malaria. Iran and Russia are condemned in the parliament and peace try to get peace talks going at the Kinsassa Sumit.A literacy campaign starts in Kinshasa. The plan to make nanobots stolen from the USA, Russia, Cuba and Indonesia go horribly wrong. The El Vilmat and El Buggybiggerie tribes in the south east become sterile transsexuals not hyper-solddiers. Heat, pressure and injury immune Augs are produced for our mines. Sadly the prosthetic lips failed and they die due to poor lip sink and bitten tongus. Children are given nano-suits at birth to improve their educational ability at schooling institutions. Any mutos, deformities, Undga-Bunga tribesmen or cannibalistic and not holistic Ug-Ug tribesmen are all shot dead via their crotches due to their opersiting to the Aug program and the literacy campaign.

You should keep the nation as China, and you must deal with two wars.

  • Ukraine: The President says there will be no war with Russia, and the Prime Minister of Ukraine is dispatched to Moscow to negotiate an agreement. The government will hand the eastern Ukrainian oblasts to Russia, along with the Crimea. Also, the Defence Ministry orders ALL foreign troops off of Ukrainian territory, otherwise, we will take action against them. We look to form a "Slavic People's Alliance" with Belarus and Russia, and Ukrainian Border Service and Ground Forces are mobilized in the Ukrainian western regions.
    • Russian diplomacy: We are so sorry Ukraine, you must become part of Russia again.
    • German Diplomacy: Russia, if you do not halt at East Ukraine, you will feel the wrath of the EU. We suggest that Ukraine does not attempt to deport the only thing standing between them and Russia. The EU lands Military Helicopters in the Lesya Ukrayinka Square, and deploys troops in the square, and we suggest that Ukraine rethinks its policy vis-a-vis their EU protectors.

FYI, Ukraine had a revolution, the Government is anti-Russia, pro-EU, they wouldn't kick the EU, and they cannot negotiate with Russia, they are not recognized by Russia.

New Zealand: We declare war on the UFN. We expect that our counterparts in UOC and ANZUS will declare war as well on the UFN. We pull all New Zealand born citizens back to New Zealand and if they don't comply their citizenship will be cancelled until five years after the war is after. We send aid to Osaka in response to the earthquake. We propose to Australia that in the TSA Gillard Space Station there will be a weapons capability to protect Australia and New Zealand from foreign attacks. We deploy half our troops to countries around the world who are being threatened by the UFN to be attacked. We temporaly close the trans-tasman shuttle route due to WWIII. We name all wars in the Asia continent 'The Asian Campaign'. We also start work on a city size underground city capanle of hold 6 million people which will be untouchable by nuclear weapons, the city will be finished by 2028.

  • New Zealand Diplomacy: We change the underground city into a compound that will hold 50'000 people underground. The compound will not let anyone in, anyone out. Project finished now by 2025.
  • Australian Diplomacy: We will have a weapons capability at the Gillard Space Station.

Australia: We declare war on the UFN. We have sent approx. 40% of our military to nations that are threatened by the UFN. We are at DEFCON 3 due to the fact that we are at war. The Gillard Space Station is still bound to be finished by next year. However there is a big chance that the High-Speed railway may be cancelled until further notice due to WWIII. Military Production is now 35% of the total Industry in Australia (an all time high) and our military size is at an all time high. The Royal Australian Navy is continuing to guard the Australian border in the event that we are attacked. Schools, businesses and people at home take drills to go to a fallout shelter regularly in the event that we are hit by a nuclear bomb.

  • New Zealand Diplomacy: We ask that the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy combine to make the Royal Tasman Navy (RTN) which will protect the shores of both Australia and New Zealand.
  • Australia: We will allow the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy to merge and create Royal Tasman Navy.


  • World War III begins as Russia invades Ukraine. There are 5 sides: The Alliance of Nations, The United Federation of Nations, The Communist Alliance, and The Northern Union of China, and the European Union.
  • Iran declares war on the Arab League after the latter allies with UP-AN.
  • The sides in the second Chinese civil war starts to pick sides. The FCU joins the AN, the Communist government joins the CA, the Chinese Black Army joins the UFN and The Northern Union stays neutral.
  • An assassination attempt to King Charles, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, fails and the assassin is discovered to be Russian.
  • The Venezuelan Task Force 45 discovers important evidence that proves that ATO is innocent. It turns out that the bombs used in the attacks were in fact, Russian made, and therefore, ATO don´t have the capacity to own these types of bombs.

Russia: In order to provoke Europe, we decide to invade North America, countries with a lot of European allies to see if they can save their allies in time.

It took me 4 years to hcvk you, you will take similar, not one year and you have nowhere near enough soldiers to pull that off

Still not got that many men. Attack one

Germany: Following Russia invading Ukraine, we occupy the West of the Country, as a Military Defense Zone (like the American Zone in West Germany), and Eurofighters engage MiG's over East Ukraine.

