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This Map game is created by me, User:Sailesh s nair with lots of help from my best friend, User:NewHorizons123. There is a small story to kick off the game.


  • Remain civil please.
  •  If you do not post your turn for more than ten posts, your country will be revoked and will be used by another player.
  • Game creator's word overpowers all.
  • Head mod's word overpowers all except the game creator's.
  • REMAIN PLAUSIBLE! this is a must if you want to play this game. If you type an implausibility your implausible post will be deleted.
  • If you think you are unfairly treated, report this on the comment page or message the game creator or the head mod.
  • PLEASE CHECK back to the game for upgrades and new turns.
  • Every year is one year until 2100 after that it will be 20 years.
  • this isn't a rule, but I encourage you to place a flag before you post your turn (you don't have to if your country doesn't have one).

Mod Event Types

So, in the reboot, there will be different mod event types that signify what they do, these include:

  • Natural Event- A thing in nature has occured like a natural disaster heading towards a nation, ex. A volcano erupts in Cascadia. color coded green?
  • Npc Event- Something has occured in an Npc nation. color coded yellow?
  • War Event- an update about current wars or an NPC nation has declared war on another nation. color coded red?
  • NPC response- a response to a player nation's request to another nation. color coded blue?
  • Terrorist Event- something has happened with a terrorist group. Color coded grey?
  • Anarchist Event- something has happened in an Anarchist area. color coded black?
  • Mod Event- misc. stuff that doesnt fit in with another event. color coded purple?


If you want to become a mod, state your reasons for applying for modship. Unlawful adding will result in a ban.




North America

  • Flag of Quebec Quebec (Canadian Provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labarador)
  • Flag of the United States USA (Delaware, Maryland, DC, and Nothern Virginia) (Already Taken)
  • Cascadia (Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho)
  • Flag of CaliforniaRepublic of California (California and Baja California)
  • Flag of TexasRepublic of Texas (Texas and Oklahoma)
  • Flag of South CarolinaCarolinian Empire (North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennesee)
  • Flag of Guatemala.svgLatinia (Central America and The Caribbean)
  • Flag of MassachusettsRepublic of New England (New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Conneticut)
  • Flag of VermontSocialist Republic of Vermont
  • Flag of PennsylvaniaFederation of The Great Lakes (Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota)

South America

  • Flag of BrazilBrazil (Everything else in South America)
  • Flag of Argentina La Plata (Chile and Argentina)


  • Flag of Holy RomeGrand Duchy of Romae Sancti (The German Empire and Austria)
  • Flag of DenmarkScandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Karelia, Denmark, and Iceland) Taken
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • Flag of ItalyItaly (Southern Peninsula and Sicily)
  • Flag of CornwallCornwall
  • Flag of The Isle of ManThe Isle of Man
  • Flag of EnglandEngland
  • Flag of ScotlandScotland
  • Flag of IrelandIreland
  • Flag of WalesWales
  • Flag of FranceFrance
  • Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du)Brittany
  • Flag of UkraineUkraine
  • Flag of SpainSpain
  • Flag of PortugalPortugal
  • Flag of GaliciaGalicia
  • Flag of AragonAragon
  • Flag of SardiniaSardinia
  • Flag of CorsicaCorsica
  • Flag of AndorraAndorra
  • Flag of San MarinoThe City State of San Marino
  • Flag of VeniceThe Republic of Venice
  • City State of Athens
  • Republic of Malta
  • Republic of Crete
  • Everything else is in Anarchy


  • Complete Anarchy
  • You can colonize, but you have to beat the Anarchists in five battles first for each real world country you colonize.


  • Flag of The SSRRThe Neo-Soviet Union (European Russia and Siberia) (taken)
  • Flag of ManchukuoManchuria (top part of china)
  • Flag of JapanJapan [Taken]
  • Flag of the Republic of ChinaWu Empire (China without Manchuria and Tibet)
  • Flag of TibetTibet (Regained independence) (taken)
  • 2nd Tibetan Reich
  • Flag of ThailandThai Empire (Siam and Sulawesi Island)
  • Flag of IndiaIndia (The southern tip of the Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka) (already taken)
  • Flag of VietnamKingdom of Vietnam
  • Flag of Turkey.svg-0The United Nations of Islam (Yemen, Oman, The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and the nations ending in Stan)
  • Flag of IsraelKingdom of Jerusalem (Israel, Palestine, and The Sinai Peninsula)
  • The rest is in Anarchy


  • Flag of OceaniaThe Oceanic Republic (New Guinea, New Zealand, Java, and Tazmania) (already taken)
  • Socialist Republic of Borneo (Borneo Island)
  • The Rest is in Anarchy

Fallen/Occupied/Merged Nations

Toppled Governments

International Organizations

The Future Superpowers

  • Future Superpowers Union
  • India
  • The United States of America
  • Italy
  • Manchuria

Pan-Asian Alliance

  • The Neo Soviet Union
  • Wu Dynasty China




Future's Course: War Algorithim

Politics page

Politics Page (Future's Course) This is for international relations.

The Situation in 2016

Our world is in a tense situation. In Asia, all the Arab states combine together to form the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman empire wanted the total destruction of Israel, their main enemy. ISIS was completely destroyed and Bashar al Assad was killed in a coup that led to the formation of the monarchy. Russia could not intervene in this because they were having a civil war of their own. A nationalist movement was crushed by the socialist party. Vladimir Putin described the as "the greatest threat Russia has ever seen."China was also having disputes with India, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc, about border problems and the claims for the Spratly islands in South China Sea. In Europe the situation was more tense. Many countries declared independence from former countries. For example, Sicily declared Independence from Italy, Prussia was formed which were the provinces of northern Poland and Kalingrad. Catalonia declared Independence from Spain and Scotland declared that they would not be a part of the Great Britain. Some countries started to merge together. The former countries of Yugoslavia started to merge together and Czech Republic and Slovakia merged together to form Czechoslovakia. Scandinavia was formed by merging Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Karelia. In Africa, many countries combined together. There were only four countries left. They are Egyptian Empire, South Africa, Congo and African Union. In America, Quebec and Labrador have declared independence from Canada while The USA was split into three Countries namely the United Federation of North America, The Texas Republic and the USA. The Mexican Empire controls all of Central America while Cuba controls all of the Caribbean. In South America, Colombia and Venezuela Combined Together to form Gran Colombia. A part of Brazil declared independence from Brazil. The country is called Amazonia because of the Vast amount of rainforest. Oceania was somewhat quiet but Australia Increased Defence Expenditures in case of an attack. The world was In a dark age. The people of their Respective governments would soon know their Future's Course.

The Situation in 2040

Our world is a dark place... Most governments have fallen to Anarchism , Imperialism or Fascism… In 2039 The Future Superpowers made a comeback after 15 years of Exile. Reinstating several governments like Tibetistan and Prussia. When they came down to the surface… the world was a much different place. Several new governments have popped up across the globe. With an entirely new world than what they used to know… Will the Future Superpowers re-assert themselves as superpowers… or will they fall once again to Anarchism? We will soon know as our Future's Course Continues…



  • Flag of Australia Australia: We begin building military bases on many of our new territories to protect them from invasion. We begin building many apartment complexes to house homeless people from around the world in them. These projects are going to take at least 2 years to complete. We also begin a troop draft to bring our military to 6 milion people by 2020. We also begin switching to wind, solar, and Hydro-electric power to slow the fossil fuel and nuclear intake. We plan to have fully switched to these power sources by 2030. We also begin constructing "nuclear barges" that will take the waste and have it burn up in the sun's atmosphere. We ask other countries to do the same [Global Response Reqired]
  • Flag of IndiaIndia:We have doubled our Defence Expenditures. We also increase our military strength to 3.5 million. We would like to trade with Australia[Australia response needed]and we also will start constructing "nuclear barges" to burn the waste in the atmosphere. We also give up fossil fuels and other conventional methods. instead, we are using non conventional sources of energy. We test our new Nuclear missile. The BrahMos missile which is an Intercontinental missile
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia:We thank India for their concern about global warming and preserving our biosphere We accept India's proposal and ask for an alliance with India [India Response Required] We also test a new Nuclear Missile, The Firestorm Alpha, an ICBM with a projected output of 2 MTs (or Megatons to be exact)
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg Austria-Hungary: We invade Yugoslavia, we ask India and Australia for a alliance[Australia&India Response Needed]
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil: After the secession of the Amazon region of Brazil, Brazil's government becomes embroiled in a revolution, between the Old Regime, the Brazilian Communist Force, and A Nationalist movement which is sweeping across southern Brazil which calls for a unified South America either by diplomacy, or by military force. Because of the revolution taking place, we cannot expand our economy or military in any way, but we request an alliance with India.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia[To Austria-Hungary]We accept your proposal for an alliance. We will also send 50,000 troops for the Invasion of Yugoslavia.[To Australia]We accept your Proposal also for an alliance. We congratulate you for your Successful Test of the Nuclear  Missile[To Brazil]We will you bu giving 50million dollars as Economic funds. A decision is made and India,Australia,Austria-Hungary and Brazil will be in a new Alliance known as "The Future Superpowers" because we are rapidy Increasing our capability in the military as well as tecnological Ways.we call upon Australia and Brazil to donate Soldiers for the Austria-Hungarian Invasion of Yugoslavia.[Australia and brazil responses needed]
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia [To Alliance]: We send 500,000 troops to the Yugoslavian front, we also ask Austria-Hungary to give us a small portion of coastline from the spoils to build a large military complex on, for future help to Austria-Hungary.[Austria Hungary Response Needed]
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg Austria-Hungary: we tell Australia they can have the northern coast of Montenegro
  • Flag of IndiaIndia:Due to the recent terror attacks on Indian soil by agents of terrorist groups Funded bu Pakistani army. We have decided to hold a referendum on whether to Annex Pakistan or not. 54% voted yes so we will start our invasion in the year of 2017. We would like to receive support  from The Countries of the alliance Militarily.[Future Superpowers response needed]
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We send [tel:[tel:[tel:[tel:[tel:1000000 1000000] 1000000] 1000000] 1000000] 1000000] troops to India to help with the Invasion. We also begin construction of Firestorm Beta, expected Nuclear output of five Megatons. We also send five million AR-15s. We will not be able to reinforce India due to the fact that now, all of our bases are run by skeleton-crews.
  • Austria-Hungary: Since we are in war we send two B-52s to bomb Pakistan.
  • Mod Event:The Invasion of Yugoslavia was Carried by Austria-Hungary with help from it's allies India, Australia and Brazil. But the Yugoslavs weren't alone. They got help from Bulgaria and Romania.The Combined army of Austria-Hungarians, Indians,Australians and Brazilians Overwhelmed to that of the Yugoslavs,the Bulgarians and Romanians. Bulgaria and Romania Surrendered after Continued airstrikes on its homeland by The Indian,Australian,Austria-Hungarians and the Brazilians.The Yugoslavs were left alone and finally surrendered. The Austria-Hungarians annexed the whole of Yugoslavia. The government was disposed of and a puppet government was established.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We wish to build military bases in each member of the alliance and suggest that the others do the same, giving us access to almost every continent [Alliance Response Requested]
  • Austria-Hungary: we tell Australia that they can have the northern coast of Montenegro.
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil After many months of protests and Revolution, The nationalist movement has taken over the majority of the nation and has installed the nationalist oligarchy republic or N.O.R as the main government body. With this, N.O.R sees the remaining Communists and O.R (Old Regime) supporters as a threat, and starts mass public execution of any political opposition. N.O.R starts focusing on building up a massive military force, and to try and unify the entirety of South America. N.O.R begins this unification with an invasion of Uruguay, with 100,000 B.N.A.F (Brazilian Nationalist Armed Forces). We begin recruitment of ten million B.N.A.F and begins construction of 10,000 new factories all along the Atlantic coastline. Our population is around 184 million, and our GDP is around 1.9 trillion dollars. Even though we are allies with Australia, we wish not to have troops from other nations station in Brazil, so we Decline Australia's request.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We understand. We shall move 400,000 troops from what was Yugoslavia to Urguay to help in the war. We deploy the other 100,000 to the Philippines to Conquer the nation. We request backup from India and Austria-Hungary to help in both wars [Austria-Hungary and India response required]
  • Austria-Hungary: we send 5,000 men to northern Philippines
  • India: We will send 25,000 men to the Philippines. 
  • Quebec flagQuebec: A quick election is made to elect the first President of Quebec, which end with a close victory for François Gendron, who serve as a member of the Parliament since 1976. The "Party Québécois" (Quebecese Party) is renamed National Party following the election to mark the distinction in their task. President Gendron send the troops on the frontier to protect it against any possible actions from the Canada against the newly independent Quebec. [to France] President Gendron ask for French support and recognition as an independent nation and to continue the good relations between Quebec and France.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: We are appalled by this Hostile action taken by the Austo-Hungarians, Indians, and Australians. We Condemn the act, saying "This is the savageness that brought us into the great war a century ago." We tell Quebec we would like to continue good relations with all nations and we ask to help mediate a peaceful actions between itself and Canada. We hope to build a Second aircraft carrier and three more Ballistic submarines by 2023. We begin work a the FTP or the future tank project to replace the Leclerc but for now we give them midlife upgrades.
  • Brazil: We demand France secede French Guiana to Brazil or face total destruction.
  • Tibet:We raise an army of 200,150 people and invade Nepal because we want Nepal's unification with Tibet. We also ask for India and Australia's help.(INDIA and AUSTRALIA response needed) We would like to join the future superpowers. We are planning a space mission which will have a Tibetan man on the moon by 2035 (Italic=secret) We will also try to create nuclear weapons as a last resort. We will switch gradually to wind and solar power and we expect the power source switch to be done by 2035-2040. We will create more army planes, more high-rise apartments to house our growing population which has swelled to 5.9 million as Tibetians living in other places and foreigners from poorer countries go to Tibet, more submarines (for war and for tourism),and more jobs. We expect by 2060, we will have about 500-800 billion dollars in GDP. The Dalai Lama has returned. Our new currency is the Tibetan dollar.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia:We accept Tibet's request for joining the alliance. We will help them in Sending a man to the moon. But sorry, you cannot invade Nepal because it is our Territory. Instead, we will grant safe passage for your armies in nepal.[Secret]we send spies to Nepal to ensure that the Tibetans do not attack Nepal[Secret].


