Franco Dictato's Medal of Bravery.

Franco Dictato is the unofficial second in command, and by far the most popular communist leader in the Ultimate American Empire.

Early Life

Dictato was born sometime between 1989 and 1991. He was born in New York, NY. He grew up in the slums of New York, and never attended school. He taught himself how to read, and write. He moved to Texas at the age of 19 to look for work. He moved from job to job until he settled as a mayor for the small town of Waco. He won the election as the Democratic nominee with 62% of the vote.

From Lloyd Wilson to the Military

The Republican nominee Lloyd Wilson visited Waco in early 2032 to gain some votes, and that was the first time Dictato met Wilson. He hosted a Q and A where he got to know more of Wilson. Wilson left, and came back towards the end of June where he was approached by Dictato and asked if he could join his advisers. The rest of 2032 was crowded with victories much in part to Dictato who denounced the Democratic party. When Wilson won the election he kept Dictato close. 

Dictato was the first to know about Wilson's true intentions. In 2033 he was nominated to be the Secretary of Defense to which he was confirmed by a vote of 89-13. Dictato was rarely seen after being appointed. He was usually sent to different states to check out their defenses and to see which would be attacked first. Dictato led up a search for men willing to join Wilson's secret army. 

The Great Purge

Dictato led the army that first attacked the capital. He gave strict orders that no citizens be killed without reason. After the first two months of what would become the Great Purge the now proclaimed Captain America appointed Dictato as the General over the CPAA, and the Overlord over the western forces. 

Dictato led with great sincerity, as he killed only those who needed to be killed. Dictato was so successful in his campaign in the west that the Great Purge ended there 2 years before it ended in the east. Many wanted Dictato to become the new Emperor, because of his popularity, and willingness to debate before conflict.

Dictato was present when CA1 called for the Great Purge to end.

2051 Emperor Election

Franco Dictato declared his intent to run for Emperor one day after the previous Emperor died. 

His challenger was Captain America II, and they both ran very clean campaigns mainly because of their close relationship. Dictato ran a less communistic campaign than CA2 who vowed to carry on his father's policies. In the end Franco Dictato won 53.84% of the popular vote to CA2's 46.15%. But Dictato only won 266 of the electoral vote which ended with his loss. He accepted the result, and vowed to carry on CA1's policies alongside CA2.

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