Secret: Our hackers launch the Russian Nukes. Brazil, East Ukraine, the USA and Canada are hit by Russia's Nukes. Minutes later, we order the EU to fire their nukes in revenge, at Russia, destroying many of their major cities. Several Russian Nukes have their original target returned, impacting various European Western Nations. (UK and France mostly, possibly Bern in Germany).

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. Taiwan continues to send military aid and support to the Free Chinese Union. Much panic arises after hearing that nuclear missiles were beginning to be used. The Taiwanese Government begins to worry and begins planning to build nuclear shelters.

Indonesia: We continue to build up our military and expand our economy. SpaceX continues building the space center and is expected to be completed by 2024. We decide to fire on the Chinese Fleet and declare war on them, thus joining Japan's side. We ask for the rest of the UAP to join us against the Chinese. We propose to the GEO a plan for the world to adapt solar energy by 2030 and hope that the organization takes the measure into account.

  • He is blocked. You are not allowed to post for people that are blocked. Is that difficult for you people to understand?
    • He is now blocked for good, by Wikia Central.

Ukraine: The government and Defence Ministry have began withdrawing Ukrainian troops from Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces are instead sent to attack the Germans, who are illegally occupying our country. We criticize the Germans for their "WWII repeat". The Ukrainian forces in the region have risen up, and firefights are breaking out with the Germans. Taken by surprise by the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Internal Troops, Police, and armed civilian patriots, the Germans are pushed into a small pocket around Lvov. The Ukrainian Air Force begins bombing the German positions around the pocket, as ground troops close in on the exhausted foreigners. The President says he warned the EU, yet they did not comply. All foreign troops in other parts of the country have been either killed or captured.


New Zealand: We declare war on the Chinese and join Japan and Indonesia in the fight against China. We will no longer support Ukraine in any kind of way. We send the New Zealand Division of the Royal Tasman Navy to fight in the Black Sea against the Russians. We also criticise the Germans for their 'WWII repeat'. We are thinking about temporaly coming fully independent while WWIII is in running due to our motherland, the UK being involved in the EU regime carried out by the Germans. We also call for the UK and French military to invade Germany due to them purposely bombing France and UK and allied nations. We are thinking about delaring war against Germany. The TSA Gillard Space Station is complete and the weapons capability will be called 'LORD' and will project an explosive device at the enemy country. Australia also has use of LORD. The compound that will hold 50'000 people will be called 'Compound Heaven' and will be used as a place to rebuild civilization after total nuclear destruction, ultimately demolishing the chance for human life to end in WWIII or any other disaster that faces the world. We are offering tickets of NZD $100'000 per person for any other country that is wanting to put foward a person to keep that country running after the total destruction of the world. New Zealand puts a law in place to make smoking any substance illeagl including tobacco. What did we do to make you attack us? At all...


  • One year after the nuclear exchange, Russia is destroyed and the surrounding nations started to close roads in the border, and air travel to Russia are now forbidden due to the fallout. Nations also start to build blockades around the border of the "Forbidden zone" so nobody can enter and nobody can exits.
  • Despite the attacks, WWIII continues, this time, between the AN, the CA and Aegis Defence Services, who wants to continue to exists to prevent bankruptcy.
  • The capital of the USA is now Chicago, and now the government must rebuild the country that has been attacked by the nukes launched by "Russia".
  • ATO dissolves as result of the nuclear attack. This causes chaos in Europe as many nations try to unificate together so they can survive.
  • Sao Paulo becomes the new capital of Brazil. Now the government is building "safe zones" which are places with no nuclear activity.
  • The Communist government of China dissolves and president, Zheng Sun, is exiled to Malaysia. The FCU becomes the most powerful party in China.

Brazil: We declare war on Russia and allies, or at least what is now Russia. After the bombing of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, about 15 million persons die the priority number one of the country is build the safe zones, move the people and and then battle. The first safe zone, that can carry five million people, will be done in 2025, two more that can have 15 million people, will be done by 2030.

Brasilia was not nuked
I, Brazil, hate to say this, but YES Brasilia was bombed, see the 2022 turn of the Germany Player.
I am the Germany Player, the missile failed to explode.

Ukraine: We condemn the world powers for what they did, and allow Russian refugees to come to Ukraine. We start planning to invade parts of nearby Poland and Hungary to make room for the arrivals, and to gain resources.

No. Ukraine is a weak little country that is occupied by the EU. And do you know what country has the third largest Military in the EU? Poland. You're kicked. Goodbye, Ukraine player.
Hello. EU has terrible militaries, with the only exceptions being UK and France. Polish military is incompetent and barely knows what it's doing. And as history has shown us, size doesn't necessarily mean superiority. --Snowtrooper1917 (talk) 22:38, April 17, 2014 (UTC)
You really have no idea. France has, for all intents and purposes, no military spending. I live in the EU, and studied EU Militaries. Poland would smash Ukraine into tiny little pieces
I live in Europe as well, though not in an EU country, and Poland does not have a competent military. It's just a well known fact.
Cut the bull crap and both read this- !Whipsnade (talk) 22:36, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. Taiwan begins thinking of rejoining China again soon.

