First Human - Soram War (Rivalry)

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First Human - Soram War
Date January 16th, 2132 - July 30th, 2135
Location Mars
Result Human Victory
Alliance of Human Nations Soram Empire
7 Frigates

13 Corvettes

450 Armored Vehicles

20 Fighter Aircraft

15 Attack Helicopters

10,000 Soldiers

1 Destroyer

3 Frigates

2 Corvettes

32 Attack Saucers

2000 Soldiers

Casualties and losses
2 Frigates

5 Corvettes

193 Armored Vehicles

1564 Soldiers

1 Frigate

15 Attack Saucers

~1450 Soldiers

The First - Human Soram War was the first war in which the Human race was in contact with an Alien nation. Despite early reluctance to work together, the Human nations joined together and ultimately defeated the Soram Empire, gaining several valuable technologies along the way.

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