A new alliance is formed which is known as the 'Future Superpowers'. Austria-Hungary's Economy was booming and Australia was Increasing its Defence Expenditures while also planning an attack on The Philippines. India is planning an attack on Pakistan. Tibet has gained Independence and is Progressing in the use of Solar Power, etc. France and Quebec Has formed an alliance to counter the 'Future Superpowers'. It seems that the Expansionist theory of the Future Superpowers is going to end .......... in war.

  • Tibet: We place a wind turbine on top of our side of Mt. Everest. It will harness the jet stream winds to provide power to 10% of Tibet's population.(secret) We have tested a nuke in an underground chamber five miles deep about 30 km from Lhasa, our capital city. It is called the Dalai Bomb and it is 1.78 MT (megatons). We are using it only in self defence and we are NOT starting a nuclear war anytime soon.
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil: We Finish our conquest of Uruguay and annex the tiny nation. Our recruitment of tn million B.N.A.F is roughly 20% with two million men ready for combat. We demand France once again to secede Brazil French Guiana or else face war. We start an invasion of the young nation "Brazilian Amazon", sending in half a million troops to take their largest city, Manaus. We continue with the public executions of political enemies, killing roughly 127,000 men, women and children, though to have political ideals outside of N.O.R needs. We continue expanding factories along the coastline. We request India to station Nuclear Silos in our nation to grant protection and if the war in Pakistan goes ill, India does not lose its weapons. We begin building ten carriers in Rio De Janeiro, and Montevideo.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia:We Request the Brazilians to NOT invade Amazonia, as it is a new nation and it needs to survive if you fulfill that request only we will place our nuclear silos in Brazil[Brazilian response needed]
  •  Brazil: We will invade whom we want.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: We instate a special directive to the EU that calls all the nation's leaders to unite EU capabilities in time of Emergency. In speech the French Prime Minister say if we don't unite now they will pick off smaller nations in Europe. In a surprising result most leaders vote to become 'The European Union Special directive.' We tell Brazil that the piece of land have been ours for over 200 years, and it is apart of the Republic, and we are willing to talk about a peaceful solution. The European Parliaments votes to increase military spending and forms a unified military command.
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: What "peaceful" alternatives might you be suggesting to us.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: Well lets see, we owned this land for 200 years and we aren't giving it up. What would you like Money, Technology, supplies?
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil: We want you to cancel your alliance with quebec and end any future relations with the nation, or we invade.
    • Quebec flagQuebec: The government of Quebec point out that Quebec and France had good relations for more than a undred years, way before the independence. We'd also like to know in which way our relations with France cause you problems.
  • Tibet: We will pull all troops in Nepal out of the country, and recruit 120,000 more troops to invade Tajikstan. We request India's help(Indian response needed). We are invading Tajikstan because there has been a lot of immigrants from Tajikstan entering Tibet as of late. About 15-20% of the Tibetian population(6.2 million)(7.4 million including permanent residents) are of Tajik ancestry, so we invade Tajikstan to allow the Tajik minority to reunite with their families and friends but remain under Tibetian control. Our GDP per capita has risen from $2,735 to $3,913, so that means improvement in the economy.
  • India:We will help the Tibetians to invade Tajikistan for the sole purpose of Reuniting the families of the minorities. But we will not help you to invade any other country.
  • Tibet: We will also help you annex Pakistan by recruiting 10,000 troops and sending them there when the time comes. You can take southwestern Tajikstan and we want access to the coast so can you cede a coastal town to us once you invade Pakistan.(secret)We have aimed ballistic missiles at the Ottoman Empire, as we consider them a threat. We will NOT nuke them unless they develop nuclear weapons and try to use them on another country. The power sources in Tibet currently are: 35% Wind power, 10% Solar power, 45% fossil fuels and 10% nuclear power. Three bombs exploded in three different places in Lhasa on the same day( 18 May 2017), killing 271 people and injuring 570 others, including the Dalai Lama himself. We suspect a Pakistani terrorist group behind the attack. Our population is at 6.4 million and our GDP is $29 billion, thus leaving the GDP per capita at $4,531. We are experiencing only 2.11% inflation, the lowest point ever in Tibet's history. We are building three airbases to house our Air Force and we are sending our 400,000 troops to the Tajikistan border. The Dalai Lama has requested that once he dies, Tibet will turn to democracy and have elections.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia:We officially change our name to the Oceanic Republic. We also reveal a new flag for the republic:
  • Tibet:We would like an alliance between Tibet and the Future Superpowers. Thus we ask that we ally with Australia, Brazil and Austria-Hungary(Australian,Brazilian and Austria-Hungarian response needed). We have pushed into Tajikistan by 15 km already, but we have news of another terrorist attack leaving 21 dead and 183 injured on Tibetan Independence Day (October 17).
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We have set the Invasion of Pakistan for tomorrow. This will be a massive attack which includes soldiers from different Countries such as Tibet, Oceanic Republic, Austria-Hungary, Brazil, etc. We will annex the whole nation And dissolve the Government.[To future superpowers]since we have annexed one country we will stop making war and let peace be there for a while.
  • Mod Event: The Invasion of Pakistan was Implemented and the fleet of 2.5 million invaded Pakistan who was disintegrating. our forces met them in Sindh, Rawalpindi and Punjab. We pushed them towards Islamabad where the defence was sturdy but not strong. We annex the country altogether. Meanwhile in the Philippines, the Australian army destroys all of Philippines. This was mainly Due to an  ICBM launched by India which Obliterated the Philippines army. While in Tajikistan, the Tibetian army with the help of Indian army manages to capture half the Tajikistan Country. A peace process was formed in which all of Tajikistan was annexed into Tibet because it was for a just cause.
  • Austro-Hungary: we start building a powerful navy, we ask India if our kings son can marry the leader of India daughter to help fighting ties, we offer jobs for all people form the future superpowers, secret: we placeing and funding Shia Muslim Terriosts in Romania and Bulgaria. *India:We accept the proposal indicating the growing friendship between our two countries. 
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We send all forces back to Our country as we reach two million strong. We ask The USA if they would like a re-unification of their country for the price of joining our alliance [Mod Response Needed]. We also now have 25% Renewable resources powering our country. We begin putting our military supplies production on overdrive as we feel that although we are trying to create better lives from our conquests, there are forces plotting against us, trying to destroy us. We begin a Invasion timer for the UFNA on the Fourth of July, we will begin the re-unification of the US, if they accept our proposal. We also deploy most of our troops to newly made bases that all have airfields.
  • Mod Response:The USA decline,Stating that they would rather remain divided than to join a ruthless alliance which seek Destruction and has a policy of war.
  • Quebec flagQuebec: President Gendron announce his ministerial cabinet to the country, thus establishing the bases of Quebecese democracy. Troops still patrol the frontiers to protect the country against what's left of Canada and the US. New laws are pass to protect the French language in the country, following the first law to protect French known as "Law 101".
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We ask the Quebec-French alliance to a Non-aggression pact with the Future Superpowers. [Players response Required]
  • Quebec Dip: President Gendron and his administration would agree to this, but will let France decide first.
  • Quebec (OOC): Just to be clear, I just asked France to say "Yeah, I recognize Quebec as an indenpendent country and I'm willing to deal with them as an equal nation." I have no idea where this alliance thing is coming from.
  • European Union: EU President Martin Schulz gladly accepts to the non-aggression pact.
  • Tibet: Our economy is still up and running, with GDP now at $33 billion. Our population has hit 9 million now, due to the invasion of Tajikstan. We need to convert Tajikstan's power sources as nearly half of Tibet's power comes from renewable resources (45%), while only 10% of Tajikstan's power sources are renewable. We have found out that 93,500 deaths have occured, including 23,300 civilian deaths during the war. We send our condolences to the families who lost a family member or a loved one during the invasion of Tajikstan.
  • India:We accept Tibet's request to join the future Superpowers. 


The World has barely come to peace. While most countries are Stopping their Expansionist theory. Many countries are Flocking to the alliance Known as Future Superpowers. Will there Be another alliance to counter the alliance or will the Future Superpowers Establish control and set up a new world order? only time will tell. 

  • Flag of IndiaIndia:We have our tripled our defence expenditures. We will have a nine million man standing army by 2034. We wish to improve ties with France and Quebec. Due to the recent misbehaviour by the Brazilians on whether or not to Invade Amazonia which they didn't listen to us about not invading them. We have issued a formal statement."Brazil has been kicked out of the Future Superpowers And thereby is not a member and will never be a member". We will place heavy sanctions on them if they invade any country,The superpowers will have to attack and destroy Brazil. There is a need of a response from the superpowers if they support our decision they should say so. if they do not support this ,they  should say that also.[Future Superpowers response needed].
  • Tibet: We support India's decision. Brazil has become too radical and violent. We will place heavy sanctions on them and also embargo them. We will ban all flights there and destroy the Brazilian Embassies. We condemn the mass executions and see it as a form of genocide.(secret)We fund Muslim terrorists to attack Brazil.
  • Austria-Hungary: We debate it to our leaders.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We agree and put up heavy sanctions to the nation(Secret): We send a group of covert operatives to assassinate the current government as we feel threatened(End Secret) We also tell the US that "We thought one of your presidents said 'A house divided amongst itself can not stand' so we ask again, would you like help with re-unifying your country? You will not even need to join our alliance, just sign a non-aggression pact with us. [Mod Response Needed]
  • Mod Response:The USA agree to the non aggression pact but will not Form an alliance with you.
  • Tibet: [ Bold=to Future Superpowers] If we invade Brazil, you don't need to use your own nuclear bombs. We will use ours instead. The Tibetan Supreme Court is being moved to Dushanbe, the capital of the state of Tajikistan. We change our name to Tibetistan, to give Tajikistan a place in the name. Also, we are building schools all around the country and two skyscrapers in Lhasa and Dushanbe. They will be called the Tibet Tower and the Tajikistan Tower. They will be the same height (458 m with a 77 meter long spire). Our population has hit ten million and GDP per capita is back to its pre-invasion levels, which means that Tibet's GDP is now $45.31 billion. We increase our defence expenditures by 60% to prepare for a possible invasion of Brazil in the near future. Our power sources are now 55% renewable power sources in Tibet and 30% renewable energy sources in Tajikistan. Tibet is the first country in the world to have more than 50% of power sources as renewable in their heartland. As we are now in the Future superpowers, we would like to strengthen ties with all nations in the Future Superpowers. so we ask that the king of Austria-Hungary, the leader of India, the leader of the Oceanic Republic and the Dalai Lama of Tibet meet in person.[future superpowers response needed]
  • Austria-Hungary: The new king will visit.
  • India: We will strengthen ties with you. We will make you a modern self sufficient country. We thank you for supporting us against the Brazilians. We will trade with you for resources and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and the President, Pranab Mukharjee will visit Tibet and officially meet the Dalai Lama.
  • Oceanic Republic:We will meet with the other leaders. Our engineers are testing a new idea which will make your homeland a lot more usable with creating cities inside the mountains.
  • Ausrtia-Hungary: the Kings first born son has hung himself, after hearing this the king he so saddened by this he to has died, the nation mourn the lost of both, casket are set to travel the nation on a train, his second b and married to the Indian takes the Thorne, King Martin his first action as King is to make two new ships one a aircraft carrier called the AHN King Hans and a battleship called the AHN Prince Wilhelm, (secret: we send two teams of ten jagdkommandos to Brazil to sabotage,get info and to assassinate the president,top Generals and corrupt officials).
  • Quebec: President Gendron continue to pass laws to help the country grow economically. The governments invest billions in the navy to protect the coasts of the newly born nation.
  • Tibetistan: [to future superpowers] Maybe next month? You can choose the place.
  • Tibetistan: Breaking News: The Tibetistan stock exchange falls. The economy falls by 20% in just 6 weeks.
  • Oceanic Republic: [To Future Superpowers]:We Would like to have the meeting in Sydney. We feel sorry for Tibetistan but we cannot help as we are also suffering economically, our stock exchange has fallen 30% in 7 weeks and has no signs of pulling up any time soon. We also find a terror cell trying to destroy one of our industrial complexes, that after much interrogation,we found out that they were funded by Russia and China. We fear that we may be at the brink of war.
  • Tibetistan: [to future superpowers] We agree to have the meeting in Sydney, but we still need the other members to agree. We have another terrorist attack on Tibet. A bomb exploded in the Dalai Lama's residence yesterday, killing 33 and injuring 57 more. The Dalai Lama is injured more severely this time. We also fear that this is the start of the road to anarchy and civil war. We find out that these recent attacks has been caused by the Communist Party, with some backing of the Fascist Party. We will try to ban both parties from running in the elections when the Dalai Lama dies. Our economy has fallen quite a lot, with the economy now at 55% of it's pre-stock exchange crash. 650,000 jobs have been lost in the past month, with 6% of Tibetistan now unemployed. A strip of the south of the country bordering Nepal has now seceded from Tibetistan. It has named itself 1st Tibetian Reich and is controlled by the Fascist party, which is strangely and disturbingly Neo-Nazi. The fact that it is close to Nepal is disturbing, as we think Nepal would be invaded by the 1st Tibetian Reich. We ask India to mobilize troops in Nepal as a safeguard from the 1st Tibetian Reich [Indian response needed] and we do not recognise the 1st Tibetian Reich, commonly nicknamed the Reich, as a nation. We have sent spies into the 1st Tibetian Reich, known to government officials as Fascist occupied territory, and the spies have found out that the Reich has started mass genocide of Brazilians, Europeans and basically everyone else that is not of Tibetian origin. Already they have killed 50,000 people, including 20,000 Brazilians, 15,000 Tajik Muslims and 15,000 other foreigners.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia:We thank you for the timely message. We are sending soldiers from our base in Kathmandu to The border. We will crush the fascist party and we will help reunite the southern part of Your country with you. The invasion plan is set for 2020 as our economy is failing. 
  • Oceanic Republic: In response to the 1st Tibetian Reich, we send in most of our forces by air drop due to a message intercepted by an Oceanic Spy that we sent to the region. It says "First Tibetistan and India, then The Oceanic Republic, We will eliminate all threats to our power". We will use a Firestorm Beta if we must.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: The economy is failing. Inflation is in an all time high.seeing anarchy spread across,Prime minister Narendra Modi dissolves the government and in the new elections,the congress party[Centrist party,neither left nor right] wins with a clear majority and Rahul Gandhi is elected Prime Minister. He says that "we will bring India back to its glory days". We invite the oceanic leader, the Tibetistan leader and the Austro-Hungarian king to attend the oath of the prime minister. [Players response needed]
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We will gladly attend, we ask if we can have two armed guards to protect our government leaders.[India Response Needed]We ask all nations to send troops into the area where the genocide is occurring. [Global Response Needed]
  • India:we will get two of our best guards to protect your leaders. We will send 200,000 troops to the genocide area.
  • Austia-hungry: the King Will go and give the prime minister a 24 karat gold plated styer aug for a gift.
  • Tibetistan: We have launched a satellite which will detect pollution and radioactivity. Last week, we have detected radioactivity in the eastern area of the 1st Tibetan Reich. It is less than what a nuclear weapon would produce, but more than a nuclear power plant would produce. We think the 1st Tibetian Reich is trying to make nuclear weapons. We have sent our entire army (753,000 soldiers, 500 army planes and four spy planes) to the 1st Tibetian Reich border. We have managed to take control of 20% of the country in two months. We have captured a general. After interrogation, he said that four countries are funding the 1st Tibetian Reich. The countries are: Russia, China, Cuba, and the Siamese republic. We ask the Oceanic Republic to take care of the invasion of the Siamese Republic (Thailand).
  • Tibetistan: Breaking News: Another bomb explodes in the Dalai Lama's residence.23 people die, including the Dalai Lama. We hold an election and the Tibetian Democrats win by 67% of the total vote. The new president is Tenzin Pamnu. However, the Communist Party is not happy about the results of the election, and so decides to take control of the Southeastern region of Tibetistan. They name their seceded country the Communist Republic of Tibet, also known as CRT. The CRT, the 1st Tibetian Reich, China, Russia, the Siamese Republic, and Cuba form a formal alliance by signing a pact. The pact is called the Destruction of the Future Superpowers Pact, signifying what these nations want to do; bring down the whole Future Superpowers . We officially change our name (again) to the Republic of Tibetistan.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We see this as a declaration of war and as our Military reaches three million, we invade the Siamese Republic. We move our government to an underground bunker and begin Arming our nuclear arsenal for future usage. We ask all governments to help us in our preemptive strike and say, who is committing Genocide? [Global response needed]
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We will launch our three nukes at the 1st Tibetian Reich, China and the Siamese Republic each. We don't have ballistic missiles strong enough to reach Russia and Cuba yet. A Tibetistani spy has intercepted a message from the CRT to the 1st Tibetian Reich that says " 210,000 foriegners dead? Great! We have killed over 40,000 foreigners already. Conquer Kashmir and kill all the Indians there." This message also shows that the CRT is supporting the 1st Tibetian Reich genocide, that the two rogue nations combined have killed a quarter of a million people already, and that they are planning to invade Kashmir. We advise the Indian government to send half the troops in Nepal to Kashmir. We will also help them to fight the Reich and the CRT by invading the from the north. Inflation has topped 50% for the first time in Tibet's history and our economy has now halved. Our debts to other countries now are $97 billion dollars. Another terrorist attack on Tibet has happened. The 1st Tibetian Reich has bombed the international airports in Lhasa and Dushanbe. A bomb has also exploded in the Tibetistani stock exchange building. The economy is further damaged and the attacks have killed 6,319 people and injured 17,613 more. Dushanbe International Airport's Terminal A and half of Terminal B is destroyed, with the rest severely damaged. Lhasa International Airport has been 65% destroyed, with only 5% undamaged. It is probably the worst terrorist attack ever in Asia. The costs of the attack are $4.7 billion. We ask the UN to do something about the attacks[ mod response needed] while local news reporters say that the Republic of Tibetistan is now in a state of anarchy, even though President Tenzin is still alive.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We finish construction of Firestorm Gamma, and we threaten to use it on Moscow if Russia does not leave the alliance and join the Future Superpowers. [Mod Response Required]
  • Republic of Tibetistan: [To Future Superpowers] We nuke Beijing and Shanghai. We threaten China with more attacks unless they leave the Destruction of the Future Superpowers Pact and sign a non-aggression pact.[Mod Response Needed]
  • Mod Response:China backs out of the alliance, and signs the non-aggression pact. Russia, however, does not back out and says, do your worst.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We nuke Moscow, obliterrating the entire city. We launch a second nuke at a known nuclear facility, but it is intercepted and shut down, crashing into the ruins of Moscow. We ask again. [Mod Response Needed]
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We place short range ballistic missiles in the northernmost and westernmost parts of Tibetistan. From there, our nukes are able to reach Russia. We nuke Chelyabinsk and Volgograd (Stalingrad).


