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  • A Map Game is a page where a user directs a country, faction, or species.

2073 A.D.

During the game, a regular map is posted to show the size of everyone's country. Each user can expand, declare war, ally themselves with others, and explore! This idea is from the Alternative History Wiki, which is a great wiki and I'm sure there are a few AltHistory wiki users on this wiki too. UPDATED MAP for 2074(out of date)>>>>>>>>


For those new to this kind of game, I'll post some rules.

  • Please please please be plausible! This is a must if you want to play this game! If you do not post plausibly, your implausible edit will be deleted.
  • I will eventually post a negotiation page, where users keep track of their relations with other countries, along with making treaties, negotiations, and settlements.
  • Both parties must agree to an alliance/treaty/barter
  • Every turn is one year until 2200 where it becomes ten years then in 2300 it turns to 20 years
  • One day is a turn.
  • Editing previous turns is cheating.
  • I will make an Earth map each turn (if you want to, feel free!). However, I can make a map of the Moon, Mars,
  • Mods are able to create random events and will represent a npc nation (i.e. Mongolia isn't going to sign its land over to Pakistan or something stupid like that), Mods
  • also help to make that implausible stuff doesn't happen.
  • After you do 3 implausibilities you are banned from the game.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to limit the amount scrolling that needs to be done to get to the latest year. Be sure to check back once in a while to ensure proper continuity!
  • suggestion: only human factions are playable. This is to prevent cheating by claiming instant tech/numerical superiority.
  • better suggestion: alien factions are only playable if they are not OP, and so can only start out with a maximum power of one planet under their full control, and no ridiculous deus-ex-machina technology/abilities.
  • Have fun!
  • Regardless of your species, you cannot destroy humanity or Earth, and that includes enslaving them.


Put your signature by a country you want to control! Feel free to add an existing nation!

Also don't foreget that when you destroy another country to cross out its name a nd say what happened to it (i.e.Mexico Unified with Canada and the USA into the United States of North America)

  • USA-(annexed by UPRPC) CrimsonAssassin 00:29, December 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • United Kingdom(annexed by Europa)-Rebelsoldier 23:18, August 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • China MCD (annexed by Republic of China)- God Bless the United States of America 03:18, March 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • France- (annexed by Europa) (I feel sorry for France, no one wants it)[1]MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 13:30, May 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • Netherlands- (annexed by Europa) SterlingArcher 23:25, October 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • Germany- (annexed by Europa) Whitesight 17:32, March 25, 2011 (UTC) h
  • Japan (annexed by East Asian Federation)- God Bless the United States of America 03:18, March 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • Finland- (annexed by Europa) Hannibal Lecter 69 15:27, August 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • South Korea (annexed by Eeast Asian Federation)- PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 16:21, March 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • New Zealand (annexed by UPR)- Bill Potter 16:31, May 27, 2011 (EST)
  • Bulgaria(annexed by Europa) - Holomanga 19:42, May 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • Turkey -(annexed by Europa) Holomanga 19:42, May 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • Ireland-(annexed by Europa)Liam Wallace 13:17, May 14, 2011 (UTC)
  • Australia (annexed by UPR)- [2]MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 21:26, May 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • Brazil (annexed by UPR) - Rebelsoldier 23:23, August 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • Cyprus (annexed by Europa)- Blagonet 8:45, November 17, 2012 (UTC)
  • Iraq (annexed by UPR)- Bobalugee1940 17:12, May 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • Israel- (annexed by Europa) Bobalugee1940 17:12, May 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • CanadaBill Potter 16:29, May 27, 2011 (EST)
  • Argentina- (annexed by UPR) --Fero 01:56, June 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • Pakistan- (annexed by UPR) MonkeyMan2023 11:32, July 12, 2011
  • Cuba- (annexed by UPR) Revisionist 22:58, August 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Russia (annexed by Europa)- LxCaucassus 01:57, August 24, 2011 (UTC) h
  • Estonia-(annexed by Europa) Cylly1512 17:11, October 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • Poland (Semi-Autonomous status in Europa)Montez234 17:45, November 19, 2012 (ETS)
  • United Kingdom- (annexed by Europa)Anonymous User 15.56, November 20, 2011 (GMT)
  • Somalia- (annexed by UPR) Coolmanvsgeek 16:13, November 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • Greece(absorbed by Europa)- Coolmanvsgeek 16:13, November 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • Lebanon- (annexed by Europa) Bongomalongo 13:16, November 23, 2011 (GMT+3)
  • Malaysia(annexed by Thailand)- ~Sereniama~ | Page ▪ Talk ▪ Wiki Contributions | 02:59, December 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Italy-(annexed by Europa)TacoCopper 13:20 December 19, 2011
  • Venezuela- (annexed by UPR) Mattrock 15:08 September 15, 2012
  • (joined UPRPC) Europa (reformed) Austria - 青山爆発 17:52 November 5, 2012
  • (joined UPRPC) Universal People's Republic (reformed Thailand)  青山爆発 17:52 November 5, 2012
  • India (annexed by former Thailand, now UPR) Empireman0102 18:44 August 21 2012 Guam Time
  • Iran (anned by UPR) Mattrock 19:52 December 3, 2012
  • Universal People's Republic Planetary Command, or UPRPC (formerly East Asian Federation) (formerly Republic of China) - Kogasa
  • Universal People's Republic Space Command or UPRSC -青山爆発 May 19, 11:00
  • The Philipines (annexed by UPRPC) This is bolt1217 21:36, December 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Promethean Empire - Capt.stark1972 joined May 17,2013 7:49 PM (EST)
  • Praetorrians-Local (talk) 23:22, May 19, 2013 (UTC)
  • Protecterians (the Protectors for short)- Imperial (talk) 16:08, May 20, 2013 (UTC)
  • Glieseans (the inhabitants of Gliese 581)- Imperial (talk) 23:09, May 21, 2013 (UTC)
  • Central Dynamics (colonial company, CD for short)- RevenantAscension (talk) 14:20, May 21, 2013 (UTC)
  • CD's Martian Colonies (the COlonies, for short)- RevenantAscension (talk) 14:20, May 21, 2013 (UTC)
  • British East India Company (based in UK) Lord Etnus (talk) 19:35, May 22, 2013 (UTC) Destroyed by Praetoria
  • Unified Martian Republics -  Capt.stark1972 joined June 15 2013, 11:23 PM (EST)
  • Two nations per user!


If bolded and has a asterisk after it you are excepted.

Bobalugee1940 17:31, May 21, 2011 (UTC) *

Bookworm2MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 13:02, May 24, 2011 (UTC)*

青 山 爆発 is the de facto mod

Local (talk) is basically mod (only one moderating ATM)