New Zealand: No person of working age is unemployed in New Zealand as over 300'000 jobs come applicable by the government setting up 'Amego' (Pronounced: A-Meg-o) Squad. A set of people who will be sent to help rebuild Disaster or Wartorn cites around the world. Amego Squad will run as an Charity and will use income to pay expenses (which will be payed already by NZ government) and to buy new gear and tools to work with. The cities Amego squad are being sent to is; Washington, New York, Rio de Janero, Vancouver, London and Paris. New Zealand also puts forward NZD $100'000'000 to citys affected by Russia's nukes. We tell Ukraine that their is no need to invade Poland and Hungary as you still have tons of space. Compound Heaven had a huge spike in production and is now finished, it has been fulled up to maximum capacity by NZ citizens and is now in full operation under the Chatham Islands. We restart the shuttle route Trans-Tasman Express. We have lost over 50'000 NZ citizens due to the bombings around the world. The country is in mourning. 22 people die after a pro-communist terrorist shoots at crowds on Wellingtons water-front during the Rugby Sevens. The AOS (Armed Offenders Squad) moved in shortly after and shot the terrorist dead. We also reopen the Malaysian Airlines MH370 crash after a large peice of plane (10-15) meters long swept up on the west coast of the south island showing signs of a fire aboard the plane, the CAA is investigating the peice of wreckage.

Australia: We continue to build our military. Military production is 45% of the total industry in Australia. We have started to build an underground city in the event of a nuclear attack. The city is expected to be finished by 2035. The Nationwide High-speed rail system has been halted until further notice and it is unknown when the High-speed rail system will start back up. We condemn the World Powers for using nukes as approx 100,000 Australians have died as a result of the nukes. We will help New Zealand in the investigation of Malaysian Airlines Fight 370 that has crashed back in 2014. The Australian Division of the Royal Tasman Navy is guarding the Australian border with approx. 6600 ships with an additional 250 ships at the Australian Territories.

Venezuela: We initiate "Project Green" which involves the creation of reliable energy to the environment as result of the nuclear exchange, which in the process, 600,000 Venezuelan lives were lost. We also discover something odd about the nuclear exchange, that Russia could have attacked first if the situation looked tense, so when they invaded Ukraine, they should´t have launched many nukes at full force. Task Force 45 now has the job to uncover the "mystery" of the nuclear attack.

Venezuela, you have no information on this, and frankly, Venezuela wouldn't have the ability to investigate to begin with. That is wrong, anyway. The Russians were losing.

Can that player's Task Force 45 continue operations in another way, but not peer into the unknowable Russian stuff. Whipsnade (talk) 21:38, April 17, 2014 (UTC).

Finland: We send troops to the rest of Scandinavia to "protect" them and slowly win the countries parties and unite to become Scandinavia. We decide to cut off all relations with UP-AN except for a selected few. We calm neutrality thought this year we open old abandon factories so production war pur war machine can skyrocket.

Finland Diplomacy: We ask Ukraine if we may join them in invading Poland for the land.

I think Ukraine is in civil war.Whipsnade (talk) 22:24, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

Germany: The hackers are sworn to secrecy, and the German Government sends its condolences to the rest of the world, and aid as well. Rebuilding of Bern begins. We send troops into Denmark, to protect it from Finland. The EU occupies Ukraine after riots and Russian Nukes cause the Government to collapse. The Government changes, and the new Government has no idea about the hacking. The only Government Official to have ordered the Nuking shoots himself in his office, and the secret is buried. Germany moves aid workers in to several countries around us, as they collapse, for example, France.

Iran bombing

The 2024 explosion of a poorly stored oil tanker at the Space-X facility.

Indonesia: The government and Defense Ministry become very paranoid about the recent atomic war. We recruit 14,500 troops. The Space-X space center in Borneo is completed, but abandon on grounds of fiscal impracticality after a poorly stored oil tanker lorry exploded. We make a drive for more solar power. Jakarta's mobile phone transmission towers are upgraded. We offer an alliance to Malaysia and Singapore, but we try to bully Singapore in to becoming a client state any how. I run the county now. Whipsnade (talk) 17:37, April 17, 2014 (UTC)

India: Military, Economy and Infrastructure improve. We purpose to Germany and the Other Nations of the world to form a New version of the United Nations. Naval development continues. We begin to push our influence on Sri Lanka. We move troops into the areas disputed between India and China. A green energy initiative gains ground in India.

Indonesian D: We agree with India over the UN.

Brazilian Diplomacy: We agree with India and Indonesia over the UN,and we invite other nations to help us.

I struck out some of Zaire's weird post . 21:51, April 17, 2014 (UTC)


  • A swine flu epidemic hits the slums of rural western China and rural southern India.
  • Cuba attacks Miami, Florida, taking the advantage of the USA rebuilding.
  • The Second Chinese Civil War and The Third Sino-Japanese war end in a UP-AN victory. The FCU becomes the new government of China.
  • The UN is replaced by a new organization called the Committe of United Countries.
  • The Middle Eastern War begins when the Arab League is split into 2 factions as result of the Nuclear exchange: The United Arab Coalition and the Islamic Confederancy. The war is fought between 3 factions: The UP-AN and Israel, The IC and the UAC.

