This is where you can nominate and vote on articles to be featured on the front page each month.

  • Everyone can vote, even anonymous users. (This, however, will change if it causes problems)
  • To nominate, simply write your nomination in the Nominees section and sign with your username. You should also add {{Template:FeaturedArticleCandidate}} to the top of the nominated page, which automatically adds it to the Featured article candidate category.
    • You cannot nominate articles created by yourself.
    • Previously featured articles can been nominated to be featured on the front page again, but not more than two times in a row. The process of voting is the same.
  • To vote for a nomination, simply add Support Support — (under the template {{Support}}) under the nominee and sign with your username.
  • To vote against a nomination, simply add Oppose Oppose — (under the template{{Oppose}}) under the nominee and sign with your username
  • To express a neutral stance, simply add Neutral Neutral — (under the template {{Neutral}}) under the nomiee and sign with your username.
  • You can change your vote at any time until a decision has been made.
  • A limit for how many times you can nominate/vote for an article has not yet been decided.
  • In order for a nominated article to be chosen for featured article, there has to be a majority of votes supporting it.
  • The admins of this wiki have authority to make a different decision.


November 2013 resultEdit

MP Featured article FeaturedThe Attitude Era


This is not even a page. This is a category-Ismael777

Category or not, it's still featured. DaneOfScandinavy (talk)

December 2013 resultsEdit

MP Featured article FeaturedTechnology (Terra Futura)


March 2014 resultsEdit

MP Featured article FeaturedTimeline (The Second Renaissance)


May 2014 resultsEdit

MP Featured article Featured — Falco Timeline


July 2014 resultsEdit

MP Featured article Featured — Iran War

September 2016 results Edit

MP Featured article FeaturedScenario: The Second Renaissance


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