• A Map Game is a page where a user directs a country, faction, or species.

During the game, a regular map is posted to show the size of everyone's country. Each user ca n expand, declare war, ally themselves with others, and explore! This idea is from the Alternative History Wiki, which is a great wiki and I'm sure there are a few AltHistory wiki users on this wiki too. Note: the first 2 games ended in a disaster without exceeding the 21st century. Now, be ready to join Future Map Game Reloaded.


Here is the world today.


For those new to this kind of game, I'll post some rules.

  • Please please please be plausible! This is a must if you want to play this game! If you do not post plausibly, your implausible edit will be deleted.
  • I will eventually post a negotiation page, where users keep track of their relations with other countries, along with making treaties, negotiations, and settlements.
  • Both parties must agree to an alliance/treaty/barter
  • Every turn is one year until 2200 where it becomes ten years then in 2300 it turns to 20 years
  • One day is a turn.
  • Editing previus turns is cheating.
  • I will make an Earth map each turn (if you want to, feel free!). However, I can make a map of the Moon, Mars,
  • Mods are able to create radom events and will represent a npc nation (i.e. Mongolia isn't going to sign its land over to Pakistan or something stupid like that), Mods
  • also help to make that implausible stuff doesn't happen.
  • After you do 3 implausilities you are banned from the game.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to limit the amount scrolling that needs to be done to get to the latest year. Be sure to check back once in a while to ensure proper continuity!
  • Have fun!


Put your signature by a country you want to control! Feel free to add an existing nation!

Also don't foreget that when you destroy another country to cross out its name a nd say what happened to it (i.e.Mexico Unified with Canada and the USA into the United States of North America)


If bolded and has a asterisk after it you are excepted.

Neo-ratc3333 (talk) 20:01, August 30, 2014 (UTC)

Wall of Shame

If your name appears in here you are banned from the game and can no longer post anything.


The Game