Indonesia: Indonesia quarantines those traveling to swine flue zones and tries both to fined a vaccine in case it spreads to Indonesia and how to contain any mass outbreak if it does occur. The Global Environmental Organization rases concerns over modern farming styles and global warming.

Venezuela: We send troops to Bay of Pigs, Cuba, in retaliation for the Cuban invasion of Florida. As result of the current situation worldwide, we decided to spend our oil in the economy rather than the military to prevent collapse.

Brazil: We send 500,000 troops to Bay Of Pigs with Venezuela, in order to capture La Havana; we start tactical bombing in cities such as: La Havana, Santiago De Cuba, Holguin and Camaguey. We send troops to help Israel in the war. The First safe zone is finished and 5 million people are already in; we start building a safe zone that 50,000,000 can live in, will be ended between 2035-2040. All Brazilians that live outside the country MUST go to live in an allied country or in homeland, or else the citizenships will be suspended until further notice. We start making a cure for the new swine flue that is in China and India.

India: We propose forming a new security council, consisting of ourselves, Germany, the USA remnant,Brazil remnant, and Indonesia. Quarantine zones are established in the infected areas. Military is built up. We continue to push our influence on Sri-Lanka. Industry is developed to aid the economy. Infrastructre around New Delhi is built up. New Delhi is locked down to prevent the infection from spreading. We work on developing a vaccine for the disease.

  • Brazilian diplomacy: We accept being part of the New Security Council of CUC

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. Taiwan holds a referendum this year to either rejoin China or continue its current status. Results will be out next year.

Scandanavia: We send 2 flights of jets to partol the Danish border. We put 350,000 troops back into reserve. Our navy partols the water way that links the Baltic sea and the Northern sea. We ask Germany to please leave Denmark. Our new aircraft carrier is 50% done and will be done in 2 years. Lastly, we send 5,000 troops to Israel to help with the war.

Scandanaivian diplomacy: We join the new agree to join the new UN

New Zealand: We put 100'000 troops back into reserve due to the Chinese civil war and Third-Sino Japanese war, we send 50'000 troops to the bay of pigs with Brazil and Venezuela. We have found that in the crash of MH370 there were signs showing that it had been struck by a sort missile. We believe the missile was shot from Malaysia due to them thinking that the aircraft was a foreign hijacked aircraft and that they were going to do a '911' style attack on Malaysian soil. We agree to join the new UN. We quarantine a people with swine flu in New Zealand and we shut down all flights to and from China and India.




  • The Cuban invasion of Florida fails thanks to the combined armies of the USA, New Zealand, Venezuela and Brazil. This is followed by the UP-AN invasion of Cuba.
  • The situation in Europe gets worse as many countries are declaring war on each other.
  • A Coup occurs in Iran by pro-democracy soldiers. The new government declares the end of hostilities between Israel and the other Arab factions.
  • Aegis Defense Services goes bankrupt.
  • Venezuela unveils Project Green, which involves the creation of reliable energy as replacement to fossil fuels as result of the Nuclear attacks.

Scandinavia: We send troops to the Baltic states to "protect" them. We also ask Belarus and Poland to join the Scandinavian Empire. Our Special Ops sodilers are sent into other European countries secretly to observe there state in the world.

Taiwan: Taiwan continues to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues. The referendum results are in with 80% in favour of rejoining China. With this, Taiwan approaches the Chinese Government asking to rejoin the Mainland.

New Zealand: New Zealand continues with the invasion of Cuba. We have found with Australia that the MH370 crash happened due to drills going on with the Malaysian Navy that day and they were firing Ground - Air missiles at UAVs when one missile locked onto MH370 accidentally and shot plane down, this explains the reason no evidence was found in the South China Sea and that the Malaysian military moved the black box to an unknown location in the Indian Ocean. We are asking our allies to help us implement sanctions on the Malaysian Government and military due to them doing the drills unlawfully and dangerously by not notifying other planes in the area. The first sanction is that the Malaysian military gives all commanders that planned these drills and fired that missile to be handed over to the International Criminal Court on genocide charges and same with the government officials whom signed to have the drill go ahead get charged with aggression at the international criminal court. We ask that Australia helps us retain the persons in custody.

  • Australia Diplomacy: We will help New Zealand retain the criminals in custudy who is accused of shooting down Malaysia Flight 370.
  • Brazilian Diplomacy: Yes, we will help to put in custody those criminals.

Australia: We join with New Zealand in the invasion of Cuba by sending 650,000 troops, 135 planes with bombs, 66 Helicopters, and 80 Tanks. We remain neutral in the crisis in Europe. We resume work in the High-Speed rail system throughout Australia. The system is now expected to be finished by 2049.