The World is at the brink of total destruction as The Future Superpowers nuke China and Russia. A Great Depression sweeps across the world as most major countries suffer. The Siamese Republic joins The Future Superpowers to keep from being controlled by The Oceanic Republic. Could this be the end for humanity or just a fluke?

  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We are sorry for our attacks but we were threatened by the pact. We finally finish our recruitment of 6 million troops, a year ahead of schedule. Our economy is suffering so as a plan to bring us out of our depression, we begin urbanizing the outback, giving all unemployed a chance to help in building for full wages of 20 dollars an hour. We also begin building new factories in the outback.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We have found a 1st Tibetian Reich propaganda video on Youtube. We have found up to date information about their army size and the genocide of foreigners. So far, they have killed 500,000 people and their army includes 265,000 people, 378 tanks, 16 army planes and one spy plane. By comparison, our army has 950,000 people, 2145 tanks, 95 army planes, five spy planes and one reserve nuclear weapon. Our spy planes report that the 1st Tibetan Reich has already pushed their troops into Kashmir. We ask again that the Indians take arms against the 1st Tibetan Reich. Our economy shows no signs of rising as our economy dips down even further. We start building factories across the Northern Tibetan Plateau, the non-industrialized region of Tibetistan to provide jobs to the 2.7 million unemployed (38% of the predepression workers). Raids by the Destruction of the Future Superpowers Pact on the major cities of Lhasa, Dushanbe, Xigaze, Nagqu, Istarvshan and Khujand began last month. 354,000 people have died already and riots have appeared all over the country. We recruit more police to defuse the riots. The Future Superpowers War has killed 27 million people, including 17 million civilians, making it the third deadliest war in history. The only deadlier wars were WW1 (38 million deaths) and WW2(56 million deaths).
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We send 5.9 million troops into The First Tibetan Reich, continue heavy military raids, and send naval carriers to the indian coast just in case. We build military defence systems in all of our controlled areas to stop any and all invasions. Our stock market is on a slight rise considering the military upkeep that is starting to bring it up by 1%. The DFSP launches many military strikes on our capital, destroying five hundred buildings and killing 50,000 innocent humans.
  • [Mod Event]: South Africa and Cuba joins the DFSP, while Canada, Siberia, The African Union, and Kamchatka ask to join the Future Superpowers. [Future Superpowers Response Required]
  • Oceanic Republic: I think we speak for all of us when we say yes.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We agree to accept Canada, Siberia, The African Union and Kamchatka's joining of the Future Superpowers. We blockade Cape Town in retaliation to their joining of the DFSP and threaten them with a nuclear strike on Pretoria(using our last missile) if their soldiers even TOUCH Future Superpower land. We call for a ceasefire and a peace talk in Dushanbe (the most targeted place in Tibetistan). We have quelled most of the rebellions as our economy goes up 1.3% due to factories being completed in Northern Tibet. We will try to negotiate with the First Tibetian Reich. Our demands are 1. They reduce military size to less than 120,000 troops and less than ten army planes. 2. They leave the DFSP. 3. They attend the Dushanbe peace talks. 4. They stop the genocide (reported to have killed at least 575,000 people). 5. They sign the same non-aggression pact China signed last June. 6. They tell the Communist Republic of Tibet (CRT), their ally to stop their genocide also (believed to have killed 315,000 people). 7. They withdraw from Kashmir( rightful Indian land). 8. They help us in attacking Cuba, Russia and South Africa after they meet the other requirements. We hope they accept the one-time offer ( if they don't accept, we will move 900,000 troops, 2000 tanks and all our army planes and spy planes to invade the Reich, along with the 5.9 million Oceanic troops and hopefully troops from other countries). (mod response needed)
  • Mod Response:The new members of The Future Superpowers send most of their troops to the Reich.
  • Japan: We shut maritime borders and order all citizens to remain indoors for two weeks after the Future Superpowers nuked China and Russia. The JSDF and the government begins to distribute supplies to evacuees in public bunkers. Despite our economy suffering from the Great Depression, and all industry and work ceased in light of the nuclear disaster, we estimate that we can completely recover within two years. We request the Future superpowers to sign a permanent non-aggression pact. (Future superpower response needed) Because the United States of America ceased to exist and does not contribute militarily for Japan, Article 9 has been amended to maximize the capabilities of the JSDF, although war and aggression is still illegal. Large-scale developments of covert submarines and surface-to-air defense systems is being worked on.
  • Oceanic Republic:We accept.
  • Mod Event:Mexico, the UNAF, Texas, and Alaska join the DFSP; as one nation, The Communist Reich of North America. Canada and The Island Republic join the US, and therefore, the US joins The Future Superpowers; The US declares war on the CRNA.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We sign the non-aggression pact. President Tenzin announces to all of the international community that " Tibetistan is not a warmongering nation, we just want this war over with. It has caused 29 million deaths so far, most of them civilians. We will beat the murderers, the genocidals, the inhumans. The world needs a chance to recover." This speech gained worldwide approval and it will be one of Tibetistan's most famous speech (like the I Have A Dream speech by Martin Luther King Jr.). Due to this speech, 13 million troops, two million tanks, one million submarines entering from the Mekong, 500,000 fighter jets and 2000 spy planes from all over the world will be invading the 1st Tibetian Reich. This will be the largest invasion in history.
  • Mod Event:In response to the events, the Tibetian Reich sends all of their pilots on kamikaze missions, killing three million people, all being non-Tibetian "undesirables."
  • Republic of Tibetistan:Our spy planes have found what looks like a nuclear bomb in the 1st Tibetian Reich. It was later found out that the nuke was a Russian nuke. In response to this information, we build a system of bunkers that can house the entire Tibetistani population (10.7 million) with room for three million others. The Future Superpowers War becomes a compulsory subject in schools and anti-DFSP propaganda is shown on TV every hour. The public is taught what to do if a nuclear bomb is headed for the Republic of Tibetistan. We have sent spies to Kashmir. They have reported that Kashmir is now part of the Tibetian Reich and systematic extermination (similar to the Holocaust) of the one million Indians living there has begun. They have also reported that the first Tibetian Reich death camps are established in Kashmir, including Camp Hitler (yes, it is named after that evil dictator), five km from the new Tibetian Reich-Indian border.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:The Reich Nukes Sydney, killing two million people. Our Spy Planes find that Cuba is sending military supplies and personnel to the Reich. We invade Cuba with two million troops. Our Bombers bomb New Lhasa, the Capital of the Reich, killing 50 people, including their Dalai Llama.
  • Mod Event: The invasion of The Reich begins, pushing into New Lhasa in three months, capturing the capital. The Reich and The PRT surrenders. The War in Asia is over. The war in the Americas, however, has just begun. The USA has captured Alaska from the CRNA. Cuba Surrenders to The Oceanic Republic.
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: We invite all members to the dedication of the three Tibetian Reich death camps (Camp Hitler, Auschwitz III and Camp Fascism Rules) as permanent memorials of the War in Asia. We send government officials to the former area of the Tibetian Reich and the PRT to give condolences to the people who has lost family members and loved ones due to the genocide that has killed 1.1 million people. As retaliation to the Republic of Tibetistan nuking two cities in Russia, Russia nukes Dushanbe. 1.3 million people die (the other 1.2 million live due to the underground bunkers).
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: President Tenzin announces that the War in Asia is not over. Russia needs to be stopped before the War in Asia is over or else they will continue to nuke Tibetistani and Oceanic cities. Our spy planes have reported 5000 warships and 100 warplanes heading in the direction of the Oceanic Republic. Thus, our last nuclear missile is heading toward Pretoria if they land on Oceanic land. The war has claimed 41 million lives so far and we want peace. We ask the UN countries to attend the Dushanbe Talks (held in an underground bunker due to Dushanbe reduced to rubble by a Russian nuke).(Mod Response Needed) President Tenzin ends the speech with the sentence "This is WW3 here. The world is on the brink of collapse. The only way humanity can survive is if we make peace and cooperate. Please heed my warning."
  • Flag of the United NationsUN Response:We agree. We have begun mobilization of forces and will meet in that bunker.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We Build the Firestorm Delta, It has a nuclear payload of 19 Megatons. We launch one at New Moscow, the new capital of Russia


As the Future Superpowers War escalates into nuclear conflict in Asia, The African and American Theatres have just begun. Is this World War 3? Or the end of our future? As many people flock to both alliances, which will gain the upper hand?