Suggested events

  • - 2011 - In retaliation to the Israeli refusal to withdraw from the west bank a revolution begins which results in a fresh Israeli invasion of the West Bank and Gaza. With reports of human rights abuses this becomes a factor in the UK backed UN resolution being considered. The possibility of UN sanctioned military intervention is also considered. JosephK19 20:25, May 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • - 2012 - 2020 - Oil prices increase, which will stress tensions between nations. Major oil spill near Great Barrier Reef causes worldwide disruptions and civil unrest. Possibility of losing oil altogether will increase over time. Wars will likely be fought of Oil. [3]MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 13:32, May 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • -2012+ - Humans are getting better and better at controlling DNA and genetics. We can create diseases, recombent DNA Life Forms, and who knows what else. There should be some sort of disaster or incident with this, maybe a super disease escaping captivity, or some kind of strange creature that a human nation creates doing to same. So many good SyFy and Horror movies with this stuff, I bet we could create quite the storyline around this. [4]MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 18:03, May 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • -2012+ - Nanotech. Do I need to say more? Nanotech outbreak wipes out city, nanotech bombs created, who will use them first, gray slime scenario... the future is big... :) [5]MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 18:03, May 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • -2012+ - Yellowstone Eruption causes all sorts of chaos in the northern hemisphere. [6]MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 01:50, May 25, 2011 (UTC)
  • -2012+ - Global Warming causes the Greenland Ice Sheet to fall into the sea. Ocean levels rise by a full 20 feet, the Gulf Stream is shut down from the inrush of fresh water that doesn't sink, Europe falls into an Ice Age, southern hemisphere falls into a drought. Hurricanes more powerful, mass die offs of marine life due to 20ft of freshwater being added. Great Barrier Reef (and other corals) dies off due to ocean salinity levels. Same could be said if the southern ice sheet fell into the ocean, but without the Gulf Stream shutting down as quickly, if at all. All of this can be backed with scientific proof, BTW. [7]MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 01:50, May 25, 2011 (UTC)
  • -2013 -Quebec secedes from Canada, sparking a civil war.
  • -2015 -Canada becomes a republic. The Prime Minister is now head of State.
  • 3090 -China, Germany, and Australia begin colonizing and terraforming the Moon, becoming Moon Colonists.
  • 30,000 years in the future -Soldiers in the U.S. military genetically engineer guard dogs to become smarter and train them to become soldiers fighting for the U.S.A.
  • 75,000 years in the future -The Moon Colonists have a war with the Chinese, German, and Australians.
  • 85,000 years in the future -The Moon Colonies win the war and combine to become Moonlakia.
  • 100,000 years in the future -Corals finally go extinct completely, and are replaced by kelp.
  • 153,000 years in the future -The genetically engineered dogs become sapient and take over the United States of America.
  • 200,000 years in the future -The genetically engineered dogs take over the rest of Earth, leaving the Moon as the last place with humans.
  • 1,000,000 years in the future -The Moonlakians finally finish terraforming the Moon and they get Earth creatures to live on the Moon.
  • 1,000,000 years in the future -The creatures introduced to the Moon are deer, clownfish and anemones, armadillos, snakes, crows, foxes, platypuses, salmon, dolphins, turtles, lizards, caecilians, woodpeckers, bees, ants, flies, shrews, tenrecs, weasels, stoats, butterflies, water beetles, manta rays, and sapient dog pups. They also introduce the coral-kelps.
  • 15,000,000 years in the future -The sapient dogs are mad at the Moonlakians for taking their pups, and they go to the Moon and start a war.
  • 15,000,456 years in the future -The Moonlakians win the war, as they did in the previous battle.
  • 27,000,000 years in the future -Dolphins take over most aquatic niches, while clownfish and anemones become small predators and prey. Manta rays take over the baleen whale niches. On land, deer become similar to moose, okapi, horses, and giraffes, while armadillos become like bears and raccoons and weasels and stoats become like big cats and wolves. The Moondogs (sapient dog descendants) become similar to Native Americans.
  • 40,000,000 years in the future-The Moonlakians discover time travel, and they take prehistoric creatures to the Moon, including Edmontosaurus, Entelodon, Gastornis, Merychippus, Troodon, Psittacosaurus, and the Gorgonopsid.

Wall of Shame

If your name appears in here you are banned from the game and can no longer post anything.

Politics Page

Politics Page


2011-2035 (25 years)

2036-2060 (25 years)

2061-2075 (15 years)


  • Europa: Various animalt tests completed successfully. Preparations made for a human. This person will be the first to travel faster than the speed of light. Scientists throughout the world are very excited at the prospect of the use of such technology. Europa promises that this advancement will be protected against patents, so that all of humanity may freely enjoy its benefits.
  • Universal People's Republic: Contruction of several large-scale space stations begins. They are planned to be docks, ports and launching pads for future colonization and exploration space craft. These will take several years to complete, but with the recources of the world at our disposal, we hope to finish quickly.
  • The East Asian Federation continues to improve the infrastructure. The East Asian Federation also continues to invest more in technology.


  • Europa: A small capsule with life support and hyperdrive engine is able to enter hyperspace from Earth orbit and appear a few seconds later near an asteroid outpost several light minutes outside of the solar system.
  • Universal People's Republic: First modules of space stations are send into high Earth orbit. More will follow over the next years.
  • The East Asian Federation continues to improve the infrastructure. The East Asian Federation also continues to invest more in technology. Construction begins on a space shuttle.
  • Wait a sec I am honestly new to this so I am going to ask from your past archives I was going to ask though there are few nations Earthside left standing, can there be players as space colonies or alien factions?
  • All Earth nations have users (there are only 6 left!) and space colonies have not yet been established, though they will be in the near future. You can play as a colonialist faction like the East India Company, but in space! :) - 青 山 爆発


  • Europa: Construction begins on the cruiser EUSS Aventure. This ship is FTL capable, holds a crew of 300 personnel and will travel to the nearest planets thought to be life-viable by scientists. The journey should take a couple years, with a year of examination, and then a couple years to return. It is armed with missile capabilities just in case we run into something like the Buggers again. Europa starts a new space weapons development project to arm space vessels against alien threats. Missiles are probably not enough.
  • Universal People's Republic: The new super-space-station will be our base of operations for space colonialization, and it will serve as a drydock for ships. We decide to help the Europeans in their development and research, so long as they promise such weapons are forbidden from ever being used on a planet, to prevent it's use against other Humans.
  • Promethean Empire: The Empire detects the EUSS Aventure and sends a flotilla of 5 ships to destroy it as a warning to Earth. The fleet contains 2 destroyers, 2 cruisers, and a battleship. All 5 ships capable of destroying the primitive, lightly defended vessel. They arrive months later and cloak in the Epsilon Eridani system and send a signal to lure the EUSS Aventure to the system.
  • By the way you might want to start making a map of Sol, its planets(except for gas giants) and probably the galaxy.
  • Nice touch! I had not thought of an alien faction being playable. I look forwards to some interesting posts. And I guess I could try making a starmap, though I would be extremely difficult for several reasons. The galaxy is three-dimensional space, whereas earth maps are only two dimentional, meaning you can draw it on a flat piece of paper. Not so for the galaxy, unless you made a rendering that grossly oversimplifies spacial locations and relative distances. I will look some solutions up on the nets, but no promises. -青 山 爆発
  • The East Asian Federation continues to improve the infrastructure. The East Asian Federation also continues to invest more in technology. Construction continues on a space shuttle.
  • Ok and as for the alien faction being playable, I got it from alternate history wiki's Battle For Earth map game.


