1. The groundbreaking NBIC report - Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science (PDF) - the key forecast on convergence (up to about 2025) by National Science Foundation (2002). Quality: 4/5
  2. WTEC reports - More reports by WTEC: Quality: ???
  3. Quality NISTEP forecasts - NISTEP report (2030) - one of the best forecasts based on technology foresight methodology (2005). Quality: 3/5
  4. Traditional (in the bad sense) New Scientist forecasts - Brilliant Minds Forecast the Next 50 Years, New Scientist. 2056 predictions by 70 scientists (2006). [1] Problem: Most of the respondents only discussed advances they hope will happen in their own scientific field and were too conservative (criticism by Michael Anissimov). Quality: 2/5

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