  • Mod Event:Russian forces encounter heavy resistance but push through, barely, then a larger Oceanic and Kamchatkan force pushes the rest out of Oceanic land and back to Russian Seas, where they launch a counterattack. The counterattack is staged with 9 million armed infantry troops and three armored divisions. They push through conquering half of Russian territory. The Russians Surrender. The War in Asia is officially over.
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: Our spy planes have been diverted to the CRNA. We have found a steady stream of people entering Alcatraz, but no one coming out. We have also detected smoke coming from the former prison. We think that this is another act of genocide. We condemn the CRNA and place sanctions on the country. We ask other members of the Future Superpowers to do the same[Mod Response Needed]. The Dushanbe Peace Talks have been scheduled to be on our 4th Independence Day (October 17). All UN members are participating in the Peace Talks. The Tajikistan Tower project is moved to Khujand following the destruction of Dushanbe. The Tibet Tower's exterior is now finished despite heavy economic losses. The grand opening is scheduled to be on 6 April 2021. An Iphone factory has been completed in South Taklamakan State (North Tibet) and the Iphone 9 is coming to Tibet soon. 2500 jobs have been created this year and only 1750 jobs have been lost, marking the first period of time since 2017 that more jobs were created than lost
  • Greece:We are trying to recreate what the ancient Greeks have done. We wish to join the Future superpowers [Future Superpowers response required]
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We accept on both ideas. We prepare an invasion force of five Million Oceanic Men and ask others to also prepare invasion forces [Future Superpowers Response Required]
  • Mod Response:The USA accepts both ideas. Kamchatka poses sanctions, but denies Greece's admition into the Superpowers.
  • Flag of Tibet Republic of Tibetistan: We acknowledge Greece's admission into the Future Superpowers. We test a H-bomb. It is called the Vaporizer 4001 and it has a nuclear payload of 8 megatons. We make three of them and we keep them for use if the remnants of the DFSP threaten us again. We prepare one million troops for invasion, as well as 6700 submarines and 10,000 war planes (95% of our army, the other 5% are for defending Tibetistan if the DFSP decides to invade it). The CRNA nukes Lhasa. 60 % of Lhasa's population (one million people) survive, including President Tenzin. In response, we nuke Seattle, the CRNA's commercial capital with the Vaporizer 4001 in a move designed to damage their economy. Our satellite has detected life-threatening levels of radiation across 40-60% of European Russia, as well as parts of Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia and Finland. This widespread radiation will affect 95.6 million Russians alone, as well as 15.3 million others.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We launch a 'radiation collector' which is only a prototype, to European Russia, which begins reducing the radiation fallout to non-life threatening levels. We scedule the invasion for 5/12 at 3:15 am Pacific Time to not have as many guards. We shall storm Los Angeles, their Capital. We have confirmed reports that Alcatraz is incinerating millions of people, and shooting millions more, in one month.
  • Mod Event:The CRNA invades Gran Columbia and Peru, which surrender after only three days of fighting. They then invade Guiana, which surrenders after only two minutes of fighting! The shortest war in history. They set up the Andine Reich, consisting of Gran Columbia and Peru. They annex Guiana.
  • Flag of GreeceGreece:We only re-created only a fraction of Greece's ruins.
  • Mod Event:Prussia invades Poland and Germany, wanting to restore the glory of their kingdom, they both surrender and give them their former lands.

    Prussia's Territory

  • Flag of GreeceGreece:We begin constructing factories to bring us out of the great depression, we also begin testing nuclear weapons, we also begin recruiting over one million men/women to our military. We also start building huge underground bunkers.
  • Flag of GreeceGreece:We are done with building our bunkers and start recruiting even more people for the army. We start expanding our military camps. We want a new president so elections start. we also found a new flower that we have named Laryque. We start sending soldiers to the border of greece just in case of a invasion.
  • Flag of the United StatesUSA: We at the United States have begun a series of debilitating sanctions against the CRNA. We also begin a program to improve our military technology hopefully allowing the creation of drones capable of being completely undetected. (Secret) We send drones over the CRNA and perform a series of drone strikes on weapons depots, weapons production facilities, and army training camps. Top Generals meet in Washington to discuss an invasion strategy on the CRNA. The discussions led to a planned attack on the CRNA border from the Mississippi River. We will continue our offensive through the CRNA. Generals state in the meeting that five million soldiers, one-thousand tanks, and upwards of twenty-five thousand aircraft will be needed for this operation. The operation has been named "Operation Sentinel". A naval attack will also be performed on Los Angeles to assist Oceanic Republic forces. We also will launch a cyberattack on the power plants of the CRNA to help the invasion progress. (Mod Response Needed)(Secret) In the United States, anti communism fliers can be seen almost everywhere and polls indicate that only eight percent of America's population have a positive opinion of the CRNA. American investigations have concluded that the CRNA is responsible for a multitude of human rights abuses. On the Domestic front up to fifteen percent of all Americans now use alternative energy. The presidential election is now in full swing after president Hillary Clinton cannot run for a third term. Former vice president Joe Biden polls ahead of Senator Paul Ryan by 4-7 points.
  • Flag of GreeceGreece: Start building houses in the Peloponnesus Mountains for the rich and will take a long time to finish. We start focusing on upgrading our technology and start creating more Spy Drones and Spy Planes. Starts working on a copy of the Oceanic Republic's Radiation collecter.
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: We have taken Oregon as all the Oregonians died in Alcatraz, killing five million people, second only to the Holocaust. The genocide is still going on as CRNA President Donald Trump starts rounding up Mexicans and sending them to Alcatraz (to be burned up) or to an unknown remote location in the Sonoran Desert (to starve to death). All this is the CRNA's doing with the DFSP's support. Due to the ongoing radiation crisis, 240,000 Russian refugees, including President Vladimir Putin, have arrived in Tibetistan. They are in quarantine shelters in Underground Dushanbe due to radiation sickness having already spread to 37 Tibetistani citizens. They are also in quarantine shelters. We send a radiation collector that will suck up the radiation in Russia (radiation levels average 112 REM, life-threatening but still down from the 154 rem back in February). We have sent peacekeeping troops and policemen to Russia. They have found out that Russia is in complete anarchy, a civil war is there and 13 million people across Russia have died from both causes.
  • Flag of Tibet Republic of Tibetistan We have finished constructing the room for the Dushanbe Peace Talks. It pokes out above ground, mainly to showcase the ruins of the former capital of Tajikistan State. Meanwhile, the Tibetistani Army's 6th regiment has stayed in Oregon to protect it while the others invade Northern California. We have met up with Oceanic troops and the Battle of San Fransisco has begun.
  • Mod Response:The Battle of San Fransisco has begun, Superpower forces storm the city with little resistance. Only 100 Troops are stationed there. CRNA forces are quick to counter though, when 500000 troops try to counter the massive force of Tibetistani and Oceanic forces, the battle rages for three days. The Future Superpowers are victorious. Just 250 men die in the fighting before President Trump calls forces back to Reno, their Provisional capital, with the CRNA fighting on two fronts, will they be able to push forces out of their territory? Or will the CRNA become a footnote in our Future's Course
  • Flag of GreeceGreece:We are done building a copy of the Radiation collector that the Oceanic Republic made first and we launch it in Russia just in case if the radiation spreads. We start sending spy planes to Reno, NV. We start building tanks and nuclear bombs. We send 500,000 troops,and 5,000 fighter jets to Albania to invade. A new president has been elected and his name is Trump Alexander and says we need to increase our army size. [Mod Response Required]
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: The Dushanbe Peace Talks have started[Mod Response Needed]. Meanwhile, in the CRNA, our forces are moving south toward Los Angeles, their capital. We liberate Alcatraz death camp and find only 37,000 people there, a massacre occuring during the Battle of San Fransisco to maximise the deaths of the CRNA's genocidal targets (Oregonians, illegal immigrants from Amazonia and Brazil and people with any relation to Future Superpowers countries). We divert the force of 100,000 troops stationed to defend Tibetistan to Albania to help with the Greek invasion, leaving only 10,000 peacekeeping troops remaining in Tibetistan. We conduct the first search above ground in Lhasa (nuked by the CRNA) and find out that 10% of the city's buildings have survived the nuke. It is revealed that the nuke launched by the CRNA that destroyed most of Lhasa exploded prematurely and 6km off center. Fortunately, the Presidential Residence (the former Dalai Lama's palace) and the Tibet Tower has survived, and work on it continues.
  • Mod Response:The USA's invasion of the CRNA is going well, pushing them back into Northern Panama and California. Greece has annexed Albania in a war lasting, only 6 days. The Dushanbe Peace Talks end in most countries happy, exept The CRNA and South Africa, who hate their "fallen Comrades" who have turned their back on the alliance. However, they do agree to the terms. The 1TR and the PRT will be annexed by Tibet; China, Russia, and the newly formed Siam Union will join the Future Superpowers; Cuba shall be annexed by The Oceanic Republic, and the USA shall be given control of the Lesser antillies, The Bahamas, Jamacia, and Peuto Rico; The CRNA shall be fully annexed by the USA, except for Guiana, which will be turned into an international land claimed by all members of The Future Superpowers. South Africa will pay war reperations to the Future Superpowers.
  • Flag of the United StatesUSA: We have begun the trial of Donald Trump. We ask all world leaders to attend his trial as the jury (Player Response Needed). The jury will decide if he is to be executed or is to be sent to prison for the rest of his life.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:Prime Minister Abbot will attend the trial.
  • Mod Event:The Nations of South Africa, The Egyptian Empire, Prussia, and The Andine Reich form a new alliance, The Industrialized Regional Powers, or The IRP for short. They Invade the Congo. And win, losing 1000 troops in the process. They carve out the land into strips, strip One is under South African control, and borders South Africa. Strip Two is under Egyptian Control, Strip Three is under Prussian Control. Strip Four is under Andine Control, and the rest is under Congo Control. Each strip is 30 miles.


The Future Superpowers War, or World War III to some countries; is over. With two alliances, The Future Superpowers, and The Industrialized Regional Powers. Will these alliances start yet another World War? Or will we be engaged in a Second Cold War? Only time will tell as our Future's Course Continues.

  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We begin putting large resources in Project Firestorm, our current nuclear program. Now all of our Nuclear Plants are on uninhabited islands in the Pacific and are strictly for Project Firestorm. We also begin a new space program. Focused on bringing Oceania to the Moon and Mars. We begin working on the Neptune Project, which will bring us to Space. Neptune-1 is Ready to Launch. It will bring Men in orbit of the Moon, and if all goes well it is equipped with a lunar lander to go onto the surface. On the home front we begin constructing cities inside the mountains of New Zealand. We are oficcialy on 100% Renewable Energy, and we launch our first Nuclear barge, getting rid of the nuclear waste on an autopilot to the sun, and will also give us a detailed report of exactly what stars are made of. We have finished urbanizing the Outback. We create large animal reservations for animals, containing all of the things they need. We completely reform our economy, and provide free housing to all homeless people. We construct a new tank, the JT-9247.
    Oceanic Tank

    The JT-9247

  • Flag of ItalyItaly: We begin constructing factories for nuclear purposes during this event we have found Genghis Khans burial tomb we will keep you updated
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: Inside Genghis Khans burial tomb we have found that we underestimated anient times we have foun current evidence of a albino sabertooth we are currently investigating how to make this life form and construction of a so called jurracic park is possible we are currently deciding if we should for further notice and confusion contact Italys reaserch team.
  • Flag of the United StatesUSA: We begin putting time into our new project. It will be provisionally named Project Death Cure. The project will begin large-scale development of biological and chemical weapons. The biological weapons will be various highly contagious and lethal organisms. We will also attempt to create high drug resistance in our organisms. (Secret) We also send stealth drones to patrol all countries in the IRP. The drones will retrieve any and all information from the IRP and send all received information to the Future Superpowers. (TOP SECRET) We begin infecting water supplies of the Andine Reich and South Africa. (Mod Response on death toll) (TOP SECRET) Former vice-president Joe Biden is elected president of the United States and promises to help our nation's struggling middle and working class. He also vows to never let American ways get hurt by foreign powers.
  • Mod Response: The Death toll is only 2000 before providing bottled water. The South African government Suspects Germans of doing this as they were invaded by Prussia. They declare war on Germany. Germany persuades them that it was Switzerland.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:The launch of Neptune-1 is successful putting two Oceanic men on the Moon. They conduct several experiments. They even excavate some land for a lunar base. Then as they are heading home, they see a mysterious object traveling very fast. It is told to the public to be a Tibetian spacecraft. It is actually unknown what it is, all that is known is that it is of an unknown design and bears an X with four Decagons on each end.
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: We have converted 85% of Tibet's energy and 60% of Tajikistan's energy sources into renewable energy sources. We have also launched a man in space in the spacecraft that the Oceanic Republic saw. Our economy is booming once again and we see the economy surging back to pre-depression levels again. The 93-floor Tibet Tower is finished and the 10th to 15 the floors are turned into the War Museum, remembering the Future Superpowers War. It has claimed 113 million lives, including 28% of Tibetistan's population.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: Constructing of an arms tower has begun and will be finished in about three days we are currently fighting a group of terrorists called the Changers they have entered through earth's mantle we will be fleeing four astronauts to enteract with keplar22B They have reported a life form as fish type creatures and is a source of food if you see an decagon shape with rounded sides do not disturb we are currently testing an Ottoman export as we may believe this can be used as a nuclear warhead. One of our scientists has died from radiation poisoning and will be given a funeral. Our three scientists are coming back with 42 pounds of ottoman export which is highly explodable and toxic for a few pound will be sold to our superpowers team for about 432,000 message Italy for this new substance.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We begin construction of the Sydney Tower. This will hopefully be the headquarters of the Future Superpowers. We begin building bases on Cuba, Guiana, and Northern Montenegro. We give The US Hawaii and The Aleutians for Panama and Guatemala [US Response Required]
  • Mod Event:The Andine Reich declares War on The Future Superpowers, and is expelled from The IRP, The Ottomans Join the IRP.

Flag of GreeceGreece:(Secret(Keep it on the low):We send mercenaries to The Andine Reich, and terrorists to bomb the capital of the Andine Reich and we send spy drones to get extra information about the Andine Reich. The new flower that we found and try to make good use of it and try to make diffent medicines.

  • Flag of ItalyItaly:An new Ottaman empire has been constructed in the heart of Italy and will be declaring threats of an nuclear warfare against Future Superpowers for executing a head leader. broadcast anouncment Oceanic republic coordinates have been received turn down or face our wrath we are launching a nucler warhead in 7 hours
  • Flag of the United StatesUSA: Italy has declared war on one of our closest allies, the Oceanic Republic. We vow to protect our allies in the strongest way possible and formally declare war on Italy. We begin producing ten hydrogen bombs and ICBMs. We call on all Future Superpower nations to declare war. The nuclear weapons all have the capability to explode with ten to twenty tons of tnt. We launch one of these at Rome and one in Venice. We also ready a force of eight million soldiers and three thousand aircraft to attack Italy if necessary. (Mod Response on Nuclear Attack) In 2020 Donald Trump was tried. The jury decides his brutal genocides and human right's abuses are reasonable evidence for the execution of Donald Trump.
  • India:we had been Isolationist for a long time but the people has risen against it and the current government is overthrown. The new government headed by BJP trues to improve relations with USA(USA response needed)we would like to thank the Oceanic republic as they took a massive step towards achieving more than what was expected of them. As India and the Oceanic Republic were the founding members of the future superpowers we dedicate five million USD to them for their hard work. (to Italy) you have made a huge mistake by threatening to attack our best ally. (secret) we place five Brahmos missiles in case of a nuclear attack in the Oceanic Republic (secret).
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We send five million troops to Italy in order to overthrow the government.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: We are currently investigating how the ottomans have invaded Italy we are evacuating due to missile threats leaving the ottomans behing we have only one request Future superpowers we are applying and donating 500 tons of dynatic powder for testing and 7 ICBMs accept or deny Ottomans are powerful. Be careful.
  • India:We have decided to bring a new idea. The UN security council is going to have two more seats but for this we need the votes of the current members of the security council. The possible countries are: USA, The Oceanic Republic, Japan, Greece and Austria-Hungary. Those current members should vote and those two countries which have the majority vote will be inducted as the new permanent members. We Indians as a permanent member of the security council choose USA and The Oceanic Republic to be the members.


