Early Fouche logo

From Fouche's Early Days

Fouche is one of the dominate companies in the late 21st century. Only Wilson Conversion Systems can be compared to it in total financial value. Both companies are worth trillions in BitCoins. 

Founding & Chocolate

Fouche was founded in a basement in South Africa in the year 1996 by Hans Fouche. It began as a 3D printer for printing chocolate. In the early 2010s it was known as Fouche Chocolates before it got into printing other objects and other food. It changed its name as the printing process allowed Fouche to add other products into their catalogue. 

Fouche Inc.

With backing from King Abudallah II. Fouche Chocolates began experimenting with a universal 3D printing process for the masses. Hans Fouche had a dream of solving world hunger in the 2030s. Though that didn't become possible until at least 2060, Fouche Inc was largely responsible for ending hunger in Africa and eventually the rest of the world by the beginning of the 22nd century. 

The Food Portals

With advice from world leaders Fouche Inc soon started rolling out the food portals around the world. It was a massive success and people enjoyed gathering around the food portal on weekends and discussing current events. 

Fouche Industries

With its Netflix like subscription model Fouche Inc, was rolling in BitCoins. They had to come up with different products to keep balance with the rest of society. In the future monopolies were frowned upon unless they produced many, many, goods and services. While, Fouche did technically created many many different products and foods through the replication process, not one company was allowed to own the replication process completely. So Fouche started investing their money into making other machines that would streamline the replication process. Most replicators that were on the market in the 21st century and the 22nd had some type of Fouche based technology in them. 


Inspired by the real somewhat defunct South African 3D printing business Fouche Chocolates

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