  • Promethean Empire: The Empire prepares in secret a massive invasion force to attack Sol and later on a post-invasion harvesting operation. It keeps on waiting for the right time to strike while it sends agents to Earth in secret.
  • Now can somebody please fix all the posts in every way I made including this one PLEASE!
  • Europa: The EUSS Aventure detects alien ships on long range sensors, and sends warning to Earth. We decide to recall the EUSS to wait to see the intentions of the fast approaching alien ships. We ask the UPR to help build a sizable battle fleet just in case. Could the buggers have returned? We decide to release a statement to the public explaining the discovery of alien ships that may or may not be bugger ships. Since we have come in contact with no aliens other than the buggers two decades ago, we must prepare for the worst, a possible second invasion of Earth.
  • Universal People's Republic: After the new possible bugger threat is understood, we place our government in a state of emergency and high-alert. Speculation is, if the buggers are back, it might be for another war. The Aventure reports suggest there may be several ships. Analysts suggest this is probably not a diplomatic mission, and more probably a task force. The UPR reacts by declaring that the economy must shift towards a war-economy, with heavier military production, technology development, and the training of as large a personnel body as can be fielded to man the ships or to be conscripted as a new breed of "space marines".
  • Promethean Empire:The invasion force is sent to Earth and within days overwhelm orbital defense. The invasion force later on enters the atmosphere and starts attacking several major cities and within hours are emptied of human life.
  • I suppose that makes seense, oh well you are still going to die when that reactor explodes into a million pieces, destroying your entire ship.Then how did you know of us now!
  • . Plus what is your dewal with destroying my post in 2078 and my recent posts.Stupid tavlet!Oh I get it huh and I said that to the chinese sucker and look how I ended up.
  • Prromethean Empire:The flotilla self-destructs the nukes and attempt to find another way to take the praetorrians our of the equation.
  • and the fleet will take a year to be ready and alsothe ground forces and harvesting operation would taktake
  • Promethean Empire:The empire while preparing the invvasion fleet, also prepares a harvesting fleet to drain Earth off its resources when the invasion is successful.
  • another 2 years!No, sol is the Star, the system is the Sol system, and if you want to fly your fleet into a specific bit of the Sun, then fine, I don't care were on the sun you commit suicide
  • Come on you at least have to spend a couple years prepping such a force. You go from first contact to ready invasion in 360 days. Plus you assume that you overrun a force that had been 'digging in', preparing itself for invasion for over 20 years! Not feasable. Be more realistic please.
  • The IF and GDI have existed and there have beed multiple previous posts over the years providing evidence of a heavy defenses throughout the sol system. Besides, how did you even figure out where sol was anyways?
  • Ancient martian sta maps from 5,000 years ago and as for the invasion force, it was originally meant for an invasion of Mars during the Great Orion Wars and after 1945 when you first tested nuclear weapons we re-purposed it for Earth in case you went interstellar. Plus Promethean technology is 12,000 years ahead of your own so yes:the Empire would overwhelm Earth in hours because of your technological weakness combined with the preparations we made for the past 5,000 years.
  • All this information is completely new. You have to build up your posts before you commit to action. You have to share all relevant information about your player before you do something. Like how we've all done over the past months. As a general rule, anything that you bring up without a precedent is considered an implausibility. You have to provide a basis to whatever action of decision is made. Mongolia can't suddenly have a huge nuke stockpile that they never posted about before 'cus it was "secret". That's pretty much cheating.
  • Look, the rules say you can't just conquer the world in one turn just because you will it. Play properly  and fairly. This is supposed to be fun for all the players who have spent months upon months of constructive additions. It's no good when one guy just wheels in and erases everything all at once.
  • You think I did, I only took out the major cities, I still haven't fully conquered Earth until humanity is extinct and that'll take I dunno a year or 2 probably mostly because humans tend to be a violent race.
  • And that is very much the problem:WHERE DO I PUT ALL THAT STUFF!
  • you have to build it up when you join. Start small and it will come over time. I spend the good part of couple months building up my Universal People's Republic. Read back the old posts. You'll see what I'm talking about. All it requires is patience. The patience to play a nice fair game with your fellows.
  • Saying taking over the world will happen in two turns not just one makes no difference, the problem is the same.
  • I said probably and humanity is not extinct, you still have a few towns and military bases still standing. Plus I am newbie, where I am I supposed to put all that stuff when there no date past 2011 and all this stuff that I mentioned happened millenia ago.
  • It seems there has been a misunderstanding. For your information I too am a newbie. Did I decide I could take over the world in a year? no. In a decade? no. Three decades? no. You Start From Scratch. That's how it's done. Say your empire starts in 2078. Tell us about the history of your people and how you plan to make a name for yourself in the galaxy. There's no point in claiming a 10k year tech advantage. There's no game in that, ony an immature child who cares not for competition or careful diplomacy.
  • Oh well, I didn't know it was wrong. Sorry bro. Anyway can I delete all the previous posts or not?
  • You aren't serious. ALL the previous posts?
  • No not all the posts just all the way to the part where I wipe out every major city on Earth.
  • No erasing. I'll strike out whatever of your posts you want nullified. Here's the deal: read back from post 2011 and get a feel of what this thing is about. Then start posting about your empire. Try as much as possible to have things not go into the past before the date you joined. If your empire has to start in it's infancy, so be it. That's just a way to keep things balanced so that implausible madness doesn't sweep this forum every other tuesday. Does this sound fair?
  • Its a deal.
  • Thank you, I'm sure once you get into it, it will become very interesting, despite having a slow pace at first. I hope you find this as interesting and fun as the rest of us :) 
  • I must say, as a beginner, you're quite bold. Kogasa here is so timid I had to work to convince him to expand his borders in any way.
  • There done. Can I replace my earlier posts now?
  • As for that flotilla, Its supposed to be cloaked, you cant just find it on conventional sensors, it was cloaked, i.e. hidden from view from most sensors and all human sensors.
  • The East Asian Federation continues to improve the infrastructure and continues to invest more in technology. Construction continues on a space shuttle. The East Asian Federation is put on high alert and begins to prepare themselves just in case they are attacked by aliens again. The old Team Shanghai Alice is purchased by Ryutaro Katayama, who plans to revive the Touhou Project franchise.
  • Promethean Empire:Our invasion force is ready but it may take years to fully prepare our ground forces and harvesting fleet. Meanwhile we launch an offensive on T'hull space and gain some ground but later on results in a bloody stalemate.
  • I've been watching this game for while now. Captain should just sodd off if he's not going to play by the rules. It's like that Chinese guy said. Can't change the past to give yourself an advantage. That's just plain cheating. as for the Chinese guy (I can't read his name :P), you've been real polite mate, but you've been the acting mod here for at least three months. gotta be firm and enforce. I vote for chinese guy for mod!
  • You piece of s**t! I said that it would still take years back on Prometheus now can somebody PLEASE just tell him to stop insulting me just because I didn't have time to read the f**king rules!
  • Promethean Empire: The Empire begins to prepare a massive invasion force to Earth while preparing a harvesting unit at the exact same time. Meanwhile we keep on our usual round of conquest across the sector.
  • Look guys, unregistered, you really shouldn't just cross out people's posts without talking to a mod first. I apreciate you trying to uphold the rules, but please lets keep this orderly. And Captain, i'm afriad to say that when someone posts, they are expected to have already read the rules and regulations before doing so. It was reasonalble for unregistered to become agitated by your apparent ignoring of the rules. In the future, be sure that your posts adhere to all expectations, and please do not edit other people's posts without the permission of the poster in question or a mod.
  • Ok fine, its just that I can get a little pissed off sometimes, and as for you guys detecting the flotilla, heh that fleet arrived in Epsilon Eridani in case you read the previous post's turn and cloaked, you cannot see a cloaked ship with sensors of your current level of technology.
  • Can people still join?
  • Absolutely, yes. However, we are currently trying to solve an issue. CaptainStark is trying to play as an alien empire. Since said empire has no previous basis, i.e. he joined and started posting two days ago, he should not have a developed empire. This is just for balance and fairness so that no can just claim to have an unstoppable force to take over the world in two turns. I think it might be better if non-human factions are barred. You can not play on the national level as the remaining six countries are taken. You can play on the sub-national level (which is pretty pointless, just look at Poland, if you can find it) or (as I recommend) you play as a non-government faction, i.e. a company. The best choice would be a colonial company, as you get to establish space colonies and maybe eventually turn it into government. (kind of like the East India Companies in OTL).
  • But I have an amazing idea for an alien faction, and they are really weak can I be them  for a turn, if I am unfair, tell me and I will change to a Company like you suggested Local (talk)
  • I guess it won't hurt to try :) I try to be nice when I can.
  • Praetorrians: After the utter destruction of our once proud empire, we fired an ark, within it were 50,000 civilians and 10,000 troops. This is the sum total of our race. We few were awakened by the impact of the ark into a planet. We are at the bottom of a deep section of ocean, near a rusted wreck (titanic) and by piggybacking the computer system of the Natives, we discover that the great enemy has been here, under the nickname 'buggers'. We discover that the 'humans' have discovered hyperspace. We also discover that although our weapons, which run on the life force of the warrior who is wielding it, are vastly superior to the weaponry of the humans, they can still harm us. We can use technopathy to hack any machine, but the range is limited by the atmosphere. We are pleased to discover that we can breathe both 'water' and 'air' with relative ease. BTW: the guns are twinned with the warrior that first uses them
  • Are they OK?
  • It's... workable! now we just need to convince CaptainStark to follow suit.
    • Universal People's Republic D: The crash landing of a large alien craft in the North Atlantic comes as a reat surprise. It quickly becomes apparent that intelligent alien life is on board. We send radio signals to communicate. Scientists suggest sending simple mathematical postulates in order to try to find a common ground on which to begin communication, they presume numbers are universal. Since there can't be many of them, we doubt that the aliens are hostile, in fact the ship does not look military, unlike the bugger ships that came 20 years ago that had an obvious military design.
    • Praetorrian Diplomacy: After receiving a radio signal from the humans, we reply in human, as we have downloaded software to our brains to allow us to speak human. We ask for 'Any carbon based object', as some of our party are injured, and we need carbon to repair their bodies. We ask if the humans are aware of the Prometheus fleet that we have detected?
    • Universal People's Republic: We are glad that the Praetorrians are so flexible with communication. This comes as a great relief. We would be glad to provide aid. We ask the Praetorrians how/why they came to this solar system. We offer to dispatch a large shipment of diamond, (which is pure carbon). Diamond manufactureres are subsidised to increase their diamond output, to compensate for the government requisition of diamond from the global market. In exchange for the diamonds, we would like to have more information on this "Promethean fleet".
    • Praetorrian D: We can use any Carbon, thanks for the good stuff though, and we have taken the liberty of bypassing your firewall and upgraded your sensors so they can penetrate the Cloaking field of the Promethean flotilla.  
  • it's been exactly 20 years since the buggers came to sol. Shall they have a comeback with a larger fleet? suggestion for World Event: three way space battle around Saturn, buggers v. prometheans v. terrans+praetorrians. How does that sound?
  • The battle itself would be a world event, but all parties would have to commit to the battle first, and a neutral party would have to arbitrate. I do not have a way of doing RNG to see who "wins". So even if this was possible, I have no idea how we would go about it. I'm open to suggestions. Do you think you are a neutral party capable of arbitrating whatever conflict might happen?
  • As a side note, this day is probably the busiest day ever for this forum. Where is Kogasa and his asians? isn't he going to post something before the day/turn ends?
I did already post this turn. -Kogasa
  • The Praetorrians only have the unarmed ark, we would get slaughtered
  • But say if you traded your battle-technology with the UPR, we would protect you (and ourselves) much more effectively against the double alien invasion.
  • The Universal People's Republic, in light of the sudden and bewildering threats offers a permanent alliance with the Praetorrians. Although they have no fleet, we do, and they have better technology, we need only combine our strengths to survive.
  • Praetorria: We accept, and activate the thrusters on the ark, which floats to the surface, and is the size of the Falkland Islands. We offer to duplicate the Technology of our guns for the humans, we are confused by the 'maps' on the databases, as they appear to show that the Humans are not unified, please clarify. We request around 500 thousand tons of Carbon to construct a fleet of automated ships to engage the Prometheans. We do not require pure carbon, we can split Compounds if necessary.
  • Universal People's Republic: Our planet has a de-jure triumvirate government comprised of the UPR, the EAF, and the EU. We assure the Praetorrians that Humans are de facto united under the UCCP. Please refer to the politics page to accpet the alliance and to observe the human government system.
  • Praetorria: We understand, and we have discovered that Earth has a larger than expected CO2 zone in the Atmosphere, and we ask if we can trim that down to the correct size? (Remove all evidence of the pollution earlier in the Century)
  • By all means, the CO2 has been harming our environment for the past hundred years, due to excess CO2 emissions from rapid industrialization. Unfortunately, apart from growing diamond crystals, there is no other sustainable source of aquiring carbon in such large quantities, as fossil fuels have been mined to depletion. We suggest that some of our space colonialization projects focus on finding a system rich in carbon, and then send human colonists to exploit the carbon there. This could solve the Praetorian needs, as well as form an economic incentive for a planned large-scale rapid colonialization program, which we humans have been working to develop recently.
  • Praetorria: We can use the CO2 on 'Venus' if you want? It would basically terraforming it if we removed all the CO2, as it would release Oxygen
  • Promethean Empire: The flotilla discovers the Praetorrians and back on Prometheus we begin construction of an invasion fleet in order to attack Sol. Sol is the Sun, you mean the Sol system, or Sol-3. But by all means, send your fleet into the Sun.
  • Universal People's Republic: As expected of an advanced civilization, thinking outside the box :) Let's do it.
  • Praetoria: We use our Technopathy to fling the nukes out to the Kuiper Belt, were they hit the Prometheans. LOL. Why is Prometheus attacking us, we are all that is left of an empire that died 40,000 years ago, they didn't exist when we were deposed We have been collating info as we flew across the universe.
  • So to sum up this turn: Promethians launch attack, Praetorrians and Terrans team up, destroy Promethian invasion force. Since buggers are NPC, we'll just leave it to a random user to trigger them.
  • Universal People's Republic: Thanks to the cooperation between Terrans and Praetorrians, disaster was averted. We hope this singnals the beginning of a new era of peace, as well as the continued success of The Coeanant.