Germany: German Forces already in the area defend our protectorates in the Baltics, forcing Scandinavia back. We order them not to mess with the EU. (Scandinavian Countries are not warlike)

Brazil: Our troops in Cuba are going to the island into the south, so we can make sure that Cuba can't have an capital/government in exile. After the discovery that the Malaysian government shot down flight 370, we break all relations expect trade with Malaysia, and yes, we will be there to accuse those criminals. We ask the new government of Iran if they can make an alliance with us. We continue building the safe zones and the destroyed cities. The government creates the BAS (Brazilian Space Association) We predict that by 2035 we will send a man to the moon and start colonizing it: if the war stops by then.

  • Brazil's message to Venezuela: Venezuela, can I help you create Project Green and later us it, here in Brazil we really need it.
  • Venezuelan Diplomacy: You can join Brazil.
  • Brazil's message to Scandinavia and Germany: We request an alliance, this will be helpful to stop the anarchy in Europe.
  • Brazil's message to Taiwan: When will you finish building the Taipei 202, you had been building that like 10 years and not finish that.
  • Taiwan Diplomacy: The Taipei 202 will be finished by 2028 and will officially open at the end of that year.

India: We continue to influence Sri Lanka. We ask that Germany and the other countries respond to our proposal made last year. Military and eceonomy are built up. The navy is now one of the strongest on earth. We begin to work on our air force, developing more drones. We aim to have 50 Heron drones by the end of next year. Infrastructure is developed, creating more living space in the densely populated areas of the country. Development of a Vaccine for the new influenza begins. New Delhi remains on lock down until further notice.

Indonesia:We upgrade infrastructure greatly.


  • World War III ends with an allied victory, at the cost of 1.5 Billion lives.
  • Project Green starts gaining members from many countries around the world, wishing to save their environment and economy.
  • DTE Multinational is founded. Their business consists in cybernetics, space travel and economic resolution.
  • Taiwan reunificates with the new government of China.
  • The treaty of Barcelona is signed between the warring factions of Europe. Europe is now divided in 3 factions: The European Union, the Scandinavian Alliance and the United British Republics.
  • A Russian named Arkady Bobkov reveals the real truth of the Moscow and Houston bombings, that it was actually done by Russian agents and later forged evidence of the attacks by blaming ATO so they can have an easier chance to launch a war against ATO.

New Zealand: The country is thankful for WWIII ending as this is the deadliest conflict New Zealand forces have ever been in with 132'936 deaths of both New Zealand citizens and fighters. The country is in mourning after our Prime Minister; Pakaki Hoki died in a bombing at the New Zealand democratic council headquarters which killed 14 people including our Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister. Pakaki Hoki when elected Pakaki was liked by all and received a vote of 91% for the national party letting them run country themselves with out support from Labour. The bombing was caused by the same pro-communist that made the Rugby Sevens massacre a few years back. The MH370 investigation has found that the Malaysian government were not using UAVs at all they were just shooting down private light aircraft and when they shot down MH370 they captured survivors and killed them and burnt their bodies to dust, if anyone one survived from the light aircraft that we're being shot down they would wipe the survivors memory and then just introduce them into the system as a immigrant found on a sunken ship that had hit their head. This new evidence just pushes the case against the military commanders and government officials to be sentenced with genocide.

China: China begins to build up its military. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 continues and will finally be finished by next year. China begins to research a cure for the recent outbreak of the swine flu.

Australia: We are thankful WWIII is over and we are hopeful that the world will prosper after the war. We offer the new Iranian government and the new Chinese government an alliance with Australia. We are now in DEFCON 5 and have removed most of the Royal Tasman Navy off of the Australian waters. The High-speed rail system linking Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, and Melborne is finished and running. Construction is underway connecting Perth, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Karratha, and Yarrie and a rail syatem connecting Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton and Mackay. The entire rail system is expected to be finished by 2049 as planned.

  • China Diplomacy: China happily accepts Australia's offer of an alliance.

Venezuela: We let DTE Multinational to start their business in here,so they can help us with the search of reliable energy.

Scandinavia: We encourge pregnancy for woman above the age of 25. Our Armed forces is now turned in to a defence force seeing as things are going sour with Germany. Our New Lathi 2 tank goes into production being the premier of the Main battle tank introducing lightweight ammo and a 135 mm main gun. Our new aircraft carrier Karl Gustav is done and begin to patrol the Finnish sea. We slowly start to take parts of Murmansk and Kalia from the now weak Russia.

Brazil: March 20, the day that WW3 ended, is the new holiday in Brazil, naned Victory Day. We start investing in new techonologies and the space program, it is announced that by 2033 Brazilians will be on the moon. a study revels that 21,427,318 quite a lot of Brazilians died on WW3, most by the nukes in Rio and Brazilia, we continue building our safe zones, now named as "Planned cities", the Planned city finished in 2035 is named "New Brazilia" and it's the new capital of Brazil. Secret, only UP-AN knows: We offer asylum to Arkady B. with secret identity.

OK, let's say that 15 millions of Brazilians died in WW3, and why I can't send humans to the moon and why I can't change capital?

  • Brazilian Diplomacy: We offer Scandanavia to join UP-AN.
  • Scandinavian Diplomacy: We accept to join UP-AN, but we also ask Brazil if we can spilt the space agencey 45/65 towards Brazil. We also ask an open border poilcey where we end 1000 advisors to the Amazon jungle to be taught in jungle and anti-terrorism warfare.

