Many years after the Great Era Of Change, the worst war in human history started, The First Galactic War. This is a war between mankind and Vahivazhs. Vahivazhs are the people who look exactly like humans, but not humans. Their world (Vahivazheus) is about 2,000,000 light years away from Earth. Without knowing their real power, Mankind enslaved and ill treated them. So they declared war on us.

First Galactic War
Date July 13th, 89 ACS(After Colonies in

Space)-March 19th, 102 ACS

Location The Great Republic of Earth and Colonies ,Vahivazheus
Result Fall of the Republic of Earth and rise of Vahivazhs
Republic of Earth Vahivazhs
Dan Larouse Aria Morvexeus
1,890,950,000 2,790,290,000
Casualties and losses
18,753,213,842 7,534,753,632


After many years of dominance, the centralist governments were overthrown in 68 ACS, 21 years before the war. The centralist governments fled to the colonies. However, the new regime was harsh and cruel and hated by many. Eventually, a war started.
Flag of earth

The flag of Earth.


89 ACSEdit

The war started with one of the colonies, Zaloria, shot an alerium beam at New York City, Earth. Soon, Earth declared war. At the time, Earth was overpowering, and many colonies had been wiped out.

Deaths: 953,674,267