It seems that war does not give up. Terrorist groups have somehow managed to eradicate their differences and they merged to form the Great Terrorist Conspiracy. They formed sleeper cell in all countries. Will all the countries stand united against this brute force or will they do it on their own? Meanwhile, there are two seats in the security council. USA who was the sole dominator who had lost its seat has a chance to regain it.

  • Flag of IndiaIndia:we will try our best to eradicate the so called Great Terrorist Conspiracy. We have tripled defence expenditures. We would like to enhance trade with USA, The Oceanic Republic, Japan and Greece. (To The Oceanic Republic) If you will allow us to jointly control over The Caribbean, we will jointly control Sri Lanka. We have set the annexation date for tomorrow. do you agree (The Oceanic Republic needed) (Top Secret) we are devising a massive invasion plan. The Invasion of China. We need help from The Oceanic Republic, Tibetistan, USA, Greece both militarily and financially (players response needed (top secret).
    • Japan: We agree to enhance trade with India.
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: (TOP SECRET!!!) We send $1 million to India to help with the invasion but we are only satisfied if we get control over Xinjiang and half of Inner Mongolia. We also send 800,000 troops. (TOP SECRET!!!) Yesterday, a bomb exploded in Underground Dushanbe, damaging 20% of the underground bunkers and killing 7,815 people.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: We have defeated the ottoman invaders thank you future superpowers we are currently rebuilding.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia:[To Tibestan][Top Secret]We thank you for donating troops as well as Financial support. In return we will give you control over Xianjiang and half of Inner Mongolia[Top Secret]we are disheartened by the explosion of a bomb. We will give financial support.[to Italy]We Congratulate you for your successful campaign against the Ottoman invaders. We will give financial support in return for a non-aggression pact between India and Italy.[Italy Response needed].
  • Flag of GreeceGreece:We send one million troops to the Ottoman Empire, 50,000 fighter jets, 1,000 tanks, and 500 engineers. The Lary'Que flower is a good medicine for calming down nerves for injured soldiers. [Mod Response Required]
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: [TOP SECRET]: We send two million troops to China to help in the war effort along with 6 billion dollars. We accept the proposal of jointly controlling the Caribbean and Sri Lanka[TOP SECRET] We send one million troops to Greece for the Counter Attack. We begin expanding our defence expenditures to counter the GTC. We have finished putting down the foundation for The Sydney Tower and begin constructing the skeleton. We begin construction of the 2026 winter olympics, which will be held in the New Zealand Province.
  • Mod Response:The Invasion of The Ottomans is going well as Greek and Oceanic forces storm Ottoman land, oblitterating all forces that oppose. The Russian Government chooses The USA and The Oceanic Republic as the new members. Russia says: We have had disputes in the past, but we will not let anger cloud rationality. The Oceanic Republic is well capable of reaching across the globe, as has been proven in World War 3. The US controlls almost all of the land in North America, and is well capable of using force around the world.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We have gotten blueprints to make a new Fighter Jet: The CM-3421 Falcon, or Falcon for short. It has no relation to the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars, Episodes 4-7. We did build a copy, but terrorists destroyed it so we can only show you a computer generated model:
  • Japan: Japan's economy has revived and flourished after the Second Great Depression. It's economy is somehow diversified with the manufacturing, technology and automobile industries leading. The Defence, Shipping, Agriculture and Science fields receives importance as well. Due to the ever-changing political order and China's fall, Japan is now the 4th most powerful nation. The Prime Minister order intense research and development to upgrade Japan's Self-Defense Forces to be formidable against national threats, and approves 8% of the budget to be spent for defence.(SECRET) The Defence Ministry begins operations to extract blueprints of nuclear weapons technology into Japanese hands. (SECRET) We declare armed neutrality in the war between the Future Superpowers and the Industrialized Regional Powers. Japan elects the Oceanic Republic and the United States as the new permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. However, Japan can serve as a neutral party in the SC if they are elected. Japan starts a space program that will send a space craft to Sirius, and research crafts to Saturn and it's moons.
    CM-3421 Falcon

    The CM-3421 Falcon "Falcon for short"

  • Flag of Italy Italy: [to india] we are accepting Indias peace treaty.[to others]for further notice we are going to send 25,000 infantry three ICBMs 43,000 fighter jets a Cruise missile and our secret tanks harborno and Saweter-Runkin. Ottomans will perish. We donate 25,000 soldiers, three harborno tanks and one Saweter-Runkin to all of the future superpowers. FYI, harborno tanks are equiped with a y blast. If you shoot it too close you will explode.
  • MOD EVENT: Russia gives the Oceanic Republic and Greece 50 billion rubles (755.2 million US dollars) each for eliminating the radiation. It also gives Tibetistan 40 billion rubles (604.16 million US dollars) for welcoming the refugees and informing the world of the radiation.
  • Oceanic Republic:We wish to have President Putin, President Tenzin, President Biden, President Alexander, The Austria-Hungarian King, India's Current Prime Minister, and Prime Minister Abbot to meet in Sydney to discuss what is next for The Future Superpowers. [Alliance Response Required]
  • Flag of GreeceGreece: We agree to go to the meeting. We start recruiting even more soldiers for our military. We start constructing nuclear barges.
  • Prussia: We hold elections and a random guy wins(I'm going to name the guy later). We begin to show interest in space and land on the moon as well as beginning to terraform the moon but find we lack the technology. We see a UFO that contains people we and other nations don't know, we believe it might be aliens and they say they come from the Oort Clout, they may just be terrorists who got a spaceship (they are bipedal). We invade Germany and begin conquering it. (Mod Response on territorial gains). We attempt to ally with Tibetistan(player response). (TOP SECRET, known only to Prussia and Oceania) We ask to join the Future Superpowers as we are planning to betray the Industralized Regional Powers by invading the Ottomans,South Africans, and the Andines. (End TOP SECRET).
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We agree to go to the meeting and we also agree to establish an alliance with Prussia. We hope to boost all economies in the Future Superpowers, especially in light of the Second Great Depression so we propose a free trade zone and a shared currency, the Future Superpowers dollar(FS$)[MOD AND PLAYER RESPONSES NEEDED]. (TOP SECRET) We ask Greece for the Laryque flower due to the upcoming Invasion of China. We ask Greece to keep the Invasion of China a TOP SECRET. If they fulfill that request only, we will aid them with financial support on their war against the Ottoman Empire and one of our ICBMs have been pointed to the Ottoman Empire since 2017. We will use this ICBM to nuke Istanbul if necessary(END TOP SECRET)[Greece response needed].
  • MOD EVENT: Korea (ruled by Kim Jong Un) asks for an alliance with the GTC(Great Terrorist Conspiracy) in a desperate bid to save their country from attacks. The terrorists accept and Jeju Island is given to the terrorists. They form an independent state there and call it the Terrorist Republic. Prussia was able to gain all of Germany except for Baden-Wurrtemburg.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:[Top Secret! Only Prussia and Tibetistan Know this] We tell both of them that help with the Ottomans will not be nessecary, as we have contained them in the territory of the former United Arab Emirates, or UAE.[End Top Secret] We launch Neptune 2, which finds out that the Moon has valuable resources inside it like gold, platinum, and titanium; we begin working on plans for a colony, named Omega Nova. In our experimentation with alternate fuel sources, we hav proved the existence of Gravitons, the hypothetical particle that supposedly controlled gravity. If it comes into contact with a Higgs Boson, they temporarily weaken, allowing for cars that slightly hover off of the ground. Sadly, we must declare war on Korea for harbinging Terrorists. We use our bombers in Kamchatka to bomb the Terrorist Country into submission. We will not tolerate countries helping terrorists!
  • Prussia Dip:(Italic is top secret) So we are still attacking South Africa and Andine Reich? Also can we join Future Superpowers?
  • Mod Event:China, Bulgaria, Romania and Polish Rebels sign a pact to join The Industrialized Regional Powers and make a plan to invade the Oceanic Province of Polynesia by attacking Midway, Johnston Atoll, and Guam. All former territories of The US. China also will invade the Philippinian Provinces.
  • Flag of Tibet Republic of Tibetistan: We nuke Pyongyang, the new capital of Korea in an effort to kill Kim Jong Un, but he goes in a presidential bunker and he survives (MOD RESPONSE ON DEATH TOLLS). (Italic is top secret) Due to China's invasion of the Oceanic provinces of Polynesia and Philippines, we ask India and the Oceanic Republic to invade China IMMEDIATELY .
  • MOD EVENT: Korea and the Terrorist Republic send three million troops each to invade Japan, mainly to seek out the South Korean government in exile and hang them.
  • Japan: We accuse the Korean and Terrorist Republics of deliberate fraud for military gains, as the South Korean government is not located in Japan's territories. We threaten to join the Future Superpowers if Korea and the Terrorist Republic still decides to provoke the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Anti-ballistic and Anti-nuclear defenses are all operational, while 4,200,000 troops are presently on standby. Emergency Protocol Four is activated, allowing the government to seek 2,600,000 more reserves. 40 Submarine bomber fleets are also prepared to eliminate all troops that are being transported from the Korean islands. Japan issues a final warning before they begin counter-attacks against Korean aggression. (SECRET) The Foreign Ministry orders the cancellation of giving any South Korean politicians asylum, and instead sending them to John F. Kennedy Airport disguised as Philippine businessmen fleeing the invasion. All documents related to the event will either be destroyed or hidden in a classified archive. (SECRET)
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We send three million troops to Hong Kong, making Chinese troops pull out of Oceania to counter our forces. We ask that Tibetistan and India launch their invasion to have them fighting on two fronts.
  • Mod Event:We, The People's Democratic Republic of Korea, do not believe in this Capitalist Pig's rants about not having False Korea, so we do not stop the invasion and intead join the Industrialized Regional Powers.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We prepare four million troops for an invasion at Inchon of The Korean Government, one million of them having only just completing Conscription, or Boot Camp. We ask for Greece, Italy, Prussia, and Japan's help [Player Response Required] We have found a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Abbot, so we surround The Capital Territory with Armed Guards, and begin constructing a fence around Canberra. We expel all non-military and Government officials from the city, where they are given a free apartment in Sydney. The Evacuation of The Philippines has begun after a Biological Bomb is detonated on the islands, infecting 5000 people. Those 5000 are to be quarintined in Cuba, with the best doctors being flown in as we speak on a military transport.
  • MOD EVENT: We, the great DPRK, nuke Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe with a five megaton nuke to help with the war effort, but they all are shot down. We have ICBM's pointed at all members of the Future Superpowers to deal with possible threats. We start the Invasion of Japan. The Terrorist Republic joins the Industrialised Regional Powers.
  • Flag of Tibet Republic of Tibetistan: We have started our invasion of China, with our one million troops currently pushing into Xinjiang. We develop anti-nuke defenses after two major cities were nuked during WW3, killing 2.3 million people in total. President Tenzin makes fun of Kim Jong Un, saying that his name is supposed to be Fat Pig Un.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We nuke Pyongyang resulting in the death of two million people, but not Kim-Jong Un. It did, however, kill many top military officials. Our invasion of China is going Semi-Well, as we have taken Nanjing, and we were on the outskirts of Bejing, but we have been pushed back to Nanjing. The invasion of Inchon has been planned for tomorrow, and we have given a speech, much like the Tibetistani speech against the First Tibetian Reich, causing 12 million troops from around the world to join the Four million troops at the Inchon Landing, thus shall be the largest amphibian invasion in history, surpassing D-day. Half of them shall land at Inchon, the other half on the other side of the peninsula. They shall meet up at Seoul, and then shall push north to Puongyang, and north to the Korean-Manchurian border, where the Manchurians have given free passage to China where our other troops shall meet up at Bejing, and plans shall be made later on the rest, try your best Korea and China, We Dare You.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: We are preparing to launch 5000 infantry and two ICBMs to destroy and go through the great wall
  • Republic of Tibetistan: Due to low population and soldier density in Xinjiang (five million people, 100,000 soldiers), we have conquered the entire province and we annex it. We will push into Inner Mongolia, then assault Beijing from there. We ask Manchuria if they want to join the Future Superpowers[Mod Response Needed]. The TR (Terrorist Republic) unleashes an outpouring of sarin nerve gas in three subway stations in Lhasa, killing 59 and injuring 371. We declare war on the TR and nuke their capital and largest city, Pusan. 1.98 million people die.
  • Prussia:Our spaceship crew finds out that the beings are actually aliens. We begin negotiations for an alliance and find out that they are just a bit more technologically advanced than us as they have the supernuke. We continue invading Germany(mod response on results.)
  • The Inchon Landing was a success. The landing was on October 11, 3:30 am local time. By daybreak, we had pushed in 20 km already and there was no resistance. We reached Seoul the next day. There were about 50,000 troops guarding the city. We took it in 48 hours, then continued to push up to the former DMZ. We arrived there on Halloween and crossed into North Korea. We reached the ruins of Pyongyang and continue to push up into the Manchurian border. Kim Jong Un surrendered just one month after the landing. The South Korean government gets control of all Korea. Prussia this time was able to get all of Germany and even the German-speaking parts of Switzerland.
  • Mod Event: The Invasion of China is a success, with a topple of the Government, and an installment of The Republic of China as the new government, with a Italian invasion from the North, an India and Tibetistani invasion in the south, and an Oceanic invasion from the east. Even with their military of 7 million troops they could not hold back the Future Superpowers. The forces pushed in at all sides closing in on Beijing in two months finally capturing the City on December 31st
    Fall of China

    Territorial Division of China, all borders outside are 2016 borders exept for Korea


With The People's Republic of China and Korea having fallen to the might of The Future Superpowers, will they eradicate the rest of The Industrialized Regional Powers? Or will another nation put them in their place? With the Global Terrorist Conspiracy needing a foothold in the world, what will they do for land, power and money? What will happen to our Future's Course? We will find out sooner or later. If we don't get destroyed by our new discoveries and confirmations first.