Germany: Unites the EU, due to the threat of Nuclear Warfare. Scandinavia is told to stop building up forces, and halt their illegal occupation of Russia. The EU begins clean up operations in Russia, but does not claim their land. Without Russia providing Gas, and Oil, the EU moves to renewable resources, like Geothermal Energy, or Wind Farms (off shore). The EU sends Peacekeepers to the USA to stabilise the area. We compile a list of all Nuked Cities, based on Satellite imagery, and information gathered by Peacekeepers and the UN:

Russian Cities hit: All Cities with population 100,000 and above.

US Cities: Washington, LA, San Diego, Missile in New York failed to explode, Boston, all state capitals.

Wait, was Boston and all state capitals hit or was only New York Spared. -Edge

Only NY

South American Cities: Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia hit, missile did not go off, Buenos Aires, Cordoba.

Africa was not hit

Middle East: Israel was carpet nuked, all cities in Middle East, bar Syria, were destroyed.

Asia: Beijing, Shanghai, Islamabad, Kashmir, Hong Kong, Pyongyang, Seoul and Tokyo. Pakistani nuke missed Mumbai, exploding in upper atmosphere, EMPing Mumbai, which recovered slowly.

Oceania: Not hit

Europe: Birmingham, Marseilles, Bern, all East Ukrainian Cities, much of Belarus.

Antarctica: Not hit

India: Military and economy are built up. infrastructure improves as well. (Busy today sorry)

Indonesia: Military, infrastructure and economy are built up and improved as well. Sexy videos and porn videos are banned.


  • The world starts to recover from WWIII
  • Cold Fusion is created
  • DTE Multinational becomes the most powerful Corporation in the world, thanks to the world spending dollars to recover from the war.

China: China continues to build up its military. Infrastructure begins to be rebuilt and improved. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. Construction of the Taipei 202 finishes and is opened by the end of the year. China continues to research a cure for the recent outbreak of the swine flu. China offers an alliance with Japan and South Korea, and more friendly relations is sought after.

New Zealand: Construction for a World War III memorial is underway in Auckland. That is expected to be finished within 3 years. There will be a big plaque with the names all of the identified people that have died in World War III. For the unidentified people, there will be a tomb called "Tomb of the Unknown soldier" at the same WWIII memorial. Meanwhile, the case of the Malaysian military commanders accused of shooting down MH370 is ended for now due to a hung jury. Retrial is set for next year.

Australia: Construction for the High-Speed rail system continues throughout the nation. Studies have shown that the High-speed rail system have cut traffic times by 34% as more people take the railway to go to work. Some people are going to workplaces in a distant city because of how reliable and fast the rail system is.

Scandinavia: Our annexation stops at the southern border of the Leningrad District just south of Saint Petersburg. We begin to clean up the nuclear waste to accommodate the immigrants from the surrounding russian provinces. We demand that Germany stops telling us what to do saying we our an independent nation and we don't need to be babysat, we also say that if Germany tells what to do our cyberspace branch will find every last thing about Germany. We also storm the russian aircraft carrier Kunetov docked at the St. Petersburg naval yard.

Scandinavia does not have a cyber space branch, and it would get nowhere anyway. Hard Copies only, y'all

Norway has a cyberspace branch and that's where we got it from.

Venezuela: We begin to use Cold Fusion in reliable energy, and use it on electricity and vehicles.

EU: Use Cold Fusion. Demands that Scandinavia leaves Russian Territory, or we will act with Force. Scandinavia has a combined population of 19 million, the EU has a population of over one-quarter billion, leave Russia now. Militaries are integrated.

Brazil: Just rebuilding the country.


  • DTE Multinational starts developing "Project Next Warfare", in which involves the creation of cybernetic soldiers that might help conserve human population.
  • The European conflict escalates to the Balkans, this leads to the formation of the Balkan Alliance.
  • A cure for the swine flu pandemic is found.
  • Japan and Korea begins the construction of New Tokyo and New Seoul.
  • The USA begins to start the "Redo America program" which involves the voluntary reconstruction of the military, economy and infrastructure of the USA to mantain its status as a great power.

Scandanavia: With Germany's growing aggeression towards us we blame them for WWIII saying that if the wouldn't have put troops in west Ukaine the Russia ns wouldn't have sent the nukes. Then we wouldn't have invaded Russia because they would have been at full strength. Also Karila and murmansk were historic parts if Finland and that we had the righ to take back our land. We alsi bring 400,000 out 500,000 troops to densen the border with the EU and our river border in Russia

You do not have that many troops. Scandinavia have a combined military of 7000.

India: We continue to rebuild the nation. The vaccine is distributed in the north, while medical aid is sent to the still flu infected south. We continue our military build up. We offer aid to the US to aid in their reconstruction. Repairs to Mumbai continue. Kashmir is abandoned for now, in hopes the the fallout will dissipate one day. Economy improves. We condem the Scandavian's aggression, and we push both sides for a diplomatic solution. Influence on Sri Lanka continues. (I'd say two to three more years before I vassalize them.)

