The Confederates

The Flag of the Confederates consists of:

  • Three Symbols: represent three original nations: A re-merge United States of China (Republic of China takes back southern China) commonly refer as South China, Republic of Greater India (the whole South Asia combine) and a federalized ASEAN, minus Malay Archipelago (South Eastern Union)
  • Red and Yellow: referred by most Asian people, they're the same: red blood, yellow skin
  • 23 stars: represent the first 23 colonies the Confederates create off the Solar System. They're also the most prosperous territories of the Confederates.
  • Dragon and Pearl: resemble the flag of Qing dynasty. However, in here, they represent as rising power (dragon) and both luck and prosperity (red orb)
  • Blue: represent both Pacific and India Oceans
  • The Symbol of Anonymous: represent an undeniable truth: The nation, or any other ones, should be ruled by its own people, not by a group of fat-ass greedy paranoiac fools