World Event: Bugger fleet approaching Sol system. A vicious battle lies ahead. The fleet will arrive in three years: in 2083.

  • If you guys want to start another turn, you don't have to wait for me to create one, just copy/paste the title for the previous year and advance the date. Okay? :)
  • Promethean Diplomacy: FOOLlS! You think you have won!HAH!a That was only the beginning! The Empire shall put an end to thtis so-called Covenant and both your races shall be reduced to extinction.
  • Promethean Empire:After the flotilla was destroyed our invasion force is launched straight to the Sol Systeem though with the current size of the fleet will still take years to arrive on Earth while simultaneously infiltrating Earth.
  • Yeah, about that, that might be more of a problem than you think for me because my tablet won't let me so you are going to have to wait for a while.
  • Yeaah but those arent MY Prometheans. Those prometheans are really just a Forerunner faction. My Prometheans are a separate species, although they look similar to those Prometheans.
  • Promethean Empire:As we establish our base on Triton, our agents that infiltrated Earth trick the humans into attacking the Protectors and the Praetorrians into thinkingthat Prometheans have infiltrated their respective governments and become puppet states and lay false evidence to frame them.
  • Meanwhile we send another fleet to establish a permanent outpost on Triton while our agents trick the humans into attacking the Praetorrians and lay false evidence in order to stirr up war between the 3 species.
  • What agents, where did they 'magically' appear from?
  • I sent them on the earlier turn you idiot!
  • No, that was crossed out, you are ALIENS you don't look human, and they are players, you can't just puppet them, you look like this, and if you look similar to that there is no way in hell you can inifiltrate governments

    What Prometheans look like (I googled it)