EU: We invade Scandinavia following their uncalled for aggression. EU forces swiftly take Norway and Sweden, returning them to Independence, and demand Finland's unconditional surrender. Germany acted as they should have under the circumstances, they defended Ukraine from Russia's Aggression, and braved nuclear attack for it.

It can't be swift if there are 300,000 troops on our border no matter how large the oppsing army we have had defence here for 5+ years.

India Dip: While we are displeased that futher bloodshed has occurred, we urge Finland to surrender as well to quell further bloodshed. (Algo?, Im not doubting you won, I'm just curious to see both side's results.)

We don't have an Algo on this game, just RP as best as possible.

China: China continues to build up its military. Infrastructure continues to be rebuilt and improved. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. With a cure for the swine flu found, China begins to distribute the cure for those affected, and offers a free vaccination for those who are not affected yet.

New Zealand: We remain neutral in the conflicts in Europe. The "Tomb for the Unknown Soldiers" memorial is finished, however, the other memorial listing all of the identified people that were killed in World War III is still under construction. The construction still has an assigned completion date of 2031. Although due to the rate of construction, the memorial may be finished by next year.

Australia: We remain neutral in the conflicts in Europe. The High-speed rail syatem now connects the following cities (not necessarily in this order): Rockhampton, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Illawarra, Ballarat, Toowomba, Adelaide and another track is built connecting Perth and Kalgoorlie. The Tasman Space Agency is planning to build a secondary space station in Perth. It is unknown if and when the space station will be built.

Brazil: We remain neutral in thr European conflict; we call both Scandinavia and EU to make peace dialogues, because WW3 just ended with 1.5 BILLION DEAD, and we don't want other 1.5 billion dead or more. We rebuild the country, especially the BAS part. Secret: We send aid to EU and Scandiviana.

Venezuela: We sent support to the USA in part of their restoration program. We also urge to the UP-AN to become part of the "Project Next Warfare".


  • A Coup attempt in Brazil fails, it turns out that the coup was sponsored by the Corporation who disobeyed the regulations in the Amazon National Park for too long.
  • 10 nations take part in Project Next Warfare.
  • EnCrys Unlimited is created to rival the succeses of DTE Multinational.
  • A Computer virus called, DEATHCKR, starts infecting computers around Europe.

China: China continues to build up its military. Infrastructure continues to be rebuilt and improved. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. With a cure for the swine flu found, China continues to distribute the cure for those affected, and offers a free vaccination for those who are not affected yet.

EU: We push into Finland, and swiftly surround the Capital. We request to open peace negotiations with Finland. We begin working on destroying the Virus, and create an Anti-Virus. A Scientist creates an AI. (Any bad AI events and I will delete them. AIs are good.)

Brazil: After the coup, we kick out from the country the corporation/s that sponsored the coup, we reduce the Amazon forest sanctions, the second to two million dollars and the third to three million dollars. We create an antivirus to protect from DEATHCKR when it comes to South qmerica. We we join to Project Next Warfare with 2 conditions: 1. only use it in war and emeregency time. 2, If a civilian use it, he must be registred.

Mod: I don't know what is and AI, can you explain me?

Artificial intelligence

Venezuela: We decide to build the Venezuelan Space Center(VSC) with the objetive to send people to outer space in discoveries and exploration.


  • The First model of Project Next Warfare is tested, the cybernetic unit which is codenamed "Guerriero" proves to be a great success.
  • A meteor strucks in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, flooding cities like Libson, New York, the ruins of Rio and much of Africa.
  • The American NASA discovers a mysterious object heading towards Earth.

China: China continues to build up its military. Infrastructure continues to be rebuilt and improved. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. With a cure for the swine flu found, China continues to distribute the cure for those affected, and offers a free vaccination for those who are not affected yet.

India continues to repair areas damaged by the EMP blast. We also continue to influence Sri-Lanka (How do we handle vassals/puppets here? should I post them as a sperate nation or what?) Medical work continues in the South, which has been ignored due to the disease. We improve our military, working on creating (in secret of course.) weponized viruses that can be deployed via airdrops. Navy is also built up, becoming one of the strongest on the planets. Devlopment of UAVs continues. Economy is improved as well, as we continue to distrubite the vaccine on a global market. Infrastrucutre is built up, moderinzing southern metros now that communications have improved into the southern areas. We prepouse to begin a process of global nuclear disassembly to prevent another disaster like World War 3.

Brazil: After the flood made by the meteor, the government decides to abandon Rio De Janeiro until further notice, probably never reconstructed. Our economy is slowly expanded. We start using new eco-technologies. We decide to help NASA to discver what is that mysterious object.

New Zealand: Construction has finished for the World War III memorial in Auckland. There is a memorial for both the identified New Zealand soldiers and the unidentified New Zealand soldiers that have died in World War III. The Tasman Space Agency would like to help NASA to discover what that mysterious object is. We send aid to the nations that had to deal with flooding when the meteor struck the Atlantic Ocean.

