Despite its name, the Franco-German Commonwealth Consists of France, Germany, and Belgium, forming alongside Russia one of the core-states in the Eurasian Union.


Originally, the Treaty of Berlin was supposed to be the culmination of over half a century of diplomacy and agreements, finally unifying the European Union into one giant federation; but this was not to be. The new federation would require the relinquishment of all sovereignty and religion, forcing the removal of national and religious symbols everywhere. All nations within the new federation would be forced to give up their monarchies, a requirement that broke the camel's back in regards to relations with the states in the Commonwealth of Nations, most notably the UK.Too many separate national identities had evolved over many centuries. This resulted in what became as the EU Civil War, a series of revolts throughout Europe calling for the disbanding of the Union. However, after three years of negotiations by the member states, the Union was reformed as described by the Treaty of Berlin. The Franco-German Commonwealth and Russia would be at the top of a hierarchy that would govern EU affairs. The rest of the EU member states would be subject to the same status quo as during the earlier years, including usage of the Euro, membership in the free trade zone, and a say in European affairs. However, the UN demanded that the Eurasian Union only have one veto, forcing Russia and the Franco-German Commonwealth to share one veto.

International Status

The Franco-German Commonwealth, along with Russia, are at the level of superpower, while the Eurasian Union is one of several hyperpowers, alongside The United States of America, the Republic of China, the United Kingdom, the Bolivarian Alliance, the Japanese Corporate Republic, the Federation of Judea-Israel, the Republic of India, the General Electric Megaconglomerate, the Kurtzweilian Martian Technate, the Anon Combine, and the Babelite Collective.

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