  • After 2 of the groups are down,the third fleet establishes a few bases in orbit around Nepture and in Triton and trickingthe Praetorrians into thinking that all the fleets are gone. Meanwhile our agents unleash a biological weapon that is a fusion of Promethean and Earth bacteria, that can only affect Praetorrians and can mutate quickly, making it hard to cure.
  • Praetorians: After the Prometheans make a FAILED attempt to trick us (technopathic, dipsh*t) we overload the engines in the final fleet's engines, and they explode. FYI we are the remnants of a super advanced empire, so we have all been genetically engineered to be immune to ALL forms of illness, including Biological Weapons, and why do you want to kill the game? 
  • The huge invasion force that was sent to Earth a year earlier arrives cloaked behind the asteroid belt and separates the invasion force into 3 groups: the first one aimed for Earth, the second one aimed for Venus and the third one in charge of establishing a permanent position on Sol from where to command the invasion, extract local resources and receive orders and resources from Prometheus and other systems under Promethean control.
  • Hey wait a sec, you cant just do that:its cheating.
  • We are technopathic, you should probably looked into what that means, and you can't talk, if you suceed the game ends, which is really dull for everyone, so excuse me for attempting to stop the game being killed by some idiot who is playing as an OP alien race, and is just making the game really unfun for everyone
  • Promethean Diplom acy:Actually Praetorrians it is the other way around: I manipulated THEM! When this is over, ill just exterminate them.
  • Promethean Empire: Meanwhile our scouts find the "buggers",ally with them and a bugger invasion fleet that was supposed to be headed for Earth joined the one we sent recently. Meanwwhile, the infiltration we just sent also sabotage Earth's defenses by launching a series of false flag terrorist attacks around the world in order to divert attention from our joint invasion force.
  • Praetorrians: WARNING TO THE HUMANS, THE GREAT ENEMY HAS RETURNED, and the Prometheans are being manipulated by them, they will learn their error with time, but do not allow the psuedo-terrorist attacks divert your attention, we will not let another race fall to the enemy, as we have failed so often before, even with the homeworld.
  • Two things: 1. buggers are NPC, so you can't manipulate them. 2. There is no diplomacy with buggers. They do not communicate, so allying with them is impossible, along with reason number one. You can't force another party to agree to an alliance.
  • The East Asian Federation continues to improve the infrastructure and continues to invest more in technology. Construction continues on a space shuttle. The East Asian Federation continues to prepare themselves in case of an attack. Following the purchase of Team Shanghai Alice last year, Ryutaro Katayama begins his plans in creating a Touhou Anime.
  • Universal People's Republic: In order to better counter alien threats, we suggest to the governments of Europa, Philippine Islands, East Asian Federation, Canada and the United States that All major government power be turned over to a more centralized UCCP, which is no longer just a coalition. This will be the first legal world government if is accepted.
    • The East Asian Federation, after much debate, decides to accept.
  • Since the UCCP is split between two human players, I suggest that the East Asian republic representative take the reignes of planetary affairs, while Europa, with it's extensive fleet operations, take on all space-related commands.
In effect, this proposition abolishes nations leaving only one super-state to government humanity, the UPRSC, and the UPRPC (Universal People's Republic Space Command, Universal People's Republic Planetary Command.) Or for short, the People's Fleet, and the People's Government.
  • Kogasa, this means you play as the PG, and I the PF. You do what you've been doing, governing the human world(s), while I built up the space command through the navy and colonization program, which settles worlds, which are then in turn turned over to the PG. Also it just gets rid of all those borders on the map, and eliminates independent human nations. I kept the name Universal People's Republic because I think it's such a cool name and I didn't want to get rid of it. Plus, our human realm within the Covenant will truly be universal, with democratic republican ideals for the human people.
  • As for MafiaBoss, the UPRSP and UPRPC will operate as two wings under one house in the Covenant. This division is for admistrative purposes, all of humanity remains united under the flag of the UPR, which will forever remain under the flag of the Covenant.
  • Speaking of which, should be design some flags? I'm thinking of one flag each for the PG and the PF. Another flag for the UPR, and flag for the Praetorrians, and a flag for the Covenant. We humans just love symbolism, it helps in our feelings of unity. I hope the Praetorrians agree.
  • Praetorians: What is a 'flag', is it like a standard that you carry into battle? SECRET: We inform the Humans that the other 4 arks will be arriving soon, and that the proportions of Civilians to troops are swapped, 10,000 civilians to 50,000 troops, each they are undetected able by the Prometheans and travel at Hyper 12 (12*speed of light). We have done a more concise scan of the 'Buggers' and they are in fact just a race that the Great Enemy used as Cannon Fodder. They normally go in as part of a greater army, so we begin to hope that the Great Enemy has been destroyed. We produce a Mining platform out of the Carbon in the atmosphere, and send it to Venus. We use our combined technopathy (240,000 people) to send the Promethean fleets into the Sun.
  • Protectors (History): 5,000 years ago, to this very day, the great Protector Empire of old was destroyed by an unknown threat. The Protectors call it: The Darkness, an evil foe that swept across the established empire, destroying everything in its path. And so commenced the War of Shadow, the nightmare era for the Procterian Empire. And so, in the final hours of the great race known now as the Protectors, the Protecterians gathered all that was dear to them and all that was precious at the stronghold of Protecterianus, on the planet of Protetrythe, their home planet. Here they made their last stand. And when it was clear that all was lost, the Mothership, and its three sister arcs were filled with the remnants of the Great Race (the Protecterian name for the Old Protecterian Race). The Mothership, as the biggest and greatest carried 500,000 Protecterian soldiers, all guarding the Vault of Light, were the most precious artefact in the Protecterian world was kept. The three daughter ships each carried 60,000 troops, 30,000 technicians and scientists and 5,000 crew members. Their aim was to escape a start anew, to rebuild the true might of the Protecterians and, most of all, to save the contents of the Vault of Light, the impregnable vault where the Artefact was held. For 3,000 years the Protecterians travelled, fast in their flying strongholds (for after all, Protecterians are ever young, and may not die of age, but only of wounds). Then, on the Night of Living Blackness, something attacked the Mothership. There were no survivors to witness the silent enemy. No SOS messages were received. As soon as it was clear that the Mothership could not survive, the brave Protecterian survivors sealed the Vault of Light off from the rest of the ship. The Artefact was transferred to a titanium pod, embedded in solid Carbon. The space lock that opened into outer space was opened and the capsule was released, travelling at thousands of times the speed of light, straight into the planet Earth. When the capsule reached the atmosphere of Earth, it slowed to the speed of a human space shuttle. When it hit the ground, far beneath an undisclosed part of the ocean, it continued on its downward plunge until it finally came to a rest, 500m beneath the seabed. But even then, a mysterious device on the top of the capsule sent its never-ending signal, known only to the Protecterians, up into the realms of space, up to the three vast shuttles, the daughterships of the Mothership, where three large sonar sounders sat, deep in the bowels of the ships. And so, for a thousand years, the Protecterians homed in on the signal. And then they found it. On a sparkling planet of blue oceans and green forests, the signal arose. But even now, dark forces threaten the planet where the Artefact and its capsule lie. The planet must be saved, or the Artefact will be lost. And if the Artefact is lost, everything will be lost.
  • Protectors: Download special software into their brains allowing them to speak all human languages. Protecterian drop ships are used to deliver un-manned equipment to Earth. According to the results, it is possible for Protecterians to breathe the air from Planet Earth. Immediately, more drop ships are sent down to establish contact with the humans and their allies. The Protecterians look a bit like humans apart from the fact that they have no gender, even though they look like males, and therefore no genitalia. They are all heavily muscled but slim and have slightly tanned olive skin. They all have close-cropped black or brown hair and blue eyes which have a peircing, intelligent quality to them. None of them show any signs of age and all their senses are incredibly advanced. However, underneath these human-like faces are two jointed plates of titanium. The curved space between the plates is filled with glowing blue light, from the energy contained within a Protectorian. They are extremely agile, loyal and would never turn against their race or betray them. They are torture-resistant and can breathe underwater for up to 45 minutes. Every one of them is handsome. They are super intelligent, have photographic memories and do not have much of a sense of humour. They all have the same charachteristics and and only take calculated risks. They can easily think for themselves and are resistant to all forms of radiation. They all wear black militaristic tunics with black helmets with a tinted visor covering their face. Their gloves are also black and made of a material a bit like kevlar, as are all of their clothing, but far, far stronge and lighter, fire and water resistant, and impervious to toxins.
    • Praetorian Diplomacy: What is the artifact, with some knowledge we may be able to pinpoint it (Technopathic)
    • Protector Diplomacy: I am very sorry but the Artefact and any facts or trivia surrounding it cannot be revealed to anyone else. We propose an alliance
    • Praetorians: We accept, and we are sorry but we cannot find your language on any database, your firewall is impressive, no firewall is this strong, bar our own.
    • UPRSC Diplomacy: The UPR suggests to the Protectors that they could join our Covenant. We will all work together to protect this artifact, and in return please share information/technology in order to fight off exterior threats that face us all, i.e. buggers, prometheans and possibly more hostiles.
    • Protector D: Accept
  • Politics page has been tweaked to represent changes of the political situation on Earth.
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your new posts on the BOTTOM of the page. I don't want to keep scrolling up to find your edits. PUT NEW MATERIAL AT THE BOTTOM. thank you.
  • UPRSC Diplomacy to Praetorrians: A flag is a large rectangular image. This image contains symbols and colors that represent a people, state or cause. For example, the old United Nations flag consisted of a blue background (symbolizing peace) with land bodies in white on the foreground (representing the nations of the planet), thus all nations at peace. This is an example. Socialism, the cummune, and the workers are represented by the color red, as red represents the blood of the workers and brothers who band together to resist oppression by the higher classes. This is a "flag". For humans, a flag is a source of inspiration, a tangeable thing to directly touch the heart of a person, while representing an abstract idea. It is a common symbol that people can identify with, so that when the time comes for them to fight and sacrifice, they remember their brothers and sisters who depend on their success and victory. That is a flag, not just a piece of cloth, but a deep bond between people. Also, politically, if there were a symbol showing the Humans and Praetorrians to be one and the same in the union of the Covenant, the general Human populace would be much more accepting towards their new-found friends.
  • (I just joined) Central Dynamics [Colonial Company], Inc. (based in Europa): We begin creating colonies on Mars near Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons while attempting to remain neutral in the current conflicts.


World Event: After observing how well the Covenant has defended itself, they decide to cancel invasion plans for now. Instead they decide that the Promethians are a more immediate threat, as well as a better target. The Hive Queens decides that they will turn the Promethian Empire into a bugger hive. The invasion fleet is redirected to the location of the battered Promethian fleets, to finish them off.

