Fountain of Knowledge is a categorical name for any educational program that gradually steeps users into studying ever harder material while simultaneously providing the user a sense of freedom and a sense of direction. The components of this program is as thus:

  • A general outline given what the pupil's long-term career goal is. This outline will highlight the most important classes to be learned. For example, a student studying to become a doctor would need to learn biology, anatomy, physiology, and the whole gamut of medicine.
  • Courses consist of a presentation format, similar to a hundreds-of-slides-long Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation for a particular class. Students may save their progress on this long course at any slide. Every few slides also provide study aids (mnemonics and theoretics, not plain rote memorization) as well as quizzes to test the pupil's knowledge.
  • Fountain of Knowledge teams up with Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and other such projects to form a huge core body of knowedge. Pupils can explore on any subject matter of interest by clicking on a link leading to a new page, in much the same way that MediaWiki currently works.
  • The only interface difference, however, would be that EVERY word is a link--so that if any word catches the student's interest he/she can immediately review that material.
  • The other difference is that Fountain of Knowledge is not open-source in the way that MediaWiki currently is. Instead, it will require contributors to be established writers/experts in their field, and their work will have to be checked in triplicate.
  • The slides will also be complete with statistics, LaTeX, photos, models, graphs, tables, etc.

That said, the knowledge itself changes over time, as new methods of teaching, new topics to teach, and new interpretations/foci of curricula gain prominence. Therefore, a core of dedicated professors would be employed by The Establishment to periodically review the information presented and update material.

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