Fossil Bluff is the capital of Havlo, and was founded in 2018. The mayor is Johnathan E. Fletcher. The city is populated by British, and has a very small population of Russians. The city holds a capitol building built out of glass, unlike the capitol building in Weddell. Fossil Bluff's population is 860 and is constantly increasing. It is not very populated because of Fossil Bluff being a rural city, with many penguin farms, and very small houses. The capitol is around Old Fossil Bluff, which is a small town area. It has very little shopping area, but enough to supply for human needs. Fossil Bluff is really important, because without penguin farms the penguins would not be nursed. The governor owns 5 penguin farms in Fossil Bluff. He lives near the capitol building in Old Fossil Bluff, which is 45 miles away from Esperanza. It is the capital of Havlo, because Argentinian farmers raised penguins there, and Fossil Bluff was once a populated area, but now isn't.


Fossil Bluff City Airport is used for general aviation, and carries penguins to Newbin, which is the cold place in Antarctica. They believe that if they stay in Fossil Bluff, their skin will not be able to adjust to the mild climate, so therefore there are more penguins in the city of New Helsinki.

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