  • Central Dynamics: We commence terraforming mars at a rapid pace. 3,000 more colonists arrive. More colonies are founded, and the existing ones expand. The Mars Colonial Administration (MCA) is established (it is not a separate entity- it is under direct CD control and is essentially a puppet state). Its capital is at Olympus City (near Mt. Olympus).
    • UPRSC diplomacy: It seems that deep space travel is dangerous. If CD wishes to send colony ships to other star systems, please accept our offer of sending naval escort ships. The UPR is the protector of human interests, and the CD does not yet have the military capability to protect their vessels by themselves.
  • MCA: We begin recruiting a militia. Six new colonies are founded: New Legaspi, Tharsis City, New Warsaw, Misriah, Apex, and Columbia Planita. We also annex lots of new territory, since we are the only people on Mars.
  • The Universal People's Republic Planetary Command begins establishing some new states. In Japan, Ryutaro Katayama continues his plans, and begins on creating a Touhou Project Anime based on Hopeless Masquerade.
    • UPRSC Diplomacy: Since we have a firmly established colonization program and a huge drive to expand the military of the UPR, the space command issues a memo to the planetary command suggesting that the government reverse it's previous policies of population control and instead urge more growth. The navy will be needing a great amount of manpower for workers to build ships, educated people to come up with new technologies and designs, and many more young men and women to serve in the fleet. Also, we feel that the faster and more far-reaching our colonization program, the more secure humanity will be. We ask that the Planetary Command make a policy to increase births and to promote the colonization program on our home world.
    • UPRPC Diplomacy: Agrees, and begins to encourage population growth and promote the colonisation program.
  • Protecterians: We send battleships to Mars. The battleships are long and thin with the bow of the ship's hull looking like an inversed human hull (farthest end in the water instead of out). The ship's have a bridge that looks like a scaled down version of the Human Starwars Imperial Star Destroyer's upper half. When they land they immediately start annexing all of undiscovered Mars. Soon 50,000 Protecterians are on Mars and half of the planet has been conquered. Work begins on a space base there. It is planned that Mars will become the new Protecterian home planet. Protecterian envoys plolitely tell the MCA to move or the Protecterian fleet will take further steps. The reason for this is that the Protecterians need a new home planet. The cloning machines that Protecterians use for reproduction are set up on Mars. At a steady rate of 1,000 Protecterians a month, the machines begin churning at full power. All but 50,000 of the Protecterians move up to Mars within a month. The remaining 50,000 set up a drilling base on Venus, Neptune and Pluto. A space station is built over Earth to keep watch for the Artefact. The Protecterian engineers begin work on their droids which are unhackable. These droids are made of Titanium, with a carbon faceplate and underarmour. The CPU inside the head of each individual droid is coated in a mixture of Carbon, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Marzanium, a new metal found on Mars that disrupts thought paterns and energy forces, meaning that the Praetorians can not hack it. Every ounce of Marzanium, which is impossible to corrode in any way and is stronger than titanium and lighter than steel, but far, far rarer than either, is drilled up by Protecterian mining drones, which use saws and hyper lasers at the speed of light to cut deep into rock, who then store it at a secret location, ready for making the droids. It is too rare, however, to cover the whole droid or even part of it, so it is used sparingly, and only on the CPU. The types of droid are: Guards, Militia, Work, Mining, Engineers, Pilots and Ultra. There are only 12 Ultra Droids, each made entirely of polished Marzanium with Carbon underarmour and Titanium blades (the Militia, Ultra and Guard Droids each have have a single blade that can be ejected from the arm like a extra finger crossed with a knife. The Guard and Militia droids have steel blades however). They also have plasma beams fixed behind their second eye lids (made of carbon) and laser guns concealed in their palms. The Protecterians reveal their power of mind control
  • Don't just invent Metals, it isn't an element, and it can't have non-element properties, and that is ASB
    • Protecterian Diplomacy: Politely ask for the MCA to withdraw from Mars or the Protecterians will be forced to take further action
    • UPRSC Diplomacy: On the behalf of the Humans in the Covenant, we strongly urge the Protectors to not attempt to incite conflict with fellow Covenant beings. It the duty of the UPRSC to protect humans against exterior threats. Do not think that the Covenant will allow you to agree peaceful people who are only exploiting their right to their home star system. If anyone should move, it would be the Protectors. Also, we dislike how you are setting up defenses against the Praetorrians, who are fellow Covenant allies. What do have to say to explain your actions? 
    • Protecterians:We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused by our actions but we wish to explain them before withdrawing any comments (if we decide to). However, we feel strongly that we should be given first rights to Mars, as we are, as yet, homeless in every respect whilst the MCA are not. Therefore, is it not our right to claim Mars? Also, the CD have not yet explained their background so I don’t even know that they are human. Our attitude towards the use of Marzanium is simply this; would the US not plant spies in the UK OTL? Every species must have a backup plan, no matter the relations between them. OTL, the UK and the US are major allies but it is proven that they still send spies against each other, they still take precautions in case they are ever forced into different circumstances.
    • That metal isn't naturally occuring anyhow if it exists at all, so 'finding it on Mars' doesn't make sense
    • UPRSC Diplomacy: Although we don't feel good about it, your point is a valid one. But is it not possible to live side-by-side with human colonists? Surely you will eventually colonize outside the Sol system, we would be happy to have you use Mars as a base of operations and primary home. The Praetorians have not had any trouble co-habitating with humans on Earth and throughout Sol. All we ask is a peaceful compromise that does not include mass expulsions from any planet. I assure you that on our side, the UPR, as the regulator of Humanity, has a strong sense of honor and duty towards the Covenant. Humans on Mars should pose no probelm to you.
  • Praetorians: We politely ask why the Protectors are wasting money on impossible metals, we can't hack their firewall anyway, and that we rejected Marzanium millenia ago, as we have evolved our guns to destroy it.
  • UPRSC: We ask the Praetorians for some technologies that will improve the performace and ability of our fleet ships. Also, the naval force is expanded in size. Designers are commisioned to develop the first battlecruiser-class ships, as for now we have only made use of medium and smaller sized ships equivalent to destroyers, cruisers, and small carriers. In a few years, we should be able to start rolling out some new capital ships (battleship-class), to take point in Covenant fleets in our exploration and expansion through this part of the galaxy.
  • Prometean Empire:Unknown to the Covenant, the empire succesfll develops mind control technology and uses it to take control of the "buggers" during a special ops mission to capture a live bugger hive queen and the invasion force is redirected to Earth. We also se the new mind control technology on Central Dynamics and the Colonial Administration.
  • Protectors: The Protecterians ask if they can make the moon their home instead
  • This is getting ASB, because of Capt, can we ban him?
  • I agree- he has had way more than three implausibilities
  • Ok I get it so I messed up more than 3 times but give me a break, im new to this anyway.

Protectors: The Protecterians now hold almost all of Mars. However, ever respectful of their new allies, the humans, the area that the Mars Colonial Administration already holds

  • Promethean Empire:The now mind-controlled Central Dynamics corporation is ordered by is new Promethean masters to attack the Protectors and Praetorrians.
  • Protectors: The Protecterians now hold most of Mars. However, ever respectful of their new allies, the humans, the area that the Mars Colonial Administration already holds (roughly 100,000km square) is left for the MCA as well as one of Mrs's two moons. The Protecterians offer the MCA their protection and begin the Mars International Union (MIU). Any nations with representatives on Mars are welcome to join. The Protecterians send troops to the Moon where they establish a large observatery to search for the Artefact but, knowing the humans interests, do not expand on the Moon. Fast drop ships are deployed to Gliese 581, the nearest 'earth' planet. It is just 13 light years away, a distance that can be travelled by a dropship in about half a year. Soon, the Protecterians claim the planet as their own. Immediately, they discover that it has a population of its own human-like species. However, since the planet is slightly smaller than Earth they are less numerous (population of about 7 billion). The warrior-like indigenous population welcome the Protecterians with open arms. Troops are sent to each of Jupitor's moons, as well as all of Saturn's moons. The Protecterians declare that Uranus and Neptune are Protecterian territories. The Protecterians reverse the Promethean control over the CD and re-enforce the victims minds so that it is impossible for the Prometheans to control them again.
  • Promethean Empire:But by then it is already too late for the Praetorrians as they now think that Central Dynamics already attacked them and they now use the technology to take control of the Praetorrians and attack both the U.P.R., Centraol Dynamics, and the Protectors as the invasion force sent by the now mind-controlled buggers arrives to Earth while behind their backs on Prometheus, the Empire builds-up and even bigger invasion force.
  • Central Dynamics: Expansion of our colonies continues; however, we respect Protecterian borders. The colonies are centered around the Valles Marineris-Olympus Mons region. We claim the rest of Mars that is not already occupied by the Protectors or other countries. The cities of Zenitgrad, Zarya City, and Mariner City are constructed, and the existing ones (Olympus City in particular) are expanded. (I will create a map shortly) Central Dynamics begins consturcting an orbital elevator (the Centennial Orbital Elevator, or COE) and a starbase in geostationary orbit over their colonies. We also send an unmanned probe, the Oberth, to the Epsilon Eridani system and claim the entire system as Central Dynamics territory. (Epsilon Eridani is 26 light-years away). A group of colonists is formed and will launch next turn. A team of MCA scientists begins working on creating a faster form of FTL travel, and early experiments prove promising, though they are still a long way from their goal. A science station is established on Deimos.
    • CD Diplomacy: We thank the Protectors for foiling the Promethean scheme and accept their protection. We would like to join the MIU. Also, we are alerting the other Covenant members that we are colonizing the Epsilon Eridani system. A squadron of vessels from the CDSF's 'navy' are prepared to assist in escorting the colony ships.
    • I have struck through the 'mind control' as it is complete bullsh*t that you can suddenly develop something that is a scientific impossibility in 1 turn with no build up to it
  • MCA: Several riots occur in New Warsaw after some begin to suspect that the recent elections there were rigged by CD officials. Central Dynamics Security Forces (CDSF) riot troops are deployed, and several people are injured. (The CDSF is basically Central Dynamics' private army). Rapid terraforming continues.
  • Praetorrians: We send out a distress signal to call in our stalwart allies, the Guardians (the rules say you can be two nations, the Guardians are my second) to aid the covenant against our implausable enemies.
  • Guardians (background): The guardians number only 10,000 but they are ALL elite warriors, and they are sworn enemies of the Prometheans due to 'severe implausabilty in several conflicts' which were all won by the guardians. The guardians are around 8-9 feet, but have smilar anatomy to humans, but wear thick armour all the time, and look like this in the armour: 
  • Glieseans: We officially declare ourselves as Protecterian territory. Our troops are immediately put at the disposal of the Protecterians, along with our entire fleet of star cruisers. We begin work on a new star fleet for the Protecterians.
  • Protecterians: We sadly decide to withdraw from the covenant but we make it clear that we are still major allies with the humans. We assure them that that the withdrawal was purely political. Instead, we start up the Universal League of Nations (ULN). sign up on politics page if you are asked (if you want to)

