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War Algorithm

Location Edit

  • Defending Nation: +10
  • On Border: +8
  • City near border +6
  • No former presence, core of army away from battle: +0

Power Edit

Land is always aplicable, Navy is only aplicable when an attack on the coast is made. Air attacks must be plausable, if you have no air bases in the region you can't use it.

  • Large aerial assault capability +3.5
  • Large naval assault capability + 3.5
  • Large land assault capability +3.5
  • Medium aerial assault capability +3 (if enemy has no aerial power) +2 (if the enemy has aerial power)
  • Medium naval assault capability +3 (if the enemy has no naval power) +2 (if the enemy has their navy stationed in or around the location)
  • Medium land capability +3 (if three or more times larger than enemy) +2 (if less than three times larger than enemy)
  • Small aerial/naval/land capability: +1
  • Land, aerial, and naval is compounded. If you have large naval, medium air, and medium land, your score is 9 or 7. You cannot have medium aerial and large aerial at the same time.
  • Power is averaged in a coalition war.
  • Power is a multipler for development.


Tier Countries are countries that are either close to being a superpower or are one (this is out of country knowledge, do not bring this up at gameplay, or you will have a two turn penalty)

Tier 5:Superpowers

  • Oceanic Republic
  • USA
  • The Neo-USSR

(five tier 5 countries at max.)- can support army of 20 million

Tier 4:Great Powers

  • India
  • Republic of Tibetistan
  • Korea
  • The Neo-HRE

(Seven tier 4 countries at max)-can support army of 10 million

Tier 3: Regional Powers

  • France
  • Brazil
  • Great Britian
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • Egyptian Empire

Can Support Army of 5 million

Tier 2: Secondary Regional Powers

  • Siam Union
  • DRC
  • China
  • Algeria
  • Nigeria
  • Morocco
  • Kazakhstan

Can Support Army of 3 million

Tier 1

All not listed countries are tier 1

Can Support Army of 2 Million

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