  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We keep 100,000 troops in China as a peacekeeping force. We have sent five million troops to South Africa, and send an ultimatum to The Industrialized Regional Powers: SURRENDER, OR DIE. [Mod Response Required] We wish to enhance relation with Japan and Korea, as we have helped them, so we wish for a better alliance. [Japan and Mod Response Required] Our progression in the Lunar Colony is going well, and the base unit should be ready by 2025 which shall bring 1000 people to live on the moon. We have received funding for this from Horizon Enterprises, which shall get a portion of the mining resources. We have launched Neptune 3, which has layed down the foundations for the Colony, and set up a small drilling station with a solar generator. We have begun laying down the panelling for Sydney Tower, and have begun tearing down the Canberra Fence as the plot has been attempted, and has failed.
  • Prussia:We ally with the aliens. We have launched Luna 2, a spaceship that will find a livable spot on the moon,it has landed. We request union into the Neo-Holy Roman Empire with Austria-Hungary with their territory becoming the Greater Empire and ours the Lesser Empire (will be played separately). We continue to invade Switzerland and begin invading South Africa(Mod Response on results). We convince the aliens to prepare a spacenuke to nuke Warsaw.
  • MOD EVENT: Argentina and Chile calls the Oceanic Republic's ultimatum to the IRP "disgusting, vulgar and definitely unnecessary" and join the IRP themselves, while Korea, Manchuria and Ukraine join the Future Superpowers. Manchuria and Korea declare war on Argentina, while Ukraine declares war on Chile. Prussia fully invades Switzerland and Liechtenstein,and the supernuke kills everybody within a 35 km radius of Warsaw (5 million) and contaminates all, of Poland. 300,000 Poles are infected with radiation sickness. The IRP has called Prussia and the aliens "genocidals", as they think that the supernuke was a nuclear and biological weapon designed to eradicate the Polish people. They have called the Prussian president Hitler Jr.
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: We send a radiation sucker to Prussian-occupied Poland to suck up the radiation caused by the supernuke. We detect potentially extraterrestrial signals in our satellite dishes in the Himalayas. Also,an alien dropped down in Lhasa. It told the government in Morse code that it lives in an undiscovered Earthlike world in Alpha Centauri, just a few light-years awa, that it is a government official and that it has been acquainted with Prussians through their ally, the Oort Cloud aliens with the supernuke. It turns out that they have a supernuke too. Later, we ask them if they want to join the Future Superpowers through our satellite dishes. We change our time zone from the Chinese Time (GMT+8) to three time zones, namely Tibetistani Eastern Standard Time (GMT+6,abbreviation TEST), the time of the new territories excluding Xinjiang, and Tibetistani Central Standard Time (GMT+5,abbreviation TCST), the time of Xinjiang and the Tibetian Plateau, and Tajikistan Time(GMT+4, abbreviation TT). All times I write will now be in Tibetistani Central Standard Time, the time zone of Lhasa.
  • Prussia:We have exterminated the Polish Rebels.We have had it, we invade South Africa,the Andine Reich,Bulgaria,Romania,the Terrorist Republic,the Egyptian Empire,the Ottoman Empire, and aid in the invasions of the invasions of Chile and Argentina by other Future Superpowers members. (Mod Response on results)We request the other Future Superpowers to aid us in these venture. We thank Tibet for their radiation cleaning as we only did the supernuke to wipe out rebelling Poles.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: The 2023 presidental election culminated in a draw between the Tibetian Democrats and the Conservative Party. We then allowed people in the new territories to vote. Many people in the new territories voted for the Tibetian Democrats, so President Tenzin is inaugurated for his second term as president. His first action of the second term is to make Xinjiang a state and make the new areas territories: Gobiland (formerly Inner Mongolia and Gansu Province) and the Southeast (all the rest). His second action is to declare war on Chile(secret)and plan a nuclear attack on Santiago(end secret). We test the Vaporiser 4005, with a nuclear payload of 11 megatons.
  • MOD EVENT: The Andine Reich, the Egyptian Empire, South Africa and Argentina finish developing nukes. They have one each and they are launched at Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. Due to weak nuclear shields, only the one aimed at Munich was shot down. 4.1 million people died and 1.3 million more are infected with radiation sickness. Radiation sickness has spread to Czechoslovakia and the Netherlands, starting an epidemic. The IRP has passed a law concerning all its members proposed by the Andine Reich: All IRP countries have to put sanctions and an embargo on Prussia, and they also have to exteriminate all Prussian citizens or anyone who has a Prussian grandparent in their territories. Any country who refuses to do so will be kicked out of the IRP. All IRP member countries accept the universal IRP law and huge ghettos are set up in the IRP countries. Notable ones include the Bucharest Ghetto in Romania, the Johannesburg Ghetto in South Africa and the Cairo Ghetto in the Egyptian Empire. The IRP begin preparing an invasion plan for Prussia. It includes systematically exteriminating every single Prussian citizen.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We condemn the IRP for committing genocidal acts against one of our best European allies and send troops to all members of the IRP.
  • Mod Event: South Africa and Chile fall. South Africa is annexed by the Oceanic Republic and Chile is split between Ukraine and Prussia. Ukraine gets everything north of Santiago and Prussia gets everything south of Santiago. Santiago is the capital of both Ukrainian and Prussian Chile and is a demilitarized zone which operates on both Prussia and Ukraine's laws. Some critics say that this division could lead to a modern area in South Santiago and a backward, less modernized North Santiago, while supporters of this idea say that this living arrangement will improve relations between Prussia and Ukraine, improve both of their conomies and turn Santiago into a more cosmopolitan city. In Occupied South Africa, 100,000 Prussians have been exteriminated and in Occupied Chile as a whole, the genocidal death toll is 78,000. In other IRP countries, the death toll is: Romania-68,000 Bulgaria-71,000 Ottoman Sultanate- 74,000 Terrorist Republic-145,000 Argentina-172,000 Egyptian Empire-275,000 Andine Reich- 415,000 for a total of 1,398,000 deaths, the biggest common genocide done by an entire organization.
  • Prussia:We hate the IRP. We say we will fight to the last man. We also convince the aliens to supernuke Cairo,Darfur,South Sudan's capital,Eritrea's capital,Djibouti ,Addis Ababa,Somalia's capital,Jeju Island,Buenos Aires,Lima,Bagota,Panama City, and Sofia for wanting to destroy all Prussians(Mod Response on death toll). We are handed the History of the Local Supercluster by the aliens and we give them the History of the Solar System (will have articles later). One and all lifeforms in the supercluster have a relationship with the Milky Way Confederation, which controls most of the Milky Way and most of the Andromeda Galaxy as well as a good bit of their dwarf galaxies.
  • MOD EVENT: The supernukes kill 31 million people in total. After this, the IRP vows to step up the exterimination of Prussians. The Future Superpowers says to the IRP "This is not logical. You falsely accuse Prussia for doing potentially genocidal acts against the Polish people and then you exteriminate Prussians just because you think their government is doing something bad? This is not proper revenge for government officials. This is a five-year old's revenge. Stop acting like children and act like the capable leaders you're supposed to be." The IRP is so angered by this that they step up ther genocide plan to exteriminating all citizens of Future superpowers countries or anyone that has a grandparent who has a Future Superpowers member country citizenship. Bulgaria declares war on Greece and Romania declares war on Ukraine. Meanwhile, Argentina falls due to the Prussian supernuke launched at Buenos Aires and the massive combined coalition of Ukranian, Prussian, Korean, Manchurian and Tibetistani soldiers was enough to overwhelm the small Argentinian Army. Argentina was split between the five countries. There, a total of 235,000 Prussians died. Other countries death tolls: Bulgaria- 117,000, Ottoman Sultanate- 135,000, Romania- 159,000, Terrorist Republic- 275,000, Egyptian Empire- 511,000, Andine Reich- 975,000, for a total of approximately 2.59 million Prussian deaths including South Africa and Chile, which got invaded earlier this year.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We invade the Andine Reich with five million troops, and nuke Lima, the Capital of The Andines. We ask for a temporary cease fire, as this war needs to stop or at least have a break, as the Future Superpowers have been at war since their inception. [mod Response required]
  • Mod Event:Russia is locked in a civil war much like the October Revolution as they seek to bring a second Soviet Union, the same with Central America, they are both being funded by the Industrial Regional Powers. Russia falls to the revolution, setting up The Socialist Soviet Russian Republic, which then turns their backs on the Industrialized regional Powers, and asks for a pact between The SSRR, and The Future Superpowers [Future Superpowers response required]
  • Prussia: We agree to a pact with the Russians. We aid with the war effort in the Andine Reich. We also attack the Ottomans,the Egyptians, and the Terrorists. (Mod Response on results).
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We nuke Bogota and we send two million troops to the Andine Reich.
  • MOD EVENT: The Andine Reich and Romania fall. The Andine Reich is split between Tibetistan, Prussia and the Oceanic Republic. Prussia gets Peru, Tibetistan gets Colombia and Ecuador and the Oceanic Republic gets the rest. Ukraine annexes Romania. Bolivia joins the IRP.
  • UPDATES ON IRP GENOCIDE: 4.25 million people dead
  • Prussia:We upgrade our military.We nuke Jeju Island and it sinks beneath the waves. (Mod Response on death toll. This should destroy the Terrorists). We attack Bulgaria, the Ottomans and the Egyptians. We nuke Sophia(again) and invade Bulgaria. Bolivia is invaded and its capital is nuked. (Mod Response on results).
  • MOD EVENT: Most of the Terrorist Republic's population dies due to Jeju Island sinking, but the remnants set up a new Terrorist Empire on Okinawa and Hong Kong. Due to this, many countries turn toward the IRP due to their thoughts on Prussia's extremely liberal nuking of cities. Countries that join the IRP include Persia, Kazakhstan, Sicily, Catalonia and surprisingly, the African Union which turned its back to the Future Superpowers after a coup d'etat installed a fascist government similar to the First Tibetian Reich. All of Africa is now affiliated with the IRP except Oceanic South Africa. The IRP's invasion of Prussia begins with Egyptian, Terrorist, Ottoman and Bulgarian troops landing in Hamburg on September 6th. They start randomly shooting innocent citizens there. The radiation sickness epidemic has spread to Belgium, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Scandinavia and Ukraine, with a separate outbreak in Bulgaria. There has been three million reported cases of radiation sickness in total in the Prussian epidemic and 185,000 reported cases in the Bulgarian outbreak. It has claimed 98,000 lives in total. The IRP criticize Prussia for sending a "death virus" on Europe and step up their genocide even further. Meanwhile, Ukraine attacks Bolivia from Ukrainian Chile and Ukrainian Argentina.
  • UPDATES ON IRP GENOCIDE: 6.1 million people dead
  • Flag of Tibet Republic of Tibetistan: Persian forces have started to attack us through Kyrgizstan, so we send one million troops to our base in Khujand to safeguard Tajikistan from Persian forces. We also send one million troops to Prussia to fend against the IRP's invaion of Prussia, as they are surely going to kill all of Prussia's 149 million citizens.
  • The Eternal Prussian Empire:We change our name to the Eternal Prussian Empire.We convince the aliens to supernuke Darfur,South Sudan's capital,Tehran,Kabul,Addis Ababa,Djibouti,Algiers,Alexandria,Congo's capital,Dubai,Bolivia's capital,Barcelona, and even Syracuse and Palermo!We then invade every single IRP nation and call on the Future Superpowers for aid. We ask about a merger with Tibet and Oceania to be called the "Future Superpowers Confederation"(You can still play as your nations). (Mod and Player Responses needed on results and merger). Long live Eternal Prussia!
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We accept, the currency shall be known as The Powers Credit, which is based off of Tibetistan's Future Superpowers Dollar. But instead of a Confederation, we would like to turn the Future Superpowers into the Future Superpower Union, which will be much like the European Union, exept with a stronger bond, and the governments will respond to an elected Council, which will guide the members in economic and civil hardship. We invade Egypt and The African Union with 6 million troops, we ask for the Prussian Empire to focus on Threats in Europe so that you are not strained across the globe, as we still have three million troops that are not fighting, and we have spotted a massive armada of alien ships entering the Oort Cloud, and they keep disappearing behind what our scientists believe is Nemesis.
  • 'Eternal Prussia:It is a deal.We keep some troops on the foreign front but move the majority to Europe,where 7 million troops are facing the IRP with the aliens hovering over so if things go wrong we can evacuate the city and supernuke it.
  • Mod Event:The African Union Collapses, with three countries emerging from the rubble, The Saharan Empire, which is everything North of The DRC, Which is affiliated with The Industrialized Military Powers. The Central African republic, which is Neutral. The South African Kingdom, which is everything south of The DRC (excluding Zimbabwe which joins Oceanic South Africa, which is affiliated with the Future Superpowers. The Gold Coast is Annexed by The Oceanic Republic.
  • Scandinavia: As the aliens come, we request a neutrality pact with them, in return for an embassy to communicate with the power of our nation protecting them from harm. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) (SECRET) We also start research into geoengineering, and whenever it could be used for climate change correction and other purposes (see here[1] for plausibility check). (END OF SECRET PART) Additionally, we ask if we can not be involved in the war. We can pay a small price to stay out, but not an extreme amount. (IRP AND FUTURE SUPERPOWER RESPONSE) We will choose a side if this doesn't work. A military buildup is planned.
  • Eternal Prussia:We upgrade our military.We send three million spare troops to the Saharan Empire and one million spare troops to Egypt (can I have a response on these things and the supernukes? That is, results). We destroy the weakening invasion force because the African troops are diminished. We send 800 thousand troops to Hog Kong and after evacuating the Chinese citizens shoot at everyone in sight which causes the Terrorists to leave for Okinawa which we then supernuke(This should end the Terrorists once and for all). We want Tibet's response on the Future Superpowers Union(Tibetan response needed).Long live Eternal Prussia!
  • MOD EVENT: The Terrorists are destroyed. For destroying the Terrorists, Eternal Prussia is given control of Hong Kong and the Jeju Archipelago (the remnants of Jeju Island). The aliens agree to join the Future Superpowers. The Future Superpowers accepts Scandinavia's neutrality, but the IRP says "Join us or DIE!". The IRP have established contact with a different group of aliens, the Mogons (the Future Superpower aliens are called the Togons) and asked them for supernukes in return for 7000 chickens, as the Mogons are fascinated by Earth food. Then the IRP supernuke Berlin, Munich , Cologne, Frankfurt and Stuttgart (they didn't supernuke Hamburg because their soldiers are there). The IRP-launched supernukes kill 52 million people and the Prussian-launched supernukes kill 58 million people. This collapses the Saharan Empire and they split up to 2016 borders. Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Nigeria remain in the IRP. Bolivia is annexed and split between Ukraine and Prussia.
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan: We accept the Future Superpowers Union. We have successfully fended against Persian and we are invading Persia as we are speaking.
  • Eternal Prussia:We upgrade our military.We invade Sicily,Tunisia,and Algeria. We convince the Togons to attack the Mogons in the Oort Cloud but before leaving we get a thousand supernukes. (Mod Response on results)
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We have taken Krygizstan due to it being an enclave so Persian soldiers cannot get there. We are now assaulting Afghanistan.
  • MOD EVENT: The Invasion of Prussia is going semi-well for the IRP, as they meet fierce resistance wherever they go, but they have taken Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and they are currently assaulting Pomerania by an amphibious landing.
  • Eternal Prussia: We upgrade our military.But wait,we supernuke Guttorp,Hamburg,and Stettin after evacuating all Prussians. There semi-well invasion becomes the mass destruction of their armies. We invade every member of the IRP but place special emphasis on Sicily,Tunisia,and Algeria sending a million troops to each front. (Mod Response on results!)
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibetistan We declare war on Tunisia. Meanwhile in Persia, our forces have pushed them back to Kabul and they are not fighting, only retreating when we come close.
  • MOD EVENT:The IRP hack into Neutral countries TV systems, displaying propaganda showing the IRP as righteous people and the Future Superpowers as tyrants. They manage to convince Amazonia, Czechoslovakia, Belarus, Transcaucasia and Congo to go to the IRP. The IRP says they didn't send their full army to Prussia, only 50% of it so all the member countries, even the new ones, send 90% of their remaining army to Prussia, except Persia because they are locked in a war with Tibetistan so they can only send 50% of their army. This combined coalition comprises 37 million soldiers, 7 million tanks, one million submarines, three million warships, one million warplanes and a huge supernuclear arsenal supplied by the Mogons. Czechoslovakia and Belarus start attacking Poland and the rest of the IRP start attacking from their part of Schleswig-Holstein (they lost control of Hamburg and southern Schleswig-Holstein from the supernuke) except Sicily, Tunisia, Catalonia and Algeria, which drops their soldiers in Prussian-occupied Switzerland, leaving Prussia to defend themselves on three fronts with 9 million troops. Oh well, at least Prussia has a thousand supernukes while the IRP combined only has 15.
  • Flag of Ukraine'Ukraine (STILL MOD EVENT)': We declare war on Belarus.
  • Eternal Prussia:We supernuke Schleswig-Holstein,Bern,and Lublin after evacuating all Prussian Inhabitants which causes all of the invasion force to die and not a single soul survived. We invade the entire IRP as a followup because they only have 5% of their original army. (Mod Response on results). We hack into their supernuke systems and steal all their supernukes. A new type of aliens, the Fogons ally with us.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We send 200,000 soldiers to all IRP member countries because they wasted all their troops on Prussia.
  • MOD EVENT: Tibetistan forces push as far as Tehran, where they fight the Persian Army, but due to most of their troops being wasted on Prussia, Persia is annexed into Tibetistan. Also, Czechoslovakia is annexed by Prussia, Belarus is annexed by Ukraine, Bulgaria is also annexed by Ukraine but later is given to Greece in the Treaty of Sofia. Sicily is annexed by Prussia, but is given to Italy because it was always a part of Italy. Due to the many supernukes detonated on Prussian land. The Invasion of Prussia has finally stopped, in the aftermath, all of Prussia is highly contaminated (512 rem, extremely life-threatening) and half the population, or 74 million people have been killed, most of them civilians. 90% of the German population died, so did 30% of the Polish population and 12% of the Swiss population. Many of Prussia's big cities are nothing but rubble and it looks ominously post-apocalyptic. The supernukes are highly contaminative. The self-destruction supernuke detonated in Lublin had radiation which spread as far away as Prague and even Kiev!
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We send a radiation collector to Prussia to suck up the radiation.
  • Eternal Prussia: We begin cleaning up the radiation and repopulating the areas. We also request a ceasefire with the extremely weakened IRP.
  • Scandinavia: (SECRET) We propose to Eternal Prussia a trade deal over several supernukes here.[2] (PRUSSIA RESPONSE REQUESTED)
  • Prussia Dip:Agreed
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We invade Transcaucasia.