    Guardian in armour

  • East India Company (Background): The East India Company is a large trading company, based in London, which is now entirely a EIC complex. Since the EIC moved in, Outer London has been torn down and replaced by factories, warehouses, storage blocks, laborartories, satallite dishes and launch pads. The Underground has been transformed into a supply train that goes all around London, delivering goods and materials at every stop. The poulation of London itself have been evacuated since the EIC took over there. The bridges across the Thames were fortified and a border perimeter was set up and constantly patrolled. The City was knocked to pieces and was replaced by rows of satallite dishes, laboratries, luxury head offices and space hangars. We recently bought Tesco, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencers and Waitrose, as well as Asda, Morrisons, Wallmart, DHL, John Lewis, Ikea, Harrods and a few property developers. Our main profits come from space exploration, transport, scientific experiments and shipping.


  • UPRSC: Commisionning of large-scale development program for space-born defenses and weapons. Work begins on energy shielding, as hull armor is almost never sufficient for stopping high-energy weapons, i.e. not projectile weapons.
  • Guardians: We arrive in the Solar System, and begin to ambush and destroy Promethean Shipping. We ask the CDI to leave Epsilon Erdani system alone, and we state that any ships sent there WILL be blown sky-high.
  • Praetorians: We send troops to Ganymede, and claim all of jupiterws moons but Europa as Praetorian
  • The Universal People's Republic Planetary Command continues to encourage population growth and promote the colonisation program. In Japan, Ryutaro Katayama continues his plans, and manages to release the first season of Hopeless Masquerade, based on the Touhou Project game of the same name. It gets good reviews in Japan.

*Promethean Empire:The Promethean Empire decides to strengthen security as a result of these attacks while at the same time we continue to prepare our invasion force as the still mind-controlled buggers get closer and closer to the Sol System.

  • And remember when you said that it was impossible to have something researched in one turn? Well lets just say what happened in the last turn was merely a test: we were supposed to test the technology on a live bugger queen to take control of the some of the bugger race but unexpectedly we took over all of it since it was linked to the main queen and even she was taken over. Later on we tested it on Central Dynamics Inc. to see if we can take over the command and elite of this corporation. Aparrently we didn't take control of ALL of Central Dynamics Inc., just its command. As time passes we can upgrade the technology to take over an entire species without needing a hive mind. it is still implausible to invent a new technology in 2 years
  • Aw come on.
  • Promethean Empire:In light of the recent attacks on shipping we strengthen our security to prevent losing valuable shipment and simultaneously prepare an invasion force as well as the construction of a new doomsday weapon:the black hole cannon. We also send a special ops team to steal the Artifact from the Protectors as it is the last component needed for the black hole cannon to function.

You don't know about the artefact, and a black hole cannon is scientifically impossible

  • CDI: We put our entire fleet (which is pretty sizable) on standby in response to the Guardians' threat. We also begin performing routine scans to help protect our people from the Prometheans. On Mars, several new settlements are founded: Liberty Township, New America, Tianlong, Amaterasu, and Nuevo Madrid. Mining of ore continues.
  • CDI Diplomacy: We would like for the Guardians to explain why we cannot colonize the Epsilon Eridani System. It is an uninhabited system that we own (we have a legitimate claim to it, as we discovered it). We also demand that the Prometheans cease all development of their utterly inhumane 'mind control' technology. You have already infringed upon some of our executives' unconditional right as sentient beings to free will and freedom from your insane, twisted experimentation and will not tolerate it anymore.
  • Guardians We are a Millenia old civilisation, and you think you 'discovered' a system, we own that system, and we have secrets that you cannot comprehend, we will go to war to retain this system.

*Promethean Diplomacy':Yeah what is the word we are looking for, oh yeah NEVER! BWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Promethean Diplomacy': The Empire threatens the Guardians that if they don't pull out of Epsilon Eridani and Sol, their race will face extinction.

Guardians: We use a magic weapon of implausableness to destroy the entire Promethean Empire with any build up at all.

  • Stupid idiot!
  • Ever heard of a joke, spastic?
  • Not FUNNY!
  • Promethean Empire:To prove the empire is serious regarding this threat, we attack the Gliese 581 system and capture it quickly with very little to no resistance, despite the fact that the area is Protector territory.


  • Promethean Empire:The Empire captures the Gliese 581 system at a high cost as most was rendered severly damaged but our forces later start exterminating the Glieseans in concentration camps.

Ever heard of plausibility?

What did I do and why are you asking?

You can't invade an entire, DEFENDED system in 1 turn, and I asked because you literally have not had a plausible turn at all

  • The Universal People's Republic Planetary Command continues to encourage population growth and promote the colonisation program. In Japan, Ryutaro Katayama releases the second and final season of Hopeless Masquerade.
  • Praetorians: We move 10,000 of our troops in support of the Guardians, and we begin to reproduce, within a year we have 100,000 infants, which will take 2 years to mature, and this reproduction gradient (1 infant per 3 adults) will continue indefinitely
  • Promethean Empire:Meanwhile in Gliese 581 after nearly 8 months of combat we take the Gliese 581 d and g at a high cost, with the initial invasion force running out of manpower but reinforcements arrive days later. As for the Glieseans inhabiting those planets, well they are sent to harvesting camps for processing into raw materials. Heavy fighting continues on other worlds across Gliese 581 meanwhile.
  • Spoiler Alert:The processing into raw materials part in harvesting camps is something new for the Empire because, well we think that it is profitable and also can be quite useful and reduce the speed of which we drain a planet's resources so i'll be used in basic stuff and eventually find some race that can use this stuff.
  • What there is no Gliese 581 g?
  • you can have 1 planet this turn, and then next turn you can take another etc.
  • Oh NOW I get how it works, thanks dude!
  • your welcome.
  • Anyway why are the Guardians blockading Epsilon Eridani anyway imean its Central Dynamics' system anyway.
  • The Guardians are a millenia old civilisation, they owned that system before humans had even learnt how to make the wheel, it is theirs, because they found it first.
  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but now it's Central Dynamics' soo to bad so sad, more for them!
  • No... if they try to get on to MY system, they will be ERADICATED, sooo... they don't own it, they sent an 'unmanned probe' I have an ARMY there, I OWN THE SYSTEM.
  • 'Well then I guess this means that for them, "'Aw crap"!
  • Can we get on with the game now?
  • You think the Guardians are going to take my threat seriously?
  • By the way I need help! When I joined the game I created the Empire without adding more details so can you help me out here please.
  • What do you need help with?
  • Phhh, easy, all I need is some help with sections such as the history, philosophy, physiology, as well as charts, tech level and etc.
  • I can do History and Philosothy, physiology at a push, but I don't know enough about the game for the rest, sorry.
  • Ok. Anyway, when I open the page I'll list the sections from here.
  • In answer to the question about the threat, they will prepare for war, but are too proud to agree, it will almost certainly lead to a brutal war
  • Trust me that is the first thing that the Empire wants and this may apply to every other race, too, because let's just say, technically it's already started with no formal declaration of war.
  • No offense, but the Empire would get their arses kicked all the way back to Prometheum, which would be asploded
  • Not with that mind control tech in their hands, they are already trying to perfect the technology. Plus they don't need to even use doomsday weapons, all they need to do is destroy their said alliances.
  • Then why do the add it in movies in the first place. And its Prometheus!
  • Movies...Well known to be an accurate portrayal of the world...and so what if it is Prometheus, MIND CONTROL IS IMPOSSIBLE
  • Jeez Luise, how many times do I have to say that it is experimental.
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE, it can't occur, that includes 'experimental', okay.
  • Tell that to the Praetorrians, they have technopathy so I thought that maybe by using such things I can just use thaat to manipulate thought.
  • technopathy is just inbuilt wifi that is rather powerful, that is perfectly possible.
  • Precisely, this technology derives from that stuff because we wanted to make our elite troops technopathic, only with adding the capability of manipulating thought. That was just an experiment I was working on.
  • you can have telekinesis, but telepathy is impossible, you CANNOT make that, just drop it, please.
  • Hey, don't blame me, blame the Praetorrians! They were the technopathic ones anyway and its not telepathic.

