In 2189 there are two major battles when it comes to food.

  1.  Organic Food vs Modified food mas created/cloned in labs and
  2. Feeding poorer planets such as Pluto, Lunar and Mars.

Room to FarmEdit

Farming skyscraper

Farm skyscrapers are also used for civilian recreation

Earth's governments had and some still have one major problem when it comes to food. Space. Sice much of the world exists under Natural and Cultural protection which means only customs and settlements that reflect on the culture of the area are permitted e.g only homesteads, hunters, Natives ect. are allowed to settle in 96% of Alaska. This law has also led to the destruction of many cities such as Buffalo in former New York State and has also prevented the building of non-traditional buildings in cities such as Munich, Galway and Fargo, former North Dakota and New Reno, Sierra.

This lack of space has led to the construction of personal organic farms on most building roofs or in unused floors, equally as common are Vertical Farms, which are skyscrapers used entirely for farming, mostly plants (while most meat is grown in labs, while organic meat comes from Animal Farms on the Earth's artificial second moon, Lupa.

Organic vs ModifiedEdit


A Farm Skyscraper in Havana, Caribbean Union

Organic food has been in conflict with food grown in labs and genetically modified food for over a century, while GM and Labgrown food is very popular in Japan and Parts of Africa where it's harder to grow food, for the most part Organic food is consumed by the populous.

Vegetarianism and VeganismEdit

After the meat crisis of the 2030s-60s where a variant of foot and mouth killed 67% of the cow population, and then the Pork Influenza of 2076 which scared people away from eating pork, the numbers of Vegetarians and Vegans rose. While after the recovery of the meat quantity and market, as well as the gradual return to eating meat, the figures dropped dramatically as humans are omnivores. But after the Spiritual movements of the 2100s the numbers rose again as this time people abstained from eating meat for spiritual and religious reasons. After the advanced methods that emerged in the 2130s to implement flavours into any food meant that people didn't have to eat meat to taste it. After the Organic movement began to rise again, the Vegetarian number, which peaked at 66% in 2128, dropped quickly to 31% by 2145. Currently it stands at 29%.