Australia: We continue to build the High-speed rail system. It is still expected to be finished completely by 2049. All of the cities in Tasmania have been linked to the rail system there. We send aid the the nations that had to deal with flooding when the Meteor struck the Atlantic Ocean.

Venezuela: The VSC also helps NASA to discover the mysterious object. We also send support to the flooded nations.


  • The second unit of Project Next Warfare is created. The cybernetic unit codenamed "Snaga" is different from Guerriero because is slower and bulkier, its is still a great success.
  • The mysterious object from space crashes on Earth. It is discovered to be a spaceship Meteorite.

No Spaceships.

  • Adam Henson becomes the first openly homosexual president of the USA.

Indonesia: begins to investigate the cyber-attack. They unofficially blame the opposition to the former Borneo Space-X project. Most of the main Islands have spare computers and others are stolen from the closed Space-x project building.

China: China continues to build up its military. Infrastructure continues to be rebuilt and improved. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. With a cure for the swine flu found, China continues to distribute the cure for those affected, and offers a free vaccination for those who are not affected yet. China begins to dismantle their nuclear missiles.

India vassalizes Sri LankaL A day of remembrance is set commemorating the end of World War 3. Development of India's navy continues, as our Navy is the strongest on the planet, barring the EU. India releases a massive cyber attack against Pakistan, under the name of a cyber-terrorist group. We plan to continue these attacks in order to weaken Pakistan to the point where an invasion could be possible. Work on our Economy continues. Infrastructure improves, particularly in the under-developed south.

New Zealand: We pull half the Amego Squad (See My Post In 2024) out of the cities that are being rebuilt after the WWIII Nuclear Exchange and we send them to affected Cities of the flooding and to help rebuild. We support Adam Henson and send aid to the police forces against tension from anit-gay groups in the US. We are holding a national holiday on March 20th to commemorate everyone that has died in WWIII including enemy forces because we think that if a human dies no matter what the nationality they should get remembrance for fighting for their country.

ScottyD: I thank everyone who posted for me while I was offline over the weekend

Australia: Military production in Australia is now 7% of the total industry which has been the lowest since before World War III. We declare March 20th a national remembrance holiday for those who have died in the Australian Military. The High-speed rail system has cut traffic in some cities in half and some cities have seen traffic cut 75% especially in Tasmania. We are building a secondary space station in Perth. The name of the space station has yet to be announced. It is expected to be finished by 2035. The population in Australia continues to rise.

EU: The EU rebuilds Scandinavia and Western Russia. Clean-up of the Nuke Sites begins. The AI is put in charge of Transport Links between every city and within the Cities. Public Transport is improved and Electric Cars become the mainstay, as Petrol Burning Cars are made illegal and taxed. Drugs are made legal, from Government approved Clinics, and are provided as Healthcare, and taxed heavily. This effectively destroys the Organised Crime in the EU.

Brazil: Rebuilding the country, investing in new eco-technologies and starting to use massively electric cars, expanding economy and police, starting to dismantle our ten nukes. (Sorry, I didn't have to make a big post)

Venezuela: We decide to do a research of the meteor along with UP-AN to discover whats inside.


  • Research of the meteorite concludes when its discovered to hold a mysterious but powerful substance that might be useful for technology.
  • The third and final model of Project Next Warfare is created, the cybernetic unit, codenamed "Kage" is lighter than Snaga but faster than Guerriero, the project becomes a great success.
  • The European War ends with the treaty of Barcelona.
  • An assassination attempt to the Prime Minister of New Zealand fails, and the culprit from the the assassination attempt and the stadium massacre, Alan Doyle is put on trial.

India: Another cyber attack weakens Pakistan, with another planned for next year. Our bio-weapons project continues, and we test the ablitly to launch the weapons long range, Our UAV development continues as well. India begins working on an aircraft carrier. Aid is sent to the US and Brazil for rebuilding, while we contniue to rebuild ourselves. India deploys their navy to combat pirates of the coast of Somlia.

Sri Lanka (vassal of India); We aid India in the devlopment and testing of both Bio-weapons and there UAVS.

Brazil: Rebuilding the country, expanding economy, we finish our first space center, and now working to send people to the moon, we ask Venezuela, China, EU and Autraliaa and/or New Zeland to help us send a group of people from each country to the moon and start colonizing it, before 2040. We start puting influnce in Paraguay, Uruguay and the Guyanas, we offer EU to buy OTL French Guyana by 10 million dollars. Secret: We ask UP-AN to take the mysterious sustance to a secret place, so it can't fall in bad hands. (like North Korea or Al-Qaeda)

  • China Diplomacy: China agrees and sends a few volunteers.

China: China continues to build up its military. Infrastructure continues to be rebuilt and improved. The Touhou series continues to rise in popularity. With a cure for the swine flu found, China continues to distribute the cure for those affected, and offers a free vaccination for those who are not affected yet. China begins to dismantle their nuclear missiles.

Venezuela: Secret: We use the substance as a resource for the economy.

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