Telepathy is mind control, technopathy is the ability to talk to machines, they are different.

  • OK but I always thought it was the same thing.
  • Guardians: We begin to accelerate the cloning process, churning out 100,000 units per year.


  • Promethean Empire: The Empire finally takes Gliese 581 g and keep pressing through the rest of the system and only need one more all the other (5) planets to capture in order to take control of the system as well the Protector fleets.
  • Praetorians: We send an automated fleet of ships to Gliese 581 and engage and destroy the Promethean fleet stationed there, but as our ships cannot make planetfall we are currently manufacturing drones to destroy the Promethean armies on Gliese 581 d & g. The 100,000 infants reach maturity, and we declare war on the EIC, as with all due respect to the humans, we want some solid land, and the British Isles will do nicely. Anyone who wants to stop us, we are allied with the guardians, we can just go hyper, and then they will destroy Earth, so we would prefer it if the EIC evacuated the UK. We move an automated fleet over London, and prepare a 'blue bomb' which destroys all life below it but leaves everything else alone (buildings computers etc.) we destroy all the EIC's offensive capabilities by taking out the Computer mainframe with our minds
  • Guardians: We begin to extract a doomsday device (earthshatterer) from the Epsilon Eridani system's star. This destroys the system, as the star collapses. We are now prepared for war with the Prometheans. We have cloned 20,000 more warriors, and test the earthshatterer on a planet in the Epsilon Eridani system, ass all these worlds are dead due to the lack of sun. The planet is literally smashed in two, and the magma floats out of the core and into space (trust me, it looks awesome) 
  • Promethean Empire:Our scientists, accidently discover a new type of matter:red matter and theorize this can be used to create an artificial black hole and research on how to put this matter to use takes place. Meanwhile more reinforcements attempt to arrive at Gliese 581 as the Praetorrians send help to the Protectors.
  • The Universal People's Republic Planetary Command continues to encourage population growth and promote the colonisation program. In Japan, Ryutaro Katayama begins making an anime based around the cast of Ten Desires.
  • Promethean Empire:Our scientists eventually create a NOVA bomb:a bomb capable of blowing up a whole planet or star with a mixture of nuclear fission materials, fusion materials and antimatter.
  • An alien race from the 7th dimension suddenly shows up out of nowhere and blows up the entire universe, because that's what aliens from strange dimensions do. THE END.
  • What I just posted was very implausible, but it fits well to the rest of this map game.
  • CDI: We continue building up our fleet and send a flotilla to the Chi Ceti system to colonize it. The flotilla will arrive next turn. The colony ships are escorted by several of our dreadnoughts, although we would like to make it clear that we mean no harm to anyone.
    • CDI Diplomacy: We demand compensation for the destuction of our property (the Epsilon Eridani s system). 
    • CDI Legal Action: In an unprecedented (and probably pointless) move, we file a lawsuit against the Guardians.
    • Guardians: It is not your property, we have owned it for the past 4000 years, What is a lawsuit and if you pursue this we will asplode the moon. So I would accept that the System was ours, but we are gifting you the remains, as we only took 1 item, which is definitly ours, as we made it, and you never staked a claim for it, and according to the 'contract' which was illegal anyway as we were the current owners, and you never purchased it, you never stipulate that the system must be intact. to prove that you should NOT pursue this, we have destroyed a small settlement on Mars, although we did evacuate it first, but we will not evacuate the settlemants we destroy from now on. You have been warned.
    • Promethean Diplomacy: Hey for your info what right do you have to blow every one of their worlds up?(Even though we want to do that ourselves) Its THEIR affairs, not your own.
    • What is their affair?
    • Well you are not supposed to be meddling on the area of this cluster.
    • If we win this war, instead of reducing you to extinction, the protectors and praetorrians can simply just return to their original homeworlds. I'll keep the buggers in check.
    • What cluster?
    • And the Protectors have no homeworld, that is the point, and the homeworld of the Praetorians is a scorched wasteland. Also, what about the Guardians? 
    • Also, you are unlikely to win, and if you do it will be a close run thing, as we can both destroy planets, so we would cut swathes of dead worlds across the Galaxy
    • SO the Praetorrians have terraforming, right. The guardians already have a homeworld.
    • So what, the Praetorians would take Venus or something, and you didn't mention  the guardians. And what cluster?
    • One day Venus will be mine and your Praetorrians will be forced to return to the original homeplanet and I mean the Alpha Centauri Star Cluster, the cluster within Sol's area and you still 400 billion stars to go.
    • FGor the love of God, we went over this when chinese characters was mod, you CANNOT have a huge empire, you can have 3 systems, and that is it, OK
    • Ok but how is that fair anyway.
    • because everyone else only has 1 or 2 planets, even the guardians only have 3 systems
    • Aw man, but still you can just get the Praetorrians to return to their original homeworld and I can help fix it.
    • The planet split open from pole to pole in a last ditch attempt to kill the great enemy, good luck fixing it


Praetorians: After a failure to respond to our message, we drop a blue bomb on London, destroying the EIC complex there. We take London as ours.

Guardians: We arrrive in the Gliese system, and use the Earthshatterer on the Promethean Fleets stationed there. We then fire the Earthshatterer on Gliese 581 d&g, destroying the Promethean presence there. We send the  Earthshatterer to Prometheus, with an escort of 500 ships, and destroy several cities there before hypering out of there to Mars, were we destroy a larger CD settlement, but again we evac the people to the CD capital on mars.

  • The Universal People's Republic Planetary Command continues to encourage population growth and promote the colonisation program. In Japan, Ryutaro Katayama continues making an anime based around the cast of Ten Desires, and the official title of this anime will be Old Yuanxian. He finishes creating the first season of it, and has it aired on television as well as being released on DVD.
  • Promethean Empire:After Prometheus is attacked we retaliate by using the newly built NOVA bomb on the Sol star itself and attempt to destroy the entire system.
  • Promethean Diplomacy:This is for Prometheus you sons of a bitches!
  • No, you can't, that will kill the game
  • And it can only destroy planets, and I am making a rule about Earth now.
  • Hey since when do you make the rules!
  • It used to be Earth based until now.
  • I make rules, as I am Mod, so that is why


  • The Universal People's Republic Planetary Command continues to encourage population growth and promote the colonisation program. In Japan, the second season of Old Yuanxian is aired and released. Ryutaro Katayama begins working on a new Touhou Project game.
  • Praetorians: We completely take control of the British Isles
  • Guardians: In another lightening raid, we destroy the Promethean Capital city. We destroy all the CD cities bar the Capital, and we do not evacuate them. The death toll is horrific.
  • Promethean Empire:The Promethean military attempts to retake the capital and it is successful. They Empire launches a counteroffensive against the Guardians and eventually force them out of Prometheus.
  • Have fun going back to Prometheus suckas!
  • We weren't on it, we obliterate cities from orbit...
  • So how can you retake it?
  • Unified Martian Republics: The colonists of Mars, now sick of both the Central Dynamics and the Protectors officially secede from both Central Dynamics and Earth in general and declare the Unified Martian Republics.
  • And about the previous turn, its not Earth based anymore ok. So can you please just remove it. My empire was planning Earth's conquest for thousands of years.' Originally it was supposed to be on Mars near the end of the Great Orion Wars. When signals were detected from Earth, we repurposed the invasion for Earth.
  • OK, if we can say things that we have done prior to the Game's beginning, I can put this
  • Praetorians: We trigger the untraceable kill gene that we placed in the Prometheans millenia ago, and the ENTIRE race dies out instantaneously. Is that fair? No. You can only have stuff you did prior to you joining the game if I can have that, and if I can have that, you are no longer part of the Game
  • Ok, makes sense now. Can you get rid of the no attacking Earth rule. Its Earth-centered no more anyway.
  • Praetorians: Using our technopathy, we locate the artifact of the Protectors. Upon finding it, it explodes, and the Universe collapses.
  • (Game is dead now)

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