The IRP has been largely destroyed, but at a cost of Prussia being reduced to a radioactive wasteland. The Future Superpowers have proven their might and ability to defeat any nation. Will they set up a new world order? Or will they be stopped by another nation? Only time will tell as our Future's Course continues.

  • Flag of Italy Italy: We have began coming out of the bunkers due to lack of radiation cleanup 70% of Italy's population falls, we are currently drilling into the earth to create ... What ... oh ... ok ... oh god run!!! Italy's last words for 2024
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We have annexed Transcaucasia because they have a pathetically small army (100,000 troops) right from the beginning and now they have only 5000 soldiers left . We killed them and stormed Baku and that was it.
  • Eternal Prussia:We upgrade our military.We invade Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia which combined had a ridiculouslay small army of 400,000 troops before the supernuking and now only have an army of 20,000,we easily annex them all and ask for an alliance with the West African Confederation so we can both invade Nigeria. (Mod Response). We invade Catalonia and Amazonia with three million troops (Mod Response on results).Eternal Prussia will be victorious! We continue to clean up radiation.
  • Mod Event:The IRP finally surrenders, and they agree to come to the newly finished Sydney Tower, which is the new tallest building in the world. The Treaty of Sydney is signed by all of the Industrialized Regional Powers, The Treaty states:1) The Nations of South Africa, and the short lived Republic of The Gold Coast shall be Fully annexed by The Oceanic Republic.2) The Andine Reich shall be annexed by The Republic of Tibetistan, which shall get Peru, Prussia, which shall get Ecuador and Columbia, and The Oceanic Republic, which shall get Venezuela, The US's Central American Territories shall combine into The Republic of Central America. North Africa shall be annexed by Prussia.3) The Industrialized regional powers shall pay war reperations to Prussia. The meetings are called the Sydney Peace Accords.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We are assessing radiation levels all over the world and find out that the radiation over Prussia remains life-threatening (355 rem, down from before) and the radiation is spreading over Europe. We send a stronger radiation sucker to Prussia to suck the radiation up and we send a steady stream of supplies and volunteers to Prussia to help them to recover. We finish the Tajikistan Tower on the exact spot of land where we intended to build it before Russia nuked Dushanbe. It is the first building built in Dushanbe and above ground since the nuking back in 2019. It will house the Tibetistani Supreme Court and be a shopping mall, office area and apartment all in one.
  • MOD EVENT: About 50% of Europe's population has radiation sickness and the death toll is currently 753,000. A mutated flu virus (MFlu) is also beginning to infect Spain, France and Prussia. It is extremely deadly. The Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) are close to anarchy. It would take Prussia anywhere between 5-20 years to fully recover from the Invasion of Prussia. 7 million Prussian refugees are starting to stream into Ukraine and Austria-Hungary, while others choose to move to the African and Andine Colonial Zones.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We start making a cure for the MFlu disease which is currently ravaging Western Europe. We are happy to report that all of the Tibetistani Heartland (Tibet, Tajikistan and the New Chinese Territories) is now using renewable resources. We create a new brand of car, ECar, which will be a car that solely runs on hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We have created an improved version of the Radiation Collector and launch it into the Epicenter, Europe should be cleaned up completely in three years.
  • Mod Event:Brittany seceeds from France in the chaos while Catalonia, Portugal, and Spain combine to form The Republic of Iberia. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg Combine into the Kingdom of Unified Benelux, and The Baltic States combine into Baltica. The UK collapses, and England joins the European Union. The Other Nations form a new union called The Celtic Union, with Brittany.
  • Eternal Prussia:We clean up radiation and move most civilians to our colonial possessions.We request that we merge into a confederation with Baltica, Iberia, Unified Benelux, France, and Celtica called the European Confederation,which the member states will keep semi-independence (retain their governments.). We repurpose the Neo-Holy Roman Empire to Austria-Hungary but remove the Lesser and Greater Empires. (Mod Response needed).
  • MOD EVENT: The Neo-Holy Roman Empire is formed by the merger of Austria-Hungary, Unified Benelux,Prussia, and Baltica. Iberia, France and Celtica would like to remain sovereign. Due to fast actions by the Prussian government, the MFlu virus has been eradicated in Prussia, but spreading like wildfire in France and Iberia. It has also recently spread to Italy and Celtica. The death toll fro radiation sickness is one million and the death toll from the MFlu virus is 378,000.
  • Mod Event: The SSRR invades Siberia and Kazakhstan, both surrendering almost immediately, and Then invade The other Turkic Countries annexing them in 13 days. They pressure Ukraine and Kamchatka to join them, and Kamchatka abides. The SSRR then invades Mongolia with the help of Manchuria, then they split the territory, with Manchuria annexing much of it, and The SSRR taking the northern parts. They form another alliance, and leave The Future Superpowers, establishing The Moscow Pact with Brazil, Central America, Ukraine, and Iberia. However, Cascadia, California, And Texas declare independence from The United States, and The Republic of North Africa seceeds from The Neo Holy Roman Empire. Argentina declares independence from its Colonizers. The SSRR changes it's name to The Neo-Soviet Union
  • The Neo-HRE: We upgrade our military.We ask to unite with the Neo-USSR, Iberia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Brittany, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales,and Greece. (You can still play as your nations, Mod and Player Responses Needed). We easily reannex North Africa as we sent two million troops there. If the mergers are accepted we will become the Euro-Russian Union which will have a mixed government of Democracy, Communism and Empirism. It will have three parties: the Democratic Party, the Communist party and the Imperial Party.
  • Mod Response:The nations of Europe all say yes except for The Neo-USSR, which says "We have fared rather well without any petty alliances, so we created our own. With communisim across the board. Our military is on par with that of even your economic and military leader, the pathetic Oceanic Republic, and we are passing that nation by the end of this year."
  • The European Confederation: We upgrade our military. We request a non-aggression pact with the Neo-USSR and request that they don't invade Tibetistani Khrgzistan or Tibetistani Tajikstan. We consist of The Neo-HRE, Iberia, England, Brittany, Ukraine, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. We request that Italy and Greece respond to our purposal.
  • Mod Response: No. We will not join any alliance or pact with you as you shall hinder our progress to glory! The European Confederation is a joke, and will fall like the European Union.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: We shall not stand for any nation insulting our allies. Begin recruiting ten million men to our army, which shall bring us to 18 million men in our army. We place an Embargo on The NUSSR. Our spies report that the NUSSR has begun building an army of 17 million troops, and its allies are recruiting their maximum to have a larger military than The Future Superpowers, our spies also report that Iberia is a communist infiltrator of The EC. We send two million troops to FS Chile to use in a strike against the new Argentinian Revolt. We also begin constructing a Nuclear Defense Net, using stationary Radiation Collectors MkII, nuclear shields, and Anti Nuke cannons across all of our territories and Provinces.
  • The Neo-HRE: We upgrade our military. We send our troops through Ukraine and Belarus to attack the Neo-USSR, we request that Tibetistan and Oceania help us in this action as well as the rest of the EC and the Future Superpowers. (Secret) We build up an army of 12 million troops and prepare some supernukes to launch on the Neo-USSR. We send three million troops to Argentina to crush the revolt and capture all our former land.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We have finished recruiting more troops so our total is five million. Also, we "test" a new nuclear weapon, the Vaporiser 4015, on Moscow. We send all our troops to the Turkic Countries because the NUSSR took them off us. President Tenzin says to the international community "The NUSSR is invading innocent countries. They have took part of our land. We will not tolerate this. We do not want tyranny in this world." Due to this, the Future Superpowers, the IRP, and most neutral countries declare war on the Moscow Pact.
  • MOD EVENT: We, the NUSSR, will lend you Tibetistani capitalists your land, but be warned: DO NOT CHALLENGE OUR MIGHT OR ELSE YOU WILL GET A NUKE IN YOUR FACE!!!
  • Republic of Tibetistan: Have you learned any lesson from the North Koreans? We will not tolerate your disgusting threats. We will break records to invade you if we must. Our Anti-Moscow Pact coalition comprises of 210 million troops as most of the non-Moscow Pact world has diverted their militaries to the Anti-Moscow Pact coalition and has left the NUSSR and their allies fighting on 7 fronts.
  • Mod Event: The NUSSR Nukes Sydney, Lhasa, Berlin, New Delhi, Washington DC, Seoul, and Karakokorum. Then they blitzkrieg on all fo their fronts, immediately capturing Manchuria, Korea, The ROC, Cascadia, California, and theprough Brazil, Amazonia, Argentina, FS Chile, FS Andines, Central America, and are pushing into the US.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:What did you do Tibetistan?! We can't win against the biggest nuclear arsenal! We begin recruiting two million men to our 18 million strong army, and Nuke Rio, and Moscow, with 15 nukes EACH. They vaporize the towns, and everyone there.

Mod Event: Iberia falls and several four kingdoms spring up in its place: Galicia, Portugal, Spain, and Aragon, Andorra takes some land from this and becomes a slightly more signifigant nation when doing so. Sardinia and Corsica declare independence from Italy and France. The principalty of Sealand becomes fully independent, but falls into the sea a few days later. Northen Italy declares inpependence from Italy and setts up The Republic of Venice. San Marino sees this as a chance to get land and creates a secessionist movement in the provinces surrounding the City-State and sets up The City-state of San Marino. Cyprus gets Crete, Malta, and a few smaller islands around them after a quick invasion. The Neo Soviet Union is asking for peace with The Anti Moscow Pact Coalition as all of their allies are locked in civil wars. The conditions are:

  • 1) All of The Turkic nations are to be ceeded to The Republic of Tibetistan exept Kazachstan Uzbekistan and Kyrgristan, which shall remain in the union.
  • 2) Transcaucasia is to be annexed into The Soviet Union.
  • 3) All nations that were annexed by the Soviets during the war will be re-instated as soverign nations.
  • 4) Amazonia is to gain All of The Amazon and small parts of Urban Brazil.
  • 5) Brazil is to recognize the independent nations of Uruguay, Paraguay and Rio Grande.

The Neo-HRE:We upgrade our military.We accept the NUSSR's terms of peace as long as Crimea goes to Ukraine and Kola and Karelia stay with Scandinavia. We ask the new Iberian nations and France if they would like to become Autonomous Regions(Regions with their own government that only answer to the federal government in times of absolute need). We extend this offer to England, Wales, Ukraine, Brittany,Ireland,Cornwall,Isle of Man,and Scotland. (Mod Response needed).

  • Mod Response: The NUSSR agrees. Europe says no. We do not want to be a part of the Neo-HRE.
  • Mod event: Ukraine breaks up into Belarus, East Ukraine, West Ukraine, and The Republic of Crimea.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We agree but to one condition: The NUSSR has to help us to rebuild Lhasa. In return, we will help them to rebuild Moscow. We hold a referendum to see what city the public wanted their interim capital to be. It was a tie between Dushanbe and Tehran. Then there was a second vote with only two choices, Dushanbe or Tehran. 52% voted Tehran, so Tehran is our interim capital until Lhasa is rebuilt. We call for an end to WW3. This war has been going on since 2018 (with two notable ceasefires, 2021 and the end of 2023) and has claimed more than 500 million lives. It has exteriminated an entire US state (CRNA genocide-Oregon) and turned one of the biggest European countries into a radioactive wasteland (Eternal Prussia).
  • Mod Response: The NUSSR accepts.
  • The Neo-HRE:We upgrade our military.We invade Switzerland and France. We request a joint invasion of the Ukrainian successor states wit the Neo-USSR in exchange they get Crimea and Novorussiya. We begin invading Belarus. (Mod Response on results and joint invasion).
  • Mod Event: You gain control of Alasce-Loraine and Burgundy and Normandy succeed from France. The Swiss get help from the French, Iberian, and Italian duchies that have secceeded from their parent nations, and get all of The Swiss' land back and a small portion of Baden-Wuttenberg. The NUSSR says no, as they could be beneficial in the future as Belarus, and East Ukraine are already allies of Russia, and West Ukraine and Crimea have some ties with the NUSSR.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: Ten of our Battleships that are in working condition have been stolen by Anarchist forces and are headed towards India, and Oceanic South Africa. We are working hard to stop these Anarchists at any means nessecary. These Anarchists have painted their symbol on our flag as is shown:
    Flag of Oceania (Anarchist)

    Anarchist Oceania Flag

    . We have begun constructing mechs to help us in our wars. Final preparations are being made to launch Omega Nova onto the moon. The Bio-dome has finished construction on the moon, which shall be where the colony will be built. We have begun automated drilling on the moon for valuable resources. We have found that the rumor that the United States has not been on the moon is False, the flag just fell down. We put it back up and put the flags of Oceania and Prussia next to it as we are the only three nations to have been on the moon.
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We begin building the Alpha Lander, which will take a Tibetistani man on the moon and look for a place to establish a moon colony near the Oceanic colony. Lhasa has been 25% rebuilt. With the Anarchists in Oceania, there has been a movement by the Fascist Party to set up the Second Tibetan Reich in the New Chinese Territories. We will stop them at any cost possible, after what happened with the First Tibetan Reich. THEY STARTED WW3!!!


With the Anarchists in the Oceanic Republic and the Second Tibetan Reich movement in Tibetistan, will WW3 resume? Will the two movements gain power and set up a new world order? Or will the two potentially dangerous movements be crushed? We will find out ... if we don't become extinct by the wars.

  • Flag of Oceania (Anarchist)Anarchist Fleet (Mod): We shall conquer the world, all of your armies and governments are unreliable. Payed by companies... Enforced by evil... Join us.. And get rid of these corrupted governments.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We have engaged the fleet. It had no effect. Now two of our Aircraft Carriers and 20 submarines are under Anarchist control. We have a bad feeling about these people. There have been uprisings in most territories and provinces, we can't contain them! We have evacuated the government to Wellington. We ask for international support. [Future Superpowers Response Required] We only have complete control of New Guinea, New Zealand, and Tasmania. We have launched Omega Nova.
    The Omega Nova Colony

    Omega Nova's Launch

    We have engaged multiple Anarchist forces around the globe, and these forces are spreading across the world. We have been able to crush the Anarchists in New Zealand, New Guinea, and Tazmania while also remaining in slight control of Borneo and Java. All other territories and provinces are under Anarchist Control.
  • Mod Event: 90% of World Governments have fallen to Anarchist forces, only Italy, Scandinavia, Tibetistan, which has lost control of most of Their land, India, which only has control of the southern Peninsula and Sri Lanka, and The US, which has been contained in Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia. Oceania has also remained, but only with New Zealand, Tasmania, New Guinea, and Java. The Neo Holy Roman Empire has collapsed and the government has fled to Italy
  • Republic of Tibetistan: We have lost control over most areas, we only have Northern Tibet, Central Tibet and Tajikistan now. President Tenzin disbands the current government and the New Communist Party (the Communist Party without its genocidal leaders) takes over...
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: BREAKING NEWS Italy is destroyed and has no surviovors due to mysterious missile
  • MOD EVENT: The Neo-Holy Roman Empire's government in exile flees to Tibetistan. We give them Tajikistan and change our name to the Tibetan Soviet Socialist Republic, or the TSSR for short.
  • Japan: All transportation in and out of Japan shall now be heavily regulated to prevent Anarchist influence from affecting the archipelago. The people of Japan share a strong bond and unlimited loyalty for the state and order. Anarchism, the most primitive form of civilization, will not be tolerated in the Japanese archipelago. As such, the government of Japan will take a strong stand against the forces that intend in undoing the effort of civilization. The bolstered Japanese Self-Defense Forces has reinforced it's fleet in the Okinawa archipelago to persecute armed Anarchists and arrest remaining loyalists to the Terrorist Republic. All diplomats were forced to return to Japan. However, the Oceanic, Italian, Egyptian and Burmese embassies were attacked, and it's status are unknown. The Jeju Archipelago, empty of Prussian jurisdiction, will be indefinitely annexed into Japanese control, with it's 700,000 refugees living in the territory granted "exclusive resident" status unless they receive citizenship. The government is presently discussing ways for Japan to protect itself from a future Anarchist invasion. In accordance with Article 9 of our constitution, we will offer military assistance to the Oceanic Republic in exchange for transferring Micronesia and Taiwan into Japanese sovereignty in order to protect Japan and develop the Pacific Ocean. We also request to form an alliance to impede the threat of Anarchism while mobilizing for a mass-counter operation to restore government in lost areas. The 21st century challenged the Japanese state's existence; we have endured for millennia, and we will not lose this battle. Our country survived nuclear attacks, and today we can prevent these destructive weapons using anti-nuclear defense shields. Our defense technology is unmatched to our neighbors (Except for the United States of America, which commonly cooperates with Japan in research and development.) Friendly governments that have lost control of their nation are welcome to seek asylum in Tokyo, as long as their operations during exile does not harm Japan's national security. Our contributions for international peace and prosperity will be in vain if our fellow allies simply vanish from power due to anarchism. (World response needed)
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We tell Japan that The ROC owns Taiwan, and Micronesia is under Ararchist Control. We do not have the land to spare. We move our government to our lunar colony. They won't get us there! It also houses almost all of our population and army.
  • TSSR: The Alpha lander launches and the government is moved to Alpha Town, our lunar colony, five miles from the Oceanic colony. We have conducted searches in Anarchist land and find out that barbaric tribes have risen up everywhere. The Anarchists are undermining our civilization! Somebody HAS to stop them!!! We give away some of the TSSR moon claims (everything in a radius of 100 miles from Alpha Town) to space-faring nations.
  • MOD EVENT: Many governments in exile, along with some of the people who have not been absorbed into the uncivilized barbaric tribes purchase land on the land that has been given away. The NUSSR gains back Eastern Moscow, having successfully annihilated the Anarchists there.
  • Romae Sancti:We upgrade our military.We prepare supernukes to supernuke the anarchists into oblivion and take over Europe except European Russia and most of Scandinavia(we will take Denmark and establish a condominium over Iceland). We move our government to Lunar Roma(our new capital and moon colony).
  • No, if you want to gain Anarchist land, you have to declare war on them and win five battles before you get a real-world country! Launching a supernuke counts as a battle, if it is shot down or it hits the wrong target, then you lose the battle.



  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic: After 15 long years, we have finally made a comeback and with Wellington as our temporary Capital, we have begun re-building major cities and building new ones, like what will be our capital when it is finished: New Canberra, and the capitol building will be underground for protection purposes. We begin preparing to retake the rest of Oceania. Our Army is three million strong, and is ready to fight all forces that oppose us with our additional two million robotic troops, bringing the total army size to five million. We begin expanding our nuclear arsenal with ten Oceanic-made Supernukes, which have little radioactive fallout, and can be launched in an instant. We share the way to make them with the rest of The Future Superpowers.
  • Romae Sancti:We upgrade our military.We supernuke with the low radioactive supernukes at Kalingrad. We win the battles of Danzig, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Liblin taking Poland (assuming the supernuke succeeds). We also disable the defensive wall around Switzerland and win the Battle of Lucern taking Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • Flag of TibetRepublic of Tibet: The Tibetan Democrats have regained power after the Democratic Revolution in 2037, with the new president being President Kalsang Dorje, or President Kalsang. We see this period of time to take Anarchist Nepal, so we use the low radiation supernukes to nuke Nepal. We also send 1.5 million troops to take Anarchist Nepal.
  • Mod Response: The nuke hits, and the Battle of Kathmandu is won by Tibet (Two out of Five wins to go).
  • Flag of The SSRRNeo-Soviet Union: We have been able to keep the anarchists at bay (for now), with the strict rules of our nation. Although it seems to many people outside the country that we are a cruel nation that kills people for their belief. This is simply untrue, the way our nation works is in the way it did back in the 1980's when Mikhail Gorbachev ruled the original Soviet Union. But still, we have strict rules in our nation and we hope to prosper for many centuries. We know how to keep the anarchists and any other threats away since in parts of the nation, there are still many nuclear warheads left over from the Cold War that have been upgraded ever since the Cold War ended. (Secret) Neo-Soviet Scientists are working to mass produce an atomic bomb that is capable of 7 Tsar Bomba's in one gigantic explosion. We ask for help to research and mass produce these from our ally, Wu Dynasty China (Mod Response needed) (Secret). We move troops to our capital of Moscow, just in case of any stupid groups trying to rise up against this great nation. Long Live the Neo-Soviet Union!
  • MOD EVENT: The supernuke hits, Romae Sancti takes Poland and Kalingrad.
  • Flag of OceaniaOceanic Republic:We invade Polynesia with four million troops, the Anarchists surrender after only 17 days of fighting, we then invade Australia, we take Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We are pushing into South Australia. We have made plans to Invade Thailand, with Tibet, we shall get Sulawesi and Tibet shall get the rest.
  • Republic of Tibet: We begin mobilizing our troops and pulling them out of Nepal, as we are better fighting on one front than two.

! NOTICE: This Map Game Is Temporarily Closed for An Unknown Period until enough players join. !

End(Epic's version)

France falls to Anarchism and so do the British and Iberian countries. Nova Roma Sancti takes control of France,Britain,and Iberia. Yugoslavia and Hungary also fall to Nova Roma Sancti as well as anarchist Itlay. Nova Roma Sancti annexes all the anarchists and the remaining countries of Europe(minus the Neo-Soviet Union) join with it into the European Confederation. Transcaucasia joins back with the Neo-Soviet Union. Baltica also joins the Neo-Soviets. Tibetistan annexes Southeast Asia minus Sulawesi and minus the Malays. Tibetistan also joins with Manchuria and Wu Dynasty China (which conquered Mongolia) into the East Asian Union. Oceania captures all of Australasia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. Polynesia is gradually absorbed into Oceania. The joint Tibetistani-Oceanic invasion of Thailand is successful and Sulawesi is annexed to Oceania. Eventually, Oceania takes the Malays. By this time, Mars, Mercury and the Moon have been colonized and the Asteroid Belt and Venus are half-colonized. The E.A.U. annexes Japan and the Philippines. The United Nations of Islam collapse into Persia (Iran and Afghanistan), Pakistan, the Central Asian SFSR, Iraq, Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Hejaz, Nedj, Asir, Upper Asir, Yemen, Dubai, the UAE, Muscat, Yemen-Oman, and the Persian Gulf Union. The Central Asian SFSR joins the Neo-Soviet Union. Upper Asir and Asir join into the Confederacy of Asir. The United States successfully gains the territory of the original 13 colonies by making the Union of American States which is a confederation. Brazil takes Paraguay and Uruguay. Meanwhile,Ukraine fell to a communist revolution which made it the Ukraine SSR but the government fled to Belarus and made the Republic of Belarus but this is also couped by Commies and joins the Ukraine SSR which then joins the Neo-Soviet Union which thereafter split off all republics to be the same as the original Soviet Union's Venus and the Asteroid Belt are fully colonized as well as the Jovian and Saturnian moons. The rest of the Gas Giant's moons and Uranus + Neptune have also been colonized. Back on Earth, Quebec has remade Canada with mergers. North Africa has been annexed by the Europeans as well. Cascadia, Texas and California have merged into the Union of the West Coast which owns the entire west of the former US. Meanwhile, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and even Bhutan have been annexed to India which now calls itself the South Asian Empire. The entire Solar System has been colonized as well as Alpha Centari. The Togons and the Fogons both own extensive star empires as well as the Zogons and the new Gon Confederacy. Back on Earth, The Confederacy of Asir has merged with Nejd and Hejaz into the Confederacy of Saudi Arabia. While Yemen-Oman, Muscat, and the UAE have merged into the Union of East Arabia. The Milky Way Confederation has been replaced with the Andromedan Confederacy, and the Lesser Milky Way Confederation. The Intergalactic Republic has been formed. Back in the Solar System,The Union of American States regains the rest of the former U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii(Hawaii is Oceanic and Alaska